The classic scheme of incomplete eyelash extensions

Incomplete eyelash extensions 2022: features, for whom it is suitable, photos before and after

Rare, thin eyelashes are not a sentence for modern women. If you are not satisfied with the quality of performance, the fragility that all kinds of carcasses give, you can always turn to an experienced master lashmaker. After assessing the condition of natural eyelashes, he will select the most suitable procedure, from Botox to extensions. He will offer the most appropriate artificial hairs and a scheme for the image.

The classic scheme of incomplete eyelash extensions

It remains only to choose the right volume. As a rule, for an everyday bow, the most practical option is used – an incomplete extension.

Partial eyelash extension

Underlined corners of the eyes with incomplete eyelash extensions

Partial eyelash extensions in a beauty salon

What is eyelash extensions in the technique of “incomplete volume”

Partial extensions are a quick and practical way to give your eyes more expression at a minimal cost. Additional volume and length, a changed bend have a positive effect on appearance. At the same time, artificiality, theatricality, characteristic of large volumes or too thick a layer of ink, is completely absent.

Partial lash extensions for a natural effect

What are the features of the technique:

  • Correction affects only 50-60% of natural eyelashes. That is, for 4-6 of their hairs, one additional hair is added.
  • There are two fixing methods. Sparse, uniform build-up along the entire length of the upper eyelid. And the emphasis is on the outer corners of the eyes, when the material is glued approximately from the middle to the ends, or to the last third.
  • To make the look more expressive, longer eyelashes are selected for the corners, with a smooth transition from short hairs in the center and at the beginning.
  • Recommended for fashionistas with very sensitive skin prone to irritation. And also for those who feel uncomfortable with more magnificent volumes.
  • An ideal option for creating a sophisticated, elegant look if your cilia are thick enough. The master masterfully emphasizes the magnificent natural data with additional length, a little more splendor in the right places.
  • Can be used as a test option for the first extension for the client. This is a gentle technique that allows a lady to appreciate the benefits of extensions.
Incomplete eyelash extension before and after

The duration of the session is 40-90 minutes, depending on the amount of work. Experts do not advise using this technique for very thin, colorless, sparse eyelashes.

Uniform incomplete eyelash extension

Beautiful eyelash extensions

Partial eyelash extensions for sparse, long hairs

In what cases is incomplete eyelash extension used in 2022

The main advantage of the partial extension technique is its naturalness.

Incomplete eyelash extensions for fair skin

It is great for the following:

  • for easy, unobtrusive correction of the shape of the eyes and eyelids, their location. If a girl is unhappy with lowered corners or a close fit, but does not want to focus too much on her eyes, then this is the perfect solution;
Correction of the location of the eyes with incomplete eyelash extensions

Light accent on the eyes for blondes with incomplete eyelash extensions

  • if your cilia are thick and long enough, but you need to correct them a little, add splendor or create an interesting effect – fox, squirrel, Kylie and others;
  • for holidays, solemn events, they decorate their eyelashes with thin colored “strokes”. Multi-colored hairs are placed along the entire length, or only in the corner, combined with ordinary black ones, or hairs dyed only at the tips are taken.
Incomplete extension of colored eyelashes

Super long eyelashes in the corners of the eyes with partial extensions

Partial eyelash extensions are completely safe, the material is not felt before the eyes. The technique allows you to transform your appearance with minimal time and money. Eliminates the need to regularly tint and curl eyelashes.

Uniform incomplete eyelash extension

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Incomplete color eyelash extensions in the corners of the eyes

What types of eyelash extensions, except for incomplete ones, are still relevant for 2022

Beauty salons offer such an abundance of eyelash extension options that it’s time to get confused. One and a half, Hollywood, 6D – which one will best emphasize the beauty of the eyes, suitable for a particular situation? Traditionally, all types of volumes are divided into three main groups, according to the degree of expressiveness and splendor.

1. Natural effect

To create natural eyelashes that are indistinguishable from natural fluffy hairs, three main options are used.

Fact about eyelashes

Paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen negatively affect hair growth, including eyelashes. They grow slowly, fall out more often, and their length decreases.

  • The classic volume implies the fixation of an artificial hair on each of its eyelashes.
  • 1.5D volume is a middle ground between classic and volumetric techniques. In this case, the master creatively combines a single extension for each eyelash and a double one. He can evenly alternate them or focus on the corners of the eyes, “play” with the percentage.
  • With incomplete extensions, only part of the eyelashes is supplemented with artificial fibers. This allows you to create interesting combinations.
Classic eyelash extensions

The best for these types of extensions are thin synthetic hairs, with a diameter of 0.07 to 0.12 mm. Natural eyelashes are suitable for absolutely all ladies, regardless of age and appearance.

One and a half eyelash extensions with accentuated corners of the eyes

Natural lashes with partial extensions

2. Expressive, attractive eyes

To focus on the eye area without losing their natural look, two volumetric techniques are ideal.

  • With double volume each natural lash receives double reinforcement. Eyelashes acquire a beautiful curve and magnificent volume. And carefully selected schemes can significantly improve facial features, eyes, and hide some flaws.
Kylie Double Volume Eyelash Extensions

Double eyelash extensions

  • triple volume is not suitable for everyone. In this case, bundles of three fibers are glued to the hairs. Ideal for girls with expressive features who love bright makeup.

Such eyelashes look more natural if thin fibers of 0.05-0.07 mm are used.

Squirrel effect with triple lash volume

Triple Volume Eyelash Extensions

3. Wow effect

Hyper-volumes, Hollywood technique – these are extremely thick, fluffy eyelashes with luxurious length and elegant curve. Often they are complemented with sparkling jewelry, elements – beads, rhinestones, foil particles, colored eyelashes.

4D doll eyelashes

For four to six times the volume, the thinnest material is used, whose volume does not exceed 0.03-0.05 mm. Thicker hairs make the natural eyelashes too heavy and do not look neat. Such an extension is most often done for special events, solemn occasions. If a girl is used to increased attention, you can make such an image for every day.

Eyelash extensions with 4D volume

If your eyelashes are strong enough, and there is a chic reason to show off, then you should try the incredible volumes of 8-12D. When choosing a spectacular technique, you need to know that increased volumes are not recommended for small eyes.

Fluffy eyelash extensions in 6D volume

They will simply get lost behind the fluffy splendor, and even black eyeliner will not fix the situation.

Hollywood eyelash extensions with 10D volume

Lush Hollywood Eyelashes 6D

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