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It’s time to change something: 6 cases when the hairstyle makes the image older

It’s time to change something: 6 cases when the hairstyle makes the image older

To look young, you need not only to periodically visit a beautician, make homemade moisturizing masks and follow the recommendations of specialists, but also periodically visit a hairdresser. The hairstyle plays, if not the main role, then the most significant in the image. It is worth choosing the wrong color or length, as instead of a girl or a confident woman, a boring middle-aged lady with sad eyes appears in the mirror.

We tell you in which cases it is worth changing your hairstyle in order to stop deliberately aging yourself.

Reason 1: Long, shapeless hair

Beautiful haircut: before and after result

Long hair is beautiful, but only when its condition is impeccable. Yes, and it is believed that women over 35 years old should prefer medium or short length. It is also recommended to do voluminous hairstyles in adulthood, and with long hair it is difficult. They are heavy, so any basal volume “falls” after a few minutes.

If you are not ready to say goodbye to the length, try to “update the haircut”. A light cascade near the face, bangs, a short crown – all this will give the image a fresh look, and will help you “throw off” a couple of years.

Reason 2: Very short haircut

Polina Maksimova cut her hair for the role

Yes, women are advised to get rid of long hair to look younger, but you need to know the measure in everything. Haircut “under the boy” – will not solve the problem, but only aggravate it. The volume will not appear, and femininity will completely disappear.

Teenage girls can afford ultra-short haircuts. It is better for adult women to listen to the master and find the hairstyle that will hide the flaws. For example, wrinkles on the forehead will help to disguise bangs, big cheeks will be hidden by a bob haircut with elongation, and asymmetry will go to the square shape of the face.

Reason 3: Refusal to experiment

Jennifer Aniston's hair never changes

To look young and stylish, it is necessary at least sometimes to decide on experiments with hair. A haircut and color chosen 15-20 years ago can not only be unfashionable, but also completely incompatible with your current image. For example, straight long black hair at the age of 20 is beautiful, but at 40 it is a complete bad taste.

Reason 4: Incompatibility of hair and skin tone

Result before and after staining

It is difficult to understand color types without professionals, so you should listen to the master, who recommends opting for a warmer shade, even if cold ash is in fashion. Pale skin of the face in combination with a dark cold shade of hair will not only add a couple of extra years, but also make the image boring, simple, not spectacular.

Reason 5: A large percentage of gray hair

Natural gray celebrity

Women are incredibly lucky, because today you don’t need to make much effort to hide gray hair. I took the paint and painted over the white hair. However, there are those who are categorically against such “chemistry”.

Yes, gray hair is in trend today, though in large numbers. If the hair has lightened no more than 75%, you do not need to grow out the natural color. It doesn’t look stylish and looks very old. When there are three times more gray hair than the native color, you can think about giving up dyeing and moving to the side of natural blondes, as Meryl Streep and Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend Alexandra Grant do.

Reason 6: Not enough volume

Before and after haircut

Today’s youth regularly use flat irons to straighten hair to achieve maximum smoothness and silkiness. Many adult women follow the example of their daughters and also use these styling devices, depriving their hair of volume. But long hair needs perfect smoothness. Short haircuts suggest volume and lightness.

Summarize: To make the reflection in the mirror look your age or younger, it is important to follow not only trends, but also understand what is right for you. Periodic change of haircut, hair color – that helps to “be young”. You do not need to keep and protect your length for years, it is worth deciding on a haircut, and it may change your whole life.

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