Beautiful eyelashes after Botox treatment

Lamination of eyelashes with Botox 2022 (50+ photo examples)

The eyelash lamination procedure has become popular recently. It is constantly being improved, becoming more and more effective. Recently, masters began to combine the basis of the procedure with additional ones. This made lamination even more effective. For example, it is performed immediately with Botox.

Beautiful eyelashes after Botox treatment

Lamination itself is a caring procedure for natural eyelashes. It provides them with deep nourishment. The composition of the mixture for lamination includes a large amount of vitamins, amino acids. It has everything you need for the health and beauty of hair.

Thanks to the procedure, eyelashes are visually lengthened without extensions. Become more magnificent, silky, accurate. They acquire a beautiful shine.

Lamination procedure with Botox

Why add Botox to the eyelash lamination procedure

The addition of Botox to the procedure allows you to enhance the result of lamination. Such a complex allows you to effortlessly get a charming, alluring, bright and attractive look. And it is possible to become its owner in just one visit to a beauty salon.

The result of the procedure

At the word “Botox”, many women immediately associate with injections. But no one will do it here. Botox is only used to cover the lashes. It is part of a special caring mixture – its application becomes the basis of the procedure.

Applying composition for nourishing and coloring eyelashes

Lamination with Botox is an innovative treatment using a special serum. The latter consists entirely of safe organic components. Among them there is everything necessary for the normal nutrition of eyelashes. And even to restore hairs damaged as a result of exposure to various negative external factors.

After proper application, the composition penetrates deep into each eyelash, fills it, adds density, elasticity and even color. The hair becomes darker after the procedure.

Protective eye patches

The main feature of lamination with Botox is the ability to instantly get eyelashes 30% longer, fluffier, thicker. The maximum effect is achieved in just one visit to the master. And such an amazing result can be obtained by combining the usual lamination and Botox at once.

If the master did everything right, and the girl provides her cilia with proper care, then the effect of the procedure can be preserved for up to 6 weeks.

Lamination in the salon

It is important to note that the procedure has a cumulative effect. This means that in subsequent visits to the salon, approximately 10% more will be added to the already obtained thickness and length of the eyelashes.

The lamination procedure is carried out by the master

How is the procedure for laminating eyelashes with Botox in salons in 2022

In general, the whole procedure goes approximately the same as conventional lamination. There are only minimal differences.

Combing eyelashes

Procedure steps:

  1. The girl fits comfortably on a couch or in a special chair in a horizontal position.
    Application of special patches

  2. Under the eyes are glued special hydrogel patches or plasters. They are needed to protect the delicate skin around the eyes. Followed by eyelash curlers.
    Convenient dry laminating patches

  3. The hair is degreased. For this, a special solution is used. It removes dust and dirt. And also makes the hairs ready to absorb all the beneficial substances.
  4. A special preparatory composition is applied. Components from it penetrate into the structure of the hairs. Their scales open up. The eyelashes themselves are straightened and fixed on hydrogel substrates.
    At the same stage, a “sauna” is created. A thin film is applied to the treated area, and heated cotton wool or any fabric is placed on top of it. In this position, the woman remains for about 10 minutes.
  5. Lamination. Keratin is applied here to nourish and heal eyelashes. It is left on the hairs for at least 7-8 minutes.
    Creates a beautiful curl of eyelashes

  6. Coloring. When the creatine is removed, a coloring pigment can be applied to the eyelashes. This stage is chosen at the request of the woman. You can do without it. If it is decided to use the dye, then it should be kept for at least 10-12 minutes.
  7. Botox. The eyelashes are reapplied with a special composition with numerous nutrients. This is the last step in the procedure.
    Be sure to remove excess coloring composition and any other unnecessary elements. After the hairs are covered with a special gel that fixes the result.

It is not recommended to carry out lamination of eyelashes with Botox on your own. An experienced professional master will be able to qualitatively cope with all stages. It is important that all fresh, safe formulations are used in the process.

Master curls eyelashes

Any expired products (even those expired by just a couple of days) are strictly prohibited for use on eyelashes.

Fact about eyelashes

One of the most popular and safe components of mascara is guanine. It is obtained from fish scales, and it gives the hairs a beautiful glossy sheen.

Eyelash curlers

Pros and cons of the simultaneous lamination procedure with Botox Renitz

Every woman who decides to laminate with Botox should carefully study the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure.

Lamination with Botox

Its advantages include:

  • beautiful, noticeable, but neat bending of the eyelashes, which lasts for 40-50 days;
  • the possibility of natural lengthening of eyelashes without extension (this is due to the twisting and coloring of hairs);
  • the density of eyelashes after the procedure, as special formulations thicken them;
  • covering the hairs with a special strengthening composition (under it they become stronger, harder, denser);
  • protection of eyelashes from ultraviolet radiation and other negative external influences (for example, temperature changes, wind);
  • the emergence of new healthy cilia;
  • prevention of dryness and brittle hairs.
Applying a laminating composition to the eyelashes

The disadvantages of the procedure are much less. Among them:

  • the need to spend at least 40 minutes in a chair;
  • the possibility of allergic reactions to the compositions used;
  • the need to spend less time in conditions of high humidity (for example, in the pool, shower, sauna).

In some cases, the procedure is prohibited:

  • For example, it is impossible to laminate eyelashes with Botox after any eye surgery, injuries of the organ of vision, and inflammatory processes.
  • The list of contraindications also includes menopause, taking hormonal drugs, pregnancy and lactation.
  • It is advisable to refuse the procedure for women with increased lacrimation.
Beautiful result of lamination of eyelashes

Who needs eyelash lamination with Botox?

Girls who want to pay attention to lamination with Botox should:

  • improve your eyelashes, improve their appearance and condition in general;
  • spend less time on morning makeup (for example, completely abandon the use of mascara);
  • get the most natural result (without doll eyelashes).
The master laminates eyelashes with Botox

The discussed procedure is completely safe. The compositions used in the process saturate the eyelashes with all the nutrients and vitamins necessary for health and beauty. They take care of the structure of the eyelashes and their external attractiveness.

Convenient patches for the procedure

The cost of lamination with Botox varies from 3.5 to 5 thousand rubles. The exact price depends on…

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