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Images for every day – fashionable bows spring summer 2018

Fashionable bows for every day for the summer of 2018 (photo)

Everyone wants to look special. Someone wants to emphasize their uniqueness and beauty with the help of cosmetics, and we will tell you how to do this with the help of fashionable and stylish clothes. Stylish novelties for your wardrobe and beautiful accessories will help you cope with this. This season, the trend is translucent fabrics, multi-layered clothes and retro style that has returned to fashion. We will tell you how popular designers imagine current outfits, we will help you choose a look that suits your taste, following the latest fashion trends.

Next year, bright looks, dresses, cardigans and floral prints will be at the peak of popularity. You are waiting for the newest and most fashionable spring-summer 2018 bows, photos of which you will find in this article.

Fashionable bows for every day – summer 2018 (photo)

In 2018, such materials for tailoring as chiffon, mesh, silk, guipure, lace and, of course, dense cotton are very popular.

1.1Well-known world designers will help us to create a stylish image for girls, because it is not at all easy. It is necessary to take into account all the features of the figure, color type and, above all, interesting tips from stylists.

For everyday use, world designers recommend purchasing several pairs of jeans for themselves – skinny and classic – as they are easily transformed into any outfit. These are universal things, and there will be no need to rack your brains over what to wear ?! This combination is a great solution, it is practical and very comfortable.


For romantic dates and walks, dresses remain in trend. If it is a cold season – autumn or winter, then it should be knitted. But, since it is summer outside our window, there is nothing better than a light, blown product of a bright saturated shade. In summer, it is best to choose dresses in berry, white, pink and blue colors. Don’t forget the floral prints!


You can also take long skirts out of your closets. The length below the knee is in perfect harmony with wedge shoes.

What about the rest of the shoes? Convenient and practical. On a large bulky sole is also relevant. Metallic shades and sparkles – the most squeak. Pointed toes, stiletto heels and elegant strappy sandals are making a comeback. And the most convenient – a variety of ballet flats.


Fashionable bows summer 2018 (female image)

Summer images will be filled with colors and an abundance of flowers. Particular emphasis will be on the waist and chest. The combination of colors will sometimes surprise. You will be wondering: can this be worn together? But just take a look! How stylish and unusual bows:

Have we already talked about dresses? So, this summer they won a special location among fashionistas. They can be worn both for work with a fitted jacket and elegant stilettos, and for a walk with your loved one, taking ballet flats with you. And, if you want to put on slip-ons or sneakers with a dress, no one will forbid. After all, they are firmly established in our everyday images.

Stylish images for every day (photo)

The image for every day should be not so much stylish as comfortable. Yes, no one forgets about fashion, but you should be comfortable and pleasant to be in those things that you put on. A selection of photos below will help you choose something special for yourself.

222222222222222222222222222 2222222222222221. Denim bow. More denim in our lives! Dresses, shorts, skirts or regular jeans – we always have them at hand. With the same jeans, you can create unique looks by simply changing the top, shoes and accessories.

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2. More vibrant colors! Beautiful forms need to be emphasized correctly!



3. If it’s a little cool outside, you can throw on a thin coat, or a jacket or cardigan. Choose pastel colors or classic black.

2 323 489 78789 dress---copy4. When it’s hot outside and you want the breeze to blow over you, then shorts are the right choice. They look chic on slender tanned legs.

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5. And also – a few examples of how not to make a mistake this summer! Choose your bow:

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Street fashion for teenagers and beyond

Street fashion has become more and more popular in recent years. This is not surprising – it fits perfectly into the style of many teenagers and not only. It combines several unique elements: different stripes are used together in one look, small handbags with small handles, wide trousers or jeans, prints that look similar to each other and lacing on shoes.


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Fashion tips from Evelina Khromtchenko

Fashion expert – Evelina Khromtchenko offers you great style tips.


She recommends wearing a heel if you are overweight, as it adds elegance.


Calls to attract attention with bright lipstick, a stylish bag and beautiful big glasses.


Shine should be one thing: either a dress or jewelry.


Legs can be visually lengthened by wearing shoes in the color of trousers.


Evelina asks women not to be afraid of heels, find a comfortable model for themselves and walk in them every day.


And finally, a piece of advice about how your clothes say more about you than you think. Always carefully select one or another image.

Trend clothes for kids

This year will be lucky for those kids who wanted to be like their parents. Images in which adult clothes are remade for small children are gaining popularity. But at the same time, the child still remains dressed like a child.


In addition to the usual down jackets, torn jeans and sweatshirts with hoods, new items are coming. Boys should be dressed like little gentlemen: layered tops, short cuffed jeans and stylish shoes.

children-6 children-2

Also, do not forget about the mischievous style of bad fighting:

children-10 children-8

There were more unique solutions for girls. Skirts, white dresses, jackets, various belts, sweaters in combination with three-quarter sleeves. You can wear wide or tight shorts, beautiful dresses with sandals, boots or sneakers – whatever your heart desires.

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Fashion bow spring 2018: photo review

Fashion surprises in 2018! Floor-length dresses are the hit of the season, and any. Would you like to wear a skirt or trousers? Stick to the ethno style – wear everything at once!
Women are encouraged to wear white suits, both male models and their female ones.
Bulky coats and blouses of a strange and unusual cut will come in handy.

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Youth bows (recommendations of bloggers)

Combine jeans with light-colored tops, if it’s cool, put on a leather jacket. Be sure to arm yourself with sunglasses – with them you are just gorgeous.


If you don’t like jeans, shorts in bright and neon colors will come to the rescue.


You can throw a large-knit pastel-colored cardigan over your shoulders. Or a button-down shirt is also a good and proven option.

bloggers-2 bloggers-1

Putting together a seasonal wardrobe

If you want to have modern trendy things, it is not necessary to buy everything indiscriminately and as much as possible, just because “it’s in fashion.” Get a sundress for the beach,…

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