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Light eye makeup [пошаговая инструкция] – simple ideas for every day

Features of light makeup

Light eye makeup пошаговая инструкция – simple ideas for every

Light makeup is a simple make-up option that will not overload your face with cosmetics and at the same time emphasize advantages. Even a beauty novice can handle it! The main thing is to learn the basic rules:


… you need not only an enemy, but also yourself. Find out what skin type and color type you have. And what about the features of appearance? The oval of the face, the shape of the eyes, the shape of the lips – all this is important to consider in order to choose the right make-up.


Even makeup artists admit that bright colors can be very “capricious”. Master the nude palette first and use the tools in the palettes (shadows, correctors, etc.). They will help you learn how to combine shades correctly.


It is the skin that is the main focus in a light make-up. Take care to hide redness and bruising under the eyes. A good concealer and the right foundation can easily cope with this task!


Do not layer different types of cosmetics or use complex techniques. Adhere to the main principle of the “naked” make-up – look like there is practically no makeup on your face.


Remember that dry texture products are always applied on top of liquid ones. So cream highlighter on powder is not an option!


Check out the Maybelline NY youtube channel more often: cool beauty tutorials will give step-by-step instructions for a fashionable make-up for all occasions.

What you need for light makeup: a review of products from Maybelline NY

As a rule, light make-up means make-up for every day. To create it, it is enough to have a basic set of cosmetics: foundation, concealer, nude eye shadow palette, eye pencil or liner, lip gloss or lipstick, as well as pencil and mascara / eyebrow styling gel.

Light eye makeup

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For easy eye makeup you will need:

  • Mascara. Carefully paint over the cilia from roots to tips, and remove the excess with a special brush. If you want to achieve a “doll” look, stretch your eyelashes strictly up and down, and if you want a “cat” look, to the outer corners of the eyes.
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Examples of successful mascaras: Lash Sensational and The Colossal give a fan volume, The Falsies Angel – the effect of false eyelashes, and The Falsies Lash Lift perfectly curls!

  • Shadow palette. The Nudes of New York palette features 16 sensual nude shades, while The City Mini is a super-pigmented mini-palette that comes in 6 vibrant shades.
  • 1671066317 556 Light eye makeup пошаговая инструкция – simple ideas for every

  • Pencil or liner. The pencil is useful for creating feathered winged lines (try the gel Tattoo Liner, which lasts up to 36 hours!), while the Hyper Precise liner is the best for liners. It is matte, with an ultra-thin applicator that looks like a felt-tip pen.
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Light lip makeup

Lip makeup becomes very easy when you manage to find “your” lipstick. Liquid or cream? Matte or glossy finish? Here’s a hint: The easiest way to create a flawless shape is with Superstay Matte Ink, which comes in stick form with a sharpened tip.

1671066318 391 Light eye makeup пошаговая инструкция – simple ideas for every

Another handy option is Lifter Gloss lip gloss. It moisturizes the lips and visually increases their volume.

Simple eyebrow makeup

  • Eyebrow pencil or shadow will help create a shape and fill in the “bald spots” between the hairs, if any. The best choice is Brow Satin with a double-sided case: on the one hand – a pencil with a soft texture, and on the other – filling powder, which is convenient to apply with a sponge applicator.
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  • Eyebrow mascaras Brow Fast Sculpt and Brow Drama will not only style the hairs, but also give them visual thickness and a more saturated shade.
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Easy skin makeup

In the basic version of a light skin make-up, there are only two steps.

  • Tone cream. It is applied from the center of the face to the periphery, using fingers, a medium brush with a rounded tip, or a duofiber. For oily skin, mattifying Fit Me is suitable, for dry skin – Dream Satin BB/, and for normal skin – Affinitone with the most natural finish.
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  • Concealer. The concealer is applied after the foundation: on redness and pimples – with light driving movements, and under the eyes – in the form of an inverted triangle.
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The Eraser Eye has a caring goji berry formula and a patented pad applicator. And the Superstay concealer lasts up to 24 hours.

How to do light makeup: step by step instructions

Light and beautiful makeup in 15 minutes in stages? Maybelline NY official makeup artist Yura Stolyarov and Mari @marikraimbrery are sure that this mission is possible for modern girls!

What you need to prepare in advance:

  • Brow Satin brow pencil in Dark Blonde.
  • Shadows Color Tattoo, shade Socialite.
  • Mascara Lash Lift.
  • Superstay Ink Crayon lipstick in shade 15.

Ready to start creating simple makeup for every day? Follow the step by step photo instructions.

  1. Shape your brows with the Brow Satin Pencil. Filling powder will make them visually thicker, without “bald spots”.
  2. Apply Color Tattoo shadow (this can be done directly with your fingers) on the mobile eyelid, slightly going beyond its borders.
  3. Coat your lashes with Lash Lift Mascara.
  4. Lightly powder your lips and then apply Superstay Ink Crayon lipstick.

Light makeup for every day

Catch life hacks that will help you make the easiest makeup for every day!

  • If you think that the make-up turned out to be “flat”, and the face looks dull, add blush or bronzing powder.
  • Light contouring can be done with two shades of concealer or foundation. Use a lighter color to tone the back of the nose, the central part of the forehead and the chin. Put a dark shade on the peripheral parts of the forehead, the sides of the nose and cheekbones.
  • Do you want brightness? Apply Snapscara colored mascara to your lashes or line your upper eyelid with a neon liner.
  • Focus on flawless skin. Concealer will help hide imperfections, and highlighter will add shine.
  • Apply lip balm at the very beginning of your makeup. It will prepare the lips for applying lipstick.

Ideas for a light evening make-up

In a light evening make-up, it is important to follow the rule of one accent: either on the eyes or on the lips. If possible, use waterproof cosmetics and powder or Lasting Fix fixing spray – this will prolong the “life” of your make-up and matte the skin.

TOP 5 ideas for light makeup:

  • Pastel smokes are 100% trendy, especially in pinks and lilacs.
  • Monomakeup (possible with eyeliner or without arrows). Use for make-up … only lipstick! Apply it on lips, eyelids and cheekbones.
  • Glitter. A scattering of sparkles will instantly turn a light everyday make-up into a spectacular and radiant evening one!
  • Kissed lips. Apply bright lipstick to the center of the lips, and then blend it with your finger to the borders.
  • The Iron Lady. Use cool shadows or lipstick with a metallic effect! Get a light bright makeup.

Light and beautiful makeup for the color of the eyes

How to make light makeup that will look as harmonious as possible? Consider eye color!

For green eyes

easy makeup for green eyes

A win-win option is all shades with a reddish undertone: bronze, brown, terracotta, etc. Try also gold, purple, pink and plum,…

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