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Impractical bridal makeup: 6 ideas that should not be repeated

About the popular but not practical wedding makeup

Trends bridal makeup changes every year. What was relevant 5 years ago today occupies the first positions in the lists of anti-trends. But we decided to talk not about fashion trends, but about the practicality of a wedding make-up.

Techniques and types of makeup that are considered impractical for brides

Nude makeup with oriental arrows
Bright eye makeup

Any bride wants to look not only fashionable, but also feel comfortable in a selected image. A wedding is a time-consuming event that must be sustained with dignity.

Many brides order a second dress with a simpler cut and comfortable shoes in order to change clothes in the middle of the evening and feel comfortable. But what about makeup? After all, no one will remake it during the evening …

Each makeup artist has his own secrets of wedding makeup, which have been formed over the years. Professionals know exactly how the type of application of eye shadow or lipstick should not be used for such an event. Consider their recommendations, because they may not coincide with what we have planned.

Bright lips as the only accent

Red lips and shadows
Makeup with an emphasis on lips

In 2021, one of the makeup trends was one accent. This trend means highlighting a specific area on the face. The rest of the areas are neutral.

Makeup with an emphasis on lips
Makeup with red lipstick

Most often, the choice fell on bright lips. But makeup artists assure that this trend is completely unsuitable for brides for a number of reasons:

  • Bright lipstick will be erased and the image will turn out pale;
  • Giving up eye makeup for an event that involves shooting with professional equipment is not the best solution. The look will be expressionless;
  • A wedding is an event where it is customary to kiss. But even the most persistent lipstick cannot convince the groom that nothing threatens him. The result is the stiffness of the groom and the bride’s worries about the safety of the make-up.

Rejection of the makeup artist

Nude lip makeup night
nude makeup mistakes

Another failed decision for the bride is the refusal of a makeup artist.

Yes, naturalness and naturalness are in trend today, but it is extremely difficult to independently make a persistent make-up that can look simple and rich. Nude make-up considered one of the most difficult types.

And if you are worried about your own health, ask the master to use only disposable tools when applying cosmetics.

A detailed guide on how to distinguish a professional make-up artist from an unscrupulous master HERE. Study before the event.

Highlighter all over the face

Gentle make-up with a wet effect
Wet lavender makeup

Shiny makeup is in trend today. It is performed using creamy textures, which contain small light-reflecting particles.

Of course, a wedding is an event where the bride must shine all evening, but literally. Stylists and makeup artists assure that this trend has nothing to do with the wedding theme. This is a solution for a party, prom or photo shoot, where a similar trend is known and familiar to everyone. During the wedding, the guests may have the erroneous impression that the bride’s skin is too oily.

Lightweight foundation

Irina Shayk nude makeup
Blake Lively nude makeup

One of the main fears of newly-made wives is too heavy makeup during the holiday.

Many are so afraid to get a wax mask that they ask to use the most loose foundation. Of course, the makeup artist will not argue. But it is worthwhile to understand that such makeup will not withstand the load placed on it. Approximately, by the middle of the evening, it will seem that the bride is completely without makeup, and signs of fatigue will become as noticeable as possible.

Makeup artists recommend that you give up your own principles and make a strong, dense make-up for the wedding, which will make you feel confident throughout the evening.

Eyebrows on a stencil

Purple lips makeup for green eyes
Beautiful lipstick for green eyes

A harmonious wedding look can be spoiled by the habit of perfectly drawing eyebrows. Today, eyebrows with gaps and separated hairs are in trend, there is no need to densely paint over them with a pencil and shadows.

The decision to make the perfect eyebrow shape for the bride can become impractical due to the distortion of proportions. Eyebrows take center stage. It is worth changing their shape and the reflection in the mirror seems alien.

Up-combed eyebrows

Soapy eyebrows
Eyebrow scouse

We continue the topic of eyebrows … So, drawing a shape with a stencil is a bad idea, as well as trying to comb them up. This trend is considered relaxed and suitable for everyday looks, parties and school. Evening events, like weddings, suggest a different shape of eyebrows – neatly arranged hairs in the direction of growth.

The “combed eyebrows” trend has a significant minus – the effect can come off ahead of time and you get a sloppy look.


Beautiful gentle make-up
Makeup with the perfect tone for every day
Dark makeup for the bride
Beautiful bride: hairstyle and makeup
Light make-up for the wedding
Glitter pink eye makeup for green eyes
Blonde woman with green eyes and makeup
Light makeup for a green-eyed girl
Beautiful makeup for green eyes and blond hair
Graduation arrow makeup for green eyes
Makeup for blonde girls with green eyes
Matte nude makeup

The image of the bride should be thought out to the smallest detail, because during the holiday there will be no opportunity to change or refine anything.

Make-up occupies one of the main positions, since all the attention of the guests and the groom will be riveted to the face of the main girl of the evening. The make-up of the bride should be persistent, not distort the natural proportions, and not cause discomfort. It is important to follow how the chosen technique looks in the frame and combines with the groom. For example, the trend for a radiant face is considered unsuitable for brides for the latter reason.

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