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Korean makeup on Russian girls

How to do Korean makeup?

Many girls with a European type of appearance admire the beauty and youth of Korean women. Korean makeup, which is now at the peak of popularity around the world, will help achieve a similar result. A minimum of cosmetics and the correct placement of accents will emphasize the natural beauty of the girl. What are the features of Korean makeup and how to perform it in stages, read further in the article.

Features of Korean makeup

Korean woman with a flower

Korean makeup has many differences from the generally accepted European one. To get the desired effect, you should correct certain areas of the face.

The features of Korean makeup include:

  • Creating perfect porcelain skin;
  • Giving the face a light glow;
  • Adding a natural blush to the cheeks;
  • Placement of accents of makeup on the eyes;
  • Creation of wide and straight eyebrows without bends;
  • Adding volume to eyelashes with mascara;
  • The possibility of using false eyelashes;
  • Use of shadows of light shades;
  • Lack of lip contour drawing;
  • Drawing small, thin and even arrows.

You can get flawless Korean makeup with the right cosmetics. First of all, BB cream will help to achieve a positive effect. The product corrects the tone and texture of the skin like a tonal product. Korean women use a cream with an SPF of 30.

Korean makeup will look better on the face when applied cushion. Cushion is a foundation sponge that contains many useful ingredients. The tool easily falls on the skin and well hides visible imperfections.

No Korean makeup is complete without tinta. The tool has a liquid texture and includes a lot of colored pigment. The main advantage of tint is durability and versatility. The tint can be used both to color the lips and to give a blush to the cheeks. The tool provides a translucent, matte finish.

To emphasize the lash line, Koreans use exclusively liquid eyeliner. The liner allows you to draw a thin and neat arrow.

Korean makeup also involves the use highlighter. It is convenient for them to brighten certain areas of the face to give the skin radiance and transparency. This technique is called strobing.

Eye Techniques

Korean woman with light makeup on her face

It will be easy for girls with a European type of appearance to make an eye make-up, like Korean women. The main task is to correct their shape and change the cut.

When creating Korean makeup, the main focus is on the eyes.

Before applying make-up, treat the eyelid area with a primer. This will allow the shadows to be evenly applied and will not allow them to roll. When choosing a color shadows preference should be given to light shades with a creamy texture – pinkish, mother-of-pearl golden, light peach, beige, sand, etc. Using this color scheme will visually enlarge the eyes.

The outer corners are rarely obscured by shadows. If necessary, brown or plum shades are used for these purposes. The borders of the color transition should be well shaded to give a natural look. It is recommended to lightly draw dark shadows along the lower eyelid to create swelling.

Korean makeup most often involves the absence of shadows on the eyelids.

The main element in the make-up is eyeliner. It is enough to emphasize the natural lash line. It is recommended to draw a thin, straight, small arrow. The tail should drop slightly down towards the cheekbones. Important note: for eyeliner, you should use only a liner, not a pencil.

Korean makeup is not complete without adding volume to eyelashes with mascara. It is necessary to apply the product in several layers. Keep in mind that Korean women do not curl their eyelashes. If necessary, you can use false eyelashes. This is especially true for creating an evening look.

Eyebrow shaping

girl with korean makeup

The shape of the eyebrows of Korean women is significantly different from the generally accepted in Europe. Girls with a European type of appearance usually draw curved eyebrows, with a narrow ponytail. In order for Korean makeup to be done correctly, you need to model their shape. For adjustments, you need to use shadows or a pencil.

Korean women prefer to give their eyebrows a natural, even shape without bending.

Eyebrows should be painted over carefully, gradually achieving a straight and wide shape. The shade of the cosmetic for coloring is required to choose a tone lighter than the color of the hair. To give the eyebrows naturalness, you need to do a good shading. To consolidate the result, it is proposed to use a special fixative – gel, wax or lipstick. These cosmetics keep the eyebrows in shape for a long time.

To facilitate the work when shaping the eyebrows, you can use special stencils. They allow you to quickly, and most importantly, easily, outline and paint over the form. Beginners will need a little practice when using them, but the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Lip shaping

Korean Lip Makeup

As already described above, when creating Korean makeup, the main focus is on the eyes. Therefore, the make-up of the lips should be done in soothing colors. Korean women prefer to use persistent, translucent tints, glosses or lipsticks in light shades.

When creating Korean makeup, the use of lipsticks with a matte texture or dark shades is not provided.

Korean women avoid delineating the natural contour of the lips. In this regard, girls with a European type of appearance should stop using contour pencils.

Apply the product should be on the center of the lips, shading the excess lipstick with your fingertips closer to the edges. The corners are not painted. On top, you can apply a little transparent light gloss. Thus, a gradient effect is created. To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to paint over the contour with a concealer.

Korean makeup involves creating the effect of kissed lips.

It is better to choose a shade of lipstick or tint berry – raspberry, strawberry, cherry, because they are often used by Korean women. They will add an image of naturalness and tenderness. Nude colors are not popular in Korea, so it is better to refuse them when creating Korean makeup.

Face tone and blush color

Applying blush

Korean women amaze with their porcelain skin tone with slightly rosy cheeks. In this case, the face emits a faint glow. To achieve this effect will be easy with the help of special cosmetics.

Rules for the design of the tone of the face:

  • Moisturizing the skin. Before applying Korean-style makeup, it is recommended to treat the skin with cream and primer. This will allow in the future to evenly apply make-up on the face;
  • Elimination of visual imperfections of the skin. To keep your skin looking flawless,…

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