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Knitted women’s hats: fashion trends winter 2019

Fashionable women’s knitted hats: winter 2019

When creating an actual fashionable image, one should not forget about accessories. One of the main accessories for any time of the year is a headdress, especially in the cold autumn-winter period. Modern fashion dictates trends in the choice of winter hats.

Fashionable styles of women’s knitted hats

Fashionable knitted hat and scarf

Fashion trends for autumn-winter 2019-2020 amaze with a variety of styles and materials, but even in this variety, favorites can be distinguished. As before, knitwear dominates, but the styles differ significantly from previous years.

The most stylish knitted hats in the winter of 2019-2020 are:

  • Knitted berets;
  • Beanie hats;
  • Helsinki;
  • Hoods;
  • Caps-hats.

Beautiful knitted hats for winter and autumn can be decorated in various ways: pompoms, bows, rhinestones, beads, beads and other decorative elements.

In fashion for the winter season 2019-2020, the presence of volume in knitwear is distinguished.

When choosing a hat for the winter, stylists recommend giving preference to coarse coarse knitting. Such products are the most fashionable and stylish. Volumetric knitted hats will suit any style and image.


Knitted beret

Berets are back in fashion. However, in the 2019-2020 season, they are most relevant in the knitted version. Knitted hats in the form of berets are suitable for both women 50 years old and young girls. This style has no age restrictions.

A beret will allow you to create an elegant, sophisticated, feminine and at the same time stylish look. This accessory evokes thoughts of French chic and mysterious women. The advantage of the model is that the beret can be worn both in the autumn and in the winter season, since its relevance depends on the chosen knitting and the thickness of the thread used.

Beret from thick yarn

The style of the beret may also differ. Some ladies prefer visor options, others prefer retro style and classic beret option. You can pick up or knit a scarf and gloves to match the accessory.

Classic knitted beret

Set of knitted beret, scarf and gloves

The beret can be decorated in a variety of ways. A special knitting or a special decoration, for example, a three-dimensional flower, made in the same color as the headdress itself, will help to make the model unique and stylish.

Knitted beret with a flower

Beret with an unusual knit

Regardless of the style chosen, the beret will be appropriate and relevant in any weather. And the ability to tie such an accessory on their own provides fashionistas with a huge range in choosing patterns and colors.


beanie hat

The beanie hat is considered a classic style among headwear models. That is why it is still listed among the most popular and fashionable accessories. You can knit such a hat yourself if you have certain skills.

Beanie hats differ only in length. Some prefer longer styles, while others opt for shorter styles. Beanies are somewhat reminiscent of berets, mainly because of the oblong part, which remains to hang freely at the back of the head. However, their difference is in the main form, tightly fitting the head.

cropped beanie

The cap of this model may or may not have a cuff that frames the front of the head and supports the back of the head. In some cases, the masters intentionally neglect the cuff, creating a more youthful, stylish version of the style.

Beanie with cuff

Beanie without cuff

The shape of the beanie cap fits almost any head shape, which makes this accessory universal. In addition to the cuff, the headdress is decorated with pompoms, fringe, beads or even lace.


Helsinki hat

The Helsinki hat came into fashion quite recently and immediately captivated most of the girls. However, it should be noted that this option is predominantly youthful and mature women are not suitable, as it looks irrelevant.

The main difference between the Helsinki model is in coarse knitting using a wide thread.

Helsinki caps are distinguished by a conical shape at the back of the head and a voluminous cuff. This option includes two main trends of the 2019-2020 season at once: stylish volume and coarse knitting.

Gray helsinki hat

However, you should be careful when choosing such a hat. For girls with large facial features, the classic version of Helsinki will not work, it is better for them to give preference to a finer knit or thin thread.

Blue knitted hat

The Helsinki model assumes the absence of additional elements or patterned knitting. It looks beautiful and interesting on its own and goes well with any outerwear: from a woolen coat to a winter fur coat.


hats hoods

The style of a winter hat called a “hood” is very similar to another type of headdress – a collar, snood or pipe. The difference of the model lies in its length and shape.

This model can be originally knitted in the form of a hood and have ties, or it can be decorated with a long tube that gathers under the chin, forming a hood.

Chocolate snood

The “hood” model is mainly decorated with large buttons in the front. They help to fix the headgear in the desired position. In other versions, there are special ties.

Hood with buttons

Knitted hood with buttons

An interesting variety of such hats is a hood with knitted ears. Often, fox or cat ears are tied to the headdress. However, this option is not suitable for all girls.

Hat-hood "Fox"

Hoods can be of any knitting, from different threads and the most daring and unusual color combinations. They are suitable for both autumn and winter. If necessary, this model can also cover the shoulders.

Gray hood

You can purchase a hat-hood or knit it, you can also create a stylish hood using a regular snood or collar. This is a matter of taste and imagination.


Knitted hat

A knitted hat-hat is most suitable for a classic style. This type of headdress resembles retro hats, but is knitted using ordinary knitting needles. Caps-hats can have absolutely any shape and design. They are usually supplemented with:

  • Large buttons;
  • Bulk flowers;
  • Brooch;
  • visor;
  • Knitted ornaments.

Cap-hat with a button

Some people prefer to complement such hats with stylish frills or bows. One of the most popular hats is the bowler hat.

knitted bowler hat

Despite the fact that hats are more popular in spring and summer, when they are knitted with voluminous floors to protect from the sun, they are also reflected in winter fashion. Especially to taste, these models will appeal to mature ladies, helping to create a sophisticated image.

Fashionable colors of knitted hats

Fashion shades in hats

In addition to choosing the style of a stylish hat for the fall-winter 2019-2020 season, the color of the headdress is also important. The right shade will help highlight the created image or, on the contrary, spoil the overall look.

The most fashionable colors of knitted hats:

  • Coffee and chocolate;
  • Mint and emerald;
  • Pastel;
  • Granite;
  • Classic black and white.

The bright colors of headdresses are a thing of the past. In the new season, designers and stylists recommend giving preference to delicate tones, avoiding excessive variegation of the image and choosing neutral shades.


Coffee beanie

Caps of coffee colors are the main trend of the 2019-2020 season. At…

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