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Images with a jacket for girls for spring, summer, autumn: photos, ideas

Fashion looks with a jacket: 15 ideas for stylish girls

This year, the jacket has gained particular popularity as the top spring clothing. Moreover, women can even borrow it in the men’s wardrobe, since it is this style that is in trend.

Consider the images with a jacket for women, which are worth taking note and introducing into your own wardrobe.

Classic in masculine style

How to wear a men's blazer for women

The most fashionable jacket this year is a classic unprinted men’s jacket, although last fall all fashionistas wore casual plaid jackets. But in the spring of 2020, priorities have changed.

Man's jacket look
How to wear a jacket with a belt

A men’s style jacket can be worn in many ways: buttoned up, unbuttoned, thrown over the shoulders, with a strap. When choosing a belt, it is important to remember that a thick one will help emphasize the waist, and a thin one, on the contrary, will focus on problem areas. Therefore, if there is a need to visually adjust the figure, choose a strap with a width of 4 cm or more with an original buckle.


Leather jacket - a fashionable female image
How to wear a brown jacket for a girl

A leather jacket for women is a real trend in 2020. You can choose from black or brown. This is combined with a moderately strict image and does not fit at all with an evening long dress, in contrast to the men’s style jacket mentioned earlier.


Orange jacket and boots

A bright jacket or jacket must be in the wardrobe of a real woman, if only because it can turn any boring office look into a stylish and eye-catching outfit, suitable for going to a restaurant, cafe or for a holiday.

How to wear a raspberry blazer for women
Red jacket and blue jeans - a beautiful look

If the celebration fell on a working day and there will be no time to change the bow after work, it is a bright jacket that will help out. Throw it over your shoulders and enjoy the compliments from those around you. And remember that women’s bows with a jacket have always been liked by men much more than options with leather jackets and other daring outerwear.

Light linen

Beautiful summer look with a jacket

Fashion looks with a jacket can be easy if you choose a product from the appropriate fabric. Linen, cotton are capricious and easily wrinkled, but in combination with trousers or a sundress made of the same fabric, they look very elegant. Put on a light-colored linen jacket and feel like an aristocratic woman.

Classic long jacket

Fashionable black look
How beautiful to wear a white jacket

An image with a jacket in a classic style will always be in trend. The main characteristics of such a product are an elongated style, a straight or fitted silhouette, a noble color, for example, classic black, ivory, white.


Nice look with a jacket

Bows with a striped or plaid jacket must be assembled very carefully so as not to overload the image. the main rule is that the print on clothes should be the same size. But the color is not so important. In order not to be mistaken and to create a really fashionable look, wear plain clothes under a printed jacket. This is the easiest stylistic device.

military style

How to wear a military jacket

The characteristic features of the military style in clothes are patch pockets, a belt, broad shoulders. Such a jacket or shirt looks stylish on fragile and sophisticated girls. Wearing something feminine for contrast is worth wearing under them – shorts, jeans that emphasize the figure, trousers with a classic cut.

original cut

Unusual jacket-jacket

Images with a jacket can be completely boring if you choose an original cut as the main element of the image. For example, a cropped jacket with voluminous sleeves, like supermodel Rosie Huntington Huatley, is a great idea.

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