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Light brown hair color photo – how to dye your hair light brown

Light brown hair color photo

According to average statistics, brown hair is the most common, especially in the European part. Thanks to fashion trends today, it is especially popular. Almost every fashionista wants to switch to it today. Therefore, today we propose together to understand the question of how to paint the strands in a light brown color. During the publication, we will learn how to achieve the desired shade, get acquainted with the recommendations of experts on this matter and see the color light brown hair color photo.

Light brown hair color photo shades

Ignorant people tend to believe that fair-haired is limited to a light tone, a kind of transition from blonde to brown-haired. In fact this is not true. Experts consider it unique and multifaceted, as it originates from golden wheaten to deep brown. It has a lot of shades:

• gray ashy;

Light brown hair color photo

• beige blond;

Light brown hair color photo

• light purple;

Light brown hair color photo

• copper or dark chestnut;

Light brown hair color photo

• caramel;

Light brown hair color photo

• light chocolate;

Light brown hair color photo

And this is not a complete list of possible variations, which is called the gray name “blond” or summed up under the dull definition of “brown hair”. In addition, there are variations such as light or dark tone. The presented photos show all his rich palette. The photos perfectly demonstrate the possibilities of high-quality paint with the correct implementation of all recommendations.

Light blond hair color

To get light curls, staining is recommended to be carried out on clarified strands. On dark hair, it is almost impossible to achieve the desired shade.

To make the gamma more natural, you can color the curls using the ombre technique, it will give a natural look and create the effect of light highlighting (only the tips can be shaded). This is especially true for blondes. The photo shows how many variations include light colors.

Light brown hair color photo Light brown hair color photo Light brown hair color photo

Dark blond

Even if your natural color is blond, dark blond hair color after dyeing can give an unexpected effect. Especially if the base tone has warm pigmentation (red or copper tones, especially after painting with henna, as shown in the photo). There are known cases of a greenish tint. And here it’s not so much about the quality of the paint, but about its incorrect application. Experts recommend that before painting, conduct a test on a small curl and, if the resulting shade does not suit you, pre-paint the curls with light paint. The presented photos will clearly acquaint you with a rich palette of dark shades.

Light brown hair color photo Light brown hair color photo Light brown hair color photo

Photo golden blond hair color

This sonorous name intertwines sweet reflections of reddish honey and pleasant caramel reflections. In this way, you can revive both light and dark tones, and they will sparkle with pleasant rays of light. It is universal in nature, as it suits any skin type, eye color, face type and eyebrow expansion. It looks surprisingly gentle and beautiful both on the delicate hair of a young girl and on the hair of a mature woman, so he always answers positively to the female “I want”.

It is almost impossible to achieve such a result with henna (it makes curls dull and inconspicuous). With the choice of hairstyles will also not be a problem. There are several ways to achieve the reddish effect, for example, mix several tones of paint and get a slight overflow at the output. Photos perfectly demonstrate all the radiance of such variations.

Light brown hair color photo Light brown hair color photo Light brown hair color photo

cold shade

Cold light blond hair color will give its owner a special charm. It can be dark or light in color. Ash is great for fair beauties with fair and ideally pale pink skin. But categorically contraindicated for swarthy beauties. The insidiousness of the ashen tone also lies in its ability to make skin imperfections more noticeable, for example, it will be difficult for its owner to hide rashes, but freckles are quite appropriate here, they will give the overall image of playfulness. In the photo you can see different images with an amazing ashy hair color.

Light brown hair color photo Light brown hair color photo Light brown hair color photo

How to dye your hair blond?

To qualitatively paint your curls in any tone of this color, you need preliminary preparation:

• the choice of high-quality paint (it is better to read reviews about the manufacturer first, experts recommend choosing well-known brands, for example, Garnier, Estelle, Loreal, Pallet, etc.);
• testing on a separate curl (it is acceptable to use a tonic with a similar tone for a couple of weeks for painting, later it can simply be painted over, henna is unacceptable before painting, in its version it is necessary to return the color back);
• paint allergy testing;
• lightening the strands to a neutral tone (light is the perfect undertone);
• paint the strands, taking into account the recommendations of the instructions;
• wash off the paint and dry the curls.

After all the manipulations, regular use of shampoo and masks for colored hair is recommended. To properly dye your hair and learn how to do it in the comfort of your own home, you can watch video tutorials and pictures on the topic.


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