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Japanese facial massage after 45 years: photo and video

Japanese facial massage – become 10 years younger

The first notes of envy for the younger sister (a difference of fourteen years) sounded four years ago. Prior to this, the “malyavka” was simply not perceived as a woman. And then you wake up in the morning and you realize that something close to the category “leave me a nightmare vision” is looking at you from the mirror, and your sister blooms and smells right in the morning, even without washing.

With each new half-year, I had to get up earlier and earlier for about fifteen minutes to bring myself into a “presentation”. And such stress for a person who values ​​morning sleep above morning sex and breakfast combined is an exorbitant burden.

It was all the more insulting that I had to get up two hours before leaving the house and cajole my face with five or six various cosmetic procedures, my youngest slept happily and sweetly. Her smooth and velvety skin was not affected either by nightly gatherings with beer and friends, or many hours of vigil in social networks (when there was an hour and a half left to sleep, no more), neither spicy dishes, nor tons of chocolate mixed with liters of coffee. While I had a thirty-three-year-old beauty, all this was written on the face, and in large block letters.

One day, by no means beautiful, my nerves, thinned from an inconclusive battle in the name of beauty, could not stand it – and I burst into such bitter tears with such loud sobs that the youngest instantly woke up (although usually you just had to pull her from the bed by her legs and water cold water) and ran to my aid. For about five minutes they wiped my eyes, and with the help of torture technologies of experienced journalists, they found out the reason for the sobs. And, having learned, my sister immediately advised me to try the Japanese facial massage “Asahi Zogan” after 50 years.

Hearing the age of those who are helped by this massage, I was offended to the ends of my hair – and tried to remain the only daughter of my own parents. But the younger one turned out to be agile and with better physical training. Having locked herself in the room, she began to give me our mother as an example, who looks outwardly the same age as her third husband (at the same time, I remembered for sure that he was ten years younger than our mother for sure).

At the end of the seventeenth minute, I realized that it would not work to quickly pick out the impudent because of the closed door, I began to get ready for work. Having brought a slight semblance of a marafet completely without a soul. But at the same time, I decided that at the first opportunity I would collect as much information as possible about the miraculous Japanese massage or even try it, but I would never admit it to my sister.

Japanese rejuvenating massage

“Traditional massage involves lightly applying a massage cream or oil to the skin. You should touch the face only with your fingertips, apply stroking movements strictly along the massage lines. In this way, cosmetologists act on the upper part of the skin, while the muscles and connective tissues remain unused and slowly but surely wither ”- in fits and starts, between the performance of my work duties, I studied the article “Become 10 years younger!”, Dedicated to Japanese massage.

Surfing through various women’s resources showed that: 1) approximately 80% of the reviews were positive, 2) another 15% consisted of the question “Has anyone rejuvenated using this technique?”, 3) the remaining 5% of the reviews were classified as fast and successful weight loss without diets and any effort.

What did you find out? Japanese facial massage involves an active effect on the skin, and on the facial muscles, and on connective tissues, and even on the bones of the skull. Asaha (as this technique is called) is performed not with the fingers, but with the whole palm. ZOGAN< massage (another version of the name) has a beneficial effect on the muscles of the face, strengthens them, tones the skin, forms the contour of the face, smoothes wrinkles, improves appearance, and also has a detoxifying effect - that is, it cleanses the face and neck of toxins and toxins.

Zogan is a panacea:
1) from edema on the face, and to stimulate the outflow of lymph from the neck and face.
2) for the prevention of aging and the appearance of age wrinkles.
3) to correct facial contours and improve the color and appearance of the skin.
4) to eliminate the “second chin”.
5) in the fight against mimic wrinkles.

Execution technique

I found a very good instruction on how to perform Japanese massage on Alena Sobol’s video channel. What Alena taught seemed to me more adapted for a domestic woman than the original from the author of the technique, Yukoku Tanaka. Along the way, I discovered another version of massage – the ancient Japanese technique of preserving youth and skin elasticity while getting rid of dry and oily skin, acne, age spots, headaches and depression – kobido.

Based on the results of online viewing of three dozen videos, fifteen video lessons downloaded from a torrent, and one full-fledged video course found on YouTube, I started a free practice at home. Because at the current moment of financial existence, she simply could not be generous to pay for specialists.

I laid out the diagrams in front of me, looked through the short version of the lesson again, and went … to wash off the nourishing cream applied out of habit. Because the first rule of Japanese massage says: you can massage only cleansed skin, without a gram of cosmetics and without a drop of moisturizers. You can only use a massage base to improve the sliding of hands on the skin. Well suited:
– cosmetic cream or cosmetic milk for washing,
– linseed, olive, grape oil,
– oat milk, which is easy to get at home: pour cereal with very hot water,
– mineral water mixed with a drop of essential oil.

You can learn the basic techniques in one or two times:
1) three fingers work: index, middle and ring fingers,
2) it is necessary to press on the points where the lymph nodes are located (for this you need to learn their location well),
3) perform pressing along the entire length of the fingers, press firmly for 2-3 seconds,
4) all movements should be of the same intensity and in the direction down to the collarbones.

How I do it to myself – self-massage

So, massage in the format of point pressure, the technique is almost studied. About the lymphatic drainage effect, four articles were read with a claim to being scientific. More than 60 photos and under a hundred pictures were studied, and almost all found videos were viewed, where Yukoku herself does the massage. Even a telephone consultation was held with my mother on the subject of skin rejuvenation, gymnastics according to the Revitonika system, and even an answer was received from some anonymous, but very eminent doctor.

It would seem that everything was ready for a favorable start of the procedure. But I was able to start the massage only after five hours. At first, I was drawn into the wilds of Yandex, then I was fascinated by the Japanese shiatsu therapy (according to which point pressure …

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