Нанесение помады на губы

Lip makeup: rules, ideas, techniques

Techniques and types of lip makeup

Every girl can look beautiful and spectacular with the help of properly selected cosmetics. An integral and important aspect is lip makeup. Depending on the technique of applying lipstick, you can adjust the shape of the lips and make them more seductive. How to choose the color of a cosmetic product and make up your lips correctly, read further in the article.

How to paint lips correctly?

Even a beginner can make a beautiful and neat lip makeup. Just follow the step by step instructions.

Step 1. Applying lip balm. This will prepare the skin of the lips for makeup and make it soft and smooth.

Applying lip balm

Step 2 Remove excess balm from lips. The product should be allowed to soak in and only then blot the excess. It is recommended to use a paper towel for this purpose. A cotton pad can leave traces and as a result, lipstick cannot be applied evenly.

Soaking up excess balm

Step 3 We draw the contours of the lips with a concealer. This is especially required if the shape of the lips is fuzzy.

Drawing the contours of the lips with a concealer

Step 4 Using a highlighter. To make the lips appear visually larger, we treat the crease of the upper lip with a highlighter.

Using a contour pencil

Step 5 Drawing the contours of the upper lip with a pencil. To soften the shape of the lips, draw a contour with a pink tint pencil.

Drawing the contours of the upper lip with a pencil

Step 6 Drawing the contour of the lower lip with a pencil. We draw a line starting from the center of the lower lip. Gradually paint to the corners.

Drawing the contour of the lower lip with a pencil

Step 7 Coloring the folds of the lips. To facilitate the task, he recommends stretching his lips into a smile.

Crease painting

Step 8 Applying lipstick on lips. To increase the volume, it is recommended to use light shades of lipstick, to reduce – dark.

Applying lipstick on lips

Step 9 Blend the borders between the contour pencil and lipstick. This can be done with a brush or fingertips.

Finished lip makeup

Lip makeup is a painstaking process that requires patience and accuracy. In order not to spoil the image, you should choose the right lipstick color.

Rules for choosing a lipstick color

Choice of lipstick color

Choosing the right shade of lipstick for some girls is a difficult task. To make a spectacular makeup, you need to take into account some of the nuances. The shade is selected in accordance with the color of the eyes, hair, shadows or the shape of the lips.

For those with brown eyes brown, plum or chocolate shades of lipstick are suitable. A red, burgundy or slightly pink lip coating will add spectacularity to the image.

Green-eyed girls can choose lipstick with a terracotta, red-orange or pink tint.

For the fair sex with gray eyes suitable plum, beige colors. But at blue-eyed more choice. They can choose beige-pink, dark garnet or cherry shades of lipstick.

Eye color lipstick shade
Green-eyed girl with dark pink lipsBlue-eyed blonde with bright lipstick Brunette woman with red lipstick

Lip makeup must match with hair color. Rules for choosing a shade of lipstick according to this criterion:

  • Blondes are suitable for pink, caramel, light lilac, pale peach colors. To make a more relaxed look, nude and light brown lipsticks will help. Blondes with a fair skin type can use scarlet colors. If the girl has dark skin, preference should be given to peach, sand, coral shades;
  • Brunettes and brown-haired women are recommended to use bright colors of lipstick. For example, red, plum, pink, bright scarlet, dark brick or brown shades. In this case, skin color should be taken into account;
  • Redheads should give preference to coral, pink, brown shades when making up lips. Owners of pale skin should choose nude lipsticks.

Fair-haired girl with scarlet lipstickLip makeup options for blondesLip makeup for a brown-haired woman

In makeup, the combination of the color of the shadows and lipstick is important. If you choose the wrong shades, you can spoil the image. Burgundy or scarlet lipstick goes well with beige or taupe shades. For daytime makeup, it is better to use matte shadows, for the evening version, mother-of-pearl is suitable. Emerald shadows combined with peach-colored lipstick will make the look more elegant and spectacular.

If bright eye makeup is done, lipstick should be chosen in calm, nude shades.

Lip makeup options

Girls with dark red lips

You can focus on the lips in various ways. Every girl can learn this art if she follows the instructions.

Lip makeup options:

  • Visual enlargement or reduction of lips;
  • Gradient or ombre effect;
  • The effect of kissed lips;
  • contouring.

In all types of makeup, great attention must be paid to moisturizing and exfoliating the lips.

Lip makeup with glossRoses on the lipsGlitter lip makeup

You can do lip makeup if you have the appropriate cosmetics. In the arsenal of every girl should be a pencil, highlighter, gloss, matte lipstick. This will help create a suitable image without any problems.

Makeup for lip augmentation

Outlining the contour of the lips with a pencil

Owners of thin lips dream of making them more voluminous. After all, full, sensual lips are the dream of any girl. You can achieve a visual increase with the help of makeup.

Necessary cosmetics to create the effect:

  • Makeup base. A well-chosen base will even out the skin tone of the lips and make their surface even;
  • Contour pencil. To visually enlarge the lips, you can outline the lips, protruding slightly beyond the contours with a pencil;
  • Shine. Due to its texture, glitter adds volume in the right places. The optical effect is achieved by adding glitter to the coating;
  • Highlighter. An indispensable tool for creating large lips.

To visually enlarge the lips, it is recommended to use lipsticks of light shades. Dark ones, on the contrary, will make them smaller.

Bright red lipsUsing highlighter for lip enhancementMakeup that visually enlarges the lips

There are several effective makeup techniques for giving lips more volume.

Can play with color. Girls with thin lips should avoid dark shades of lipstick. Preference should be given to peach, pale pink or nude colors in makeup.

The best option to visually enlarge the lips is to use glossy lipsticks. Glitter, special varnish or liquid lipstick with a metallic effect is suitable here. A transparent gloss is sometimes enough to apply to the center of the lips to add volume.

Another lip makeup technique is expansion of contours. You can make this effect by using the initial concealer. The tool masks the natural contour of the lips. Then their new shape is drawn with a contour pencil. The skin of the lips is painted over with a pencil, and lipstick of a suitable shade is applied on top.

You can use highlighter. It is enough to emphasize the curve of the upper lip with the tool to visually enlarge the lips. A little highlighter can be applied to the lips themselves.

Matte lipsticks to achieve the effect of lip augmentation are not recommended.

lip gradient

To add zest to the image will help the gradient on the lips or, in other words, the ombre effect. This adds volume to the lips and makes makeup more spectacular. The main condition is to make a smooth transition from one color to another.

You can make a gradient on the lips as two lipsticks of different shades, and one.

Gradient on the lips with a golden tint
Horizontal gradient on the lips
Horizontal gradient on lips in dark red color schemeVertical gradient on the lipsRed and yellow lip makeup

Types of gradient on…

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