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Living Room Interior: 6 Designer Trends for 2021

Modern living room: 6 interior design chips for the main room

Whatever the layout of the apartment, everyone has a living room. True, her purpose is different. Someone lives in it in the full sense of the word, while others use it only for receiving guests, since there are a couple of other rooms.

We decided to deal with the recommendations of interior designers in order to fashionably furnish the living room.

The main trends in the interior of the living room for 2021

We used to think that the living room is a room in which you need to gather with the whole family or with friends. The center of the universe in this room should be a set of upholstered furniture – a sofa and two armchairs. Another essential element is a wall cabinet filled with crystal and crockery sets. True, these are all relics of the past.

The modern living room is very different from the image that many people have in their heads. So, let’s talk about the main trends for this year.

Trend 1: huge corner sofa

Fashion sofa for living room

Furniture set for the living room is a thing of the past. Today, it is customary to furnish the main room in a house or apartment so that there is “air”.

Instead of a sofa and the same chairs, it is recommended to install a huge corner sofa. It can accommodate as many guests as you want. It can also become a full-fledged sleeping place. Another significant plus of this furniture is the additional storage space for bed linen, blankets and pillows.

Trend 2: original armchairs

Living room with unusual armchair

If the sofa, as the main element of furniture in the living room, is customary to choose a standard form, you can “roam around” on the chairs.

Today, designer chairs are in trend. They are characterized by an unusual design and color. They can be frameless, suspended, on the original rack. Any option is suitable, the main thing is that it is combined with a sofa in style. For example, if the main furniture is in a classic style, you should not choose wicker chairs. They are more suitable for a country terrace, rather than a sophisticated room in monochrome tones.

Trend 3: modular coffee table

Modular coffee table

We cannot but rejoice at the return of fashion to coffee tables. Agree, these small interior items bring a special flavor to the living room. They can become the real center of the universe if they are given due attention and chosen with soul.

Today, modular coffee tables are in trend. These are small structures, which are several small tables, similar in design, but differing in height and size. This is necessary in order to be able to “collect” them, or, conversely, “stretch” and increase the area of ​​​​the proposed feast.

Trend 4: naturalness

original wooden table

Now we are not talking about furniture, but the materials from which it is made.

Manufacturers claim that in recent years the demand for natural wood products has grown significantly. The reason is the desire of people to take care of themselves and their environment. Many began to seriously think about what objects surround themselves.

Travel restrictions and a lack of fresh air have led people to want natural materials in their home, rather than artificial and “lifeless” piles of furniture.

Trend 5: original flooring

Tiles and laminate flooring

Parquet and standard laminate are boring. A palace or a huge carpet that covers the entire perimeter of the room is even worse.

With the ability to make an underfloor heating in the apartment, the fashion for the rejection of carpets came. It is recommended to replace them with the original floor covering. It can be antique laminate, marble effect tiles or a combination of different materials.

The latter option is relevant for apartments that have a living room – a room that combines a corridor, a living room and a kitchen. Each space is zoned with new flooring. It turns out a complex and multifaceted design.

Trend 6: accent on the wall

Large painting in the living room

Previously, each room flaunted a huge closet with a mirror. Today it is customary to allocate a separate area for the wardrobe and install a large mirror there. And they shouldn’t be in the living room. The walls are decorated with paintings, photo wallpapers, textured finishes – decorative bricks, laminate, wood panels, etc.


The living room is a room that should be comfortable and spacious. The trend is the presence of free space, the lack of furniture from one set, a combination of various floor and wall coverings.

It is customary to choose large paintings, and it is not necessary to hang them on the walls. Now it is enough to lean them against them – this is considered a design decision.

Instead of a large number of fresh flowers, you can install one artificial tree, and replace the thick curtains with tulle, giving sunlight the opportunity to illuminate the entire room.

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