Как действуют нити Cog для подтяжки лица?

Kogi threads for a facelift: photos before and after the procedure

How do Cog threads work for a facelift?

Today, cosmetology offers a huge number of rejuvenation and facelift services: biorevitalization, peelings, botox, etc. Such procedures help to moisturize the skin, smooth fine wrinkles and slightly tighten the contour. But, if there is a change in the contour and sagging of the tissues of the face (ptosis), they will not be very effective. Previously, with such changes, plastic surgery was prescribed for lifting. After such operations, there is a very long and painful recovery process.

Now, thanks to new developments, there is an innovative method for correcting the face using Cog mesothreads. The thread lift method was developed in Korea. This is an alternative and popular method that allows you to restore clear contours with minimal surgical intervention. The recovery process is quite fast and the risks of complications are minimal.

What are kogi threads?

What are kogi threads?

Cog mesothreads are notched threads implanted into the dermis. Such threads are installed with the help of small punctures with a needle and holding them under the skin. They are not perceived by the body as a foreign body and are not rejected, but are fully compatible. Such mesothreads dissolve in 1-1.5 months.

Unlike other mesothreads, they consist of a conductor needle, a hollow tube (cannula) and notched mesothreads, which allow you to tighten the skin qualitatively. These notches are located in different directions, which ensures a secure fit. Laser sharpening of the needle helps to penetrate the dermis quickly and almost without injury.

Types of threads

The threads themselves are made from a biodegradable material that is perfectly soluble in the dermis. After their installation, they apparently tighten the skin due to notches. Later, when resorbed, they begin to secrete components that activate the growth of connective tissue, elastin and collagen. Thus, there is a metabolism at the cellular level, which improves the structure, quality and tone of the skin. Blood microcirculation improves and cells receive more nutrients and oxygen.

After complete resorption, Cog threads leave a dense natural frame that continues to maintain the established shape of the face or body for a long time. The end products of mesothread decay are water and carbon dioxide, which are completely eliminated from the body. At the end of the effect – the procedure can be repeated.

Mesothreads Kogi

Of course, there is one significant disadvantage – it is high cost. The technology of lifting with mesothreads of the kogi gives a result at the level of plastic surgery with a long-term effect, but the recovery and the process of carrying out are short-lived. They are practical, safe and effective.

The following aspects can be attributed to the features of Cog mesothreads (kogi):

  • A large number of threads is not required to process one zone. Enough 4-5 pieces;
  • They are used not only for mild forms of omission, flabbiness and displacement of the skin, but also for moderate cases of the formation of jellies and a “creeping” oval of the face. With strong changes, even this method will not help;
  • The result of a facelift lasts 3-4 years, unlike linear threads;
  • Perfectly combined with the implantation of other mesothreads;
  • The repeated procedure involves a smaller number of reinforced mesothreads;

Thanks to multidirectional notches, the kogi threads perfectly hold the dermis.

Types of threads

Types of mesothreadsTightening with mesothreads is now very popular. It is increasingly chosen by patients and increasingly recommended by surgeons. The process is not traumatic and there are practically no complications, and the recovery period takes an average of 2 weeks to 2 months. It depends on the age of the patient, anatomical features and adherence to the features of postoperative care.

It must be emphasized that this method will not work for clients with severe ptosis and weakened facial muscle tone.

The cosmetology industry offers a wide range of mesothreads to choose from. most popular and The following threads are widely used:

  • Korean threads Omega (VL Cogs, VL Original 19G, Spike 19G, Little Omega VL 23G);
  • Korean threads Beaute’ lift V Line (Twin braids, Screw springs, Cog notches, Rose spikes);
  • Korean threads EVE COG (they produce about 10 types of threads of different lengths and calibers);
  • Korean threads VERSATILE Uni ((PDO) polydiaxanon material).

Which threads should be used is decided by the doctor after consultation and examination. Materials for the threadlifting procedure (correction of facial and body tissues) are selected individually. The durability of threadlifting depends on the material from which the threads are made, their shape and depth of penetration, the method of reinforcement and fixing in tissues.

Kogi mesothreads are divided into the following groups:

  • PLLA – containing polylactic acid, which gives a lifting effect similar to fillers. Activates enhanced collagen production. The result is kept for about a year. Reinforcement is carried out for any parts of the face and neck area. Differ in special durability;
  • PDO — the thread is made of polydioxanone (linear polymer). It does not cause tissue rejection. Dissolves within six months to a year. Leaves a dense collagen framework in its place. The result is stored up to 2 years;
  • double cog – a thread with double-sided notches in the form of a “herringbone” or the letter “V”. Thanks to these notches, it perfectly fixes the shape with an excess of soft tissues;
  • One-sided – a thread with multidirectional notches located on one side only. It is used for mild forms of age-related skin changes;
  • multidirectional – a thread with multidirectional notches that are located around it. Such a thread very effectively eliminates the “baked apple” syndrome – small, mesh wrinkles, and is also used to fix the excess volume of soft tissues.

Also, the material is divided into: non-absorbable, absorbable, combined and notched (kogi).

The action of Cog threads

Cog threads restore the contour of the face Cog threads are designed to restore the contour of the face and eliminate various age-related skin changes. The lifting effect that they have is manifested due to the formation of a fibrous skeleton. The procedure gives a visually noticeable result:

  • The chin is tightened and the oval of the face is contoured;
  • Small mimic wrinkles are eliminated, including nasolabial and mesh.
  • Shallow wrinkles on the forehead are smoothed out.
  • The eyelids and eyebrows are raised.

In addition to lifting, threads help restore normal metabolism at the cellular level. As a result, the synthesis of type 1 collagen begins. This happens when the material completely dissolves and releases water and carbon dioxide. Collagen “belts” appear around the injection site, which hold the tissues in a given position.

Kogi mesothreads correct the chin, flanks, nasolabial folds, mild gravitational ptosis, the “Venus” ring on the neck, drooping eyelids, etc. They are…

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