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Light brown hair color Photo – Dark brown hair color

Beautiful brown hair color photo

One of the most versatile browns nature has to offer, it has the most shades. External data is the main factor that plays the first and important role in the selection of colors. It is not suitable for many, so it is worth considering a photo with all sorts of proposed colors for different types of skin of the face and eyes.

The right depth and saturation of brown, as well as harmony with your appearance, will emphasize your beauty and highlight your dignity, no matter how old you are. Warm tones are suitable for dark eyes, and cold tones are suitable for light ones. Don’t be in a hurry to breed your natural chestnut, try changing it to a lighter or darker one. For olive skin, you can try a yellowish tint, and for pale faces, dark chestnut or light brown with no extra impurities.

brown hair photo

You can only act out your fantasy after studying a photo with a huge selection of chestnut palettes: cocoa, dark blond, caramel, amber, cappuccino, chocolate, ashy, reddish. Those who like to take risks can get a beautiful tone if they repaint individual strands in a lighter or darker color.

In order to choose the right color for yourself and not make a mistake, you should look at the proposed photos with successful reincarnations, and if you are unsure of yourself, it is better to contact an experienced colorist or hairdresser. This method will help visually increase the volume of the hairstyle, especially if your hair is thin and not particularly thick. Be sure to take care of them, because dark hair reflects light rays perfectly, so always try to keep your curls shiny and silky.

light brown hair color photo

This year’s most popular look is a face framed with light brown curls. Photos of brunette celebrities with green eyes are the main trend of this season. Therefore, all kinds of coloring techniques, such as ombre, balayage, coloring, diversify the monotony of hair into bright prints and colors. This calm natural scale suits many girls.

The decapitation procedure will help lighten the hair and prepare it for subsequent chipping into a lighter one. This should be done several times, because the first time the natural pigment is not removed. This applies to brunettes, when it is enough for blondes to buy paint or go to a salon to just paint without washing off. At home, you can bring out the old tone and prepare for staining in a new one. If you are a lover of ashy, then it is better to contact a hairdresser to help you with a change in style.

Light brown hair color – examples of successful reincarnations:

Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo

dark brown hair color

Chocolate, copper or black – this is the range for the current season, which will suit middle-aged women. And for those who are older, it is better to highlight individual strands or color the entire head in order to visually brighten up several years thanks to the right tone.

For owners of brown and green eyes, double staining in dark shades is very suitable. Photos and reviews will help you visually see how this technique favorably affects the appearance. Caramel and honey in combination with highlighting will automatically take several years and you will look much younger.

Photo examples:

Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo

golden shade

Golden brown hair color is simply created for spring, summer and autumn. This wheaten palette is often found among Slavs living in Europe, while northern girls are lighter, and even red. For peach, beige skin and blue, blue, green, brown eyes, you should choose gold, both cold and warm.

Fashionable ash, which is achieved with the help of professional paints such as Estelle or Loreal, is very relevant this season, but not for many. The skin should be perfect, and in makeup always focus on the eyes, a slight blush and gloss on the lips. For owners of natural blond, the best choice would be golden blond, honey and dark honey.

Golden brown hair color:

Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo

Who suits a warm shade

Warm brown hair color, which is also light, looks perfect on young girls with perfectly even skin without wrinkles and age spots. A warm shade will make your face look fresher and younger. But this paint is quickly washed off, so arm yourself with a pink balm that enhances the tonality after dyeing so that the result is preserved for a long time. The source of inspiration for the right choice should be the natural hair that nature has endowed, and from here pick similar colors. Take a look at the photos of celebrities who belong to the warm range.

Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo

Beautiful cool brown hair color

The peculiarity of the cold ash color is that it has a shine, and therefore it will look great against the background of pale skin and a blue iris. Be sure to use professional hair dye, which will cost a little more, but it is good that you get a minimum of negative impact on the curls as a result. Today, cold brown is considered the most popular, because more and more girls were initially awarded this color by nature.

Ash Brown:

Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo Beautiful brown hair color photo

How to dye your hair brown

Toning, coloring and tinting methods – any of these methods, individually or in combination, will bring you closer to the expected result. Regardless of which method you choose, always make masks that will nourish your hair with moisture and vitamins, which are so necessary for dyed curls, overdried and split ends.

How to get a beautiful light and dark shade?

Mix several colors to enhance the original or get a new shade that will sparkle in the sun with all the colors of the color range. A shade of mocha – with icing, with milk, classic, chocolate, cold, can be achieved by bronding, coloring, highlighting and ordinary coloring. The main secret is to regularly use a balm and shampoo to maintain color and wash your hair with a tint shampoo three times a month. Then the rays of the sun will be on your side and your curls will sparkle with new colors.

If you are the owner of light curls, then the transition to another shade will be easy and fast, you just need to choose your favorite household paint with a ready-made set of paint and oxidizer.

If you are a girl with dark hair, the transition to light colors will begin with the fact that you will need to lighten the strands and only after that repaint in the tone that you want.

Painting process:

  1. Lightly moisturize curls.
  2. Mix the oxidizer and paint (you can add a couple of drops of oil).
  3. Apply to…

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