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Long evening dresses to the floor: fashion trends, photos

Beautiful long evening dresses: an overview of fashionable styles

Every woman should have a beautiful evening long dress in her wardrobe. Such an outfit will make any woman irresistible, especially at a gala event. Evening dresses are the epitome of femininity and chic. They help to emphasize the natural beauty and allow you to feel like a queen for at least one evening.

Fashionable styles of long evening dresses

Purple evening dress

Beautiful evening long dresses are one of the favorite styles of the most famous fashion houses around the world. Such dresses are relevant for various events: weddings, graduations, parties, holidays and other special occasions.

In the 2019-2020 season, eminent designers and stylists highlight the following styles of dresses:

  • With slits;
  • With a bare back;
  • With a fluffy or removable skirt;
  • Decorated with guipure, mesh, lace;
  • With side pockets;
  • Translucent and transparent “naked” models.

Among the most fashionable and interesting color combinations, the following shades are also distinguished: gray or taupe, pastel, cold red, living coral, sky blue, turquoise and sweet lilac.

Emphasis on the neckline

Dresses with neckline

In 2019, dresses with a boat neckline are considered especially beautiful and fashionable, and the classic V-shaped neckline is being replaced by an M-shaped neckline. Also popular is the option of dresses with a deep neckline.

The most fashionable dress style for 2019 is a neckline without a corset exclusively with straps. In this case, the neckline flows smoothly into the hem, without being vulgar.

Dress with deep neckline

To create a popular Greek style with a dress without a corset on the straps, an addition in the form of an elegant belt in the color of the dress itself will help. A graceful drapery completes the look, giving it a special chic.

Black dress with deep neckline

Blue dress with deep neckline

Evening dresses with a cutout are also made in the form of a wrap dressing gown. Long sleeves and a playful slit at the hem combine chic for a sophisticated yet mysterious look.

Black dress with deep neckline and long sleeves

Dresses with a neckline are suitable for women and girls with a beautiful shape of the chest, and the option without a corset is suitable for those who have a perfect figure. Otherwise, such a cutout will only reveal the flaws of the figure, focusing attention on them.

bare back

Red dress with bare back

Long evening dresses on the floor with a bare back suggest the presence of sleeves. This combination allows you to adhere to a harmonious image, without overloading the style with additional elements, but also exposing the figure in the best light.

Dresses with an open back are suitable only for women who have smooth skin without flaws. They are also contraindicated for those who are overweight. This style perfectly focuses on the waist and the graceful curve of the back.

Dress with open back and sleeves

There are also different back designs. One of the most fashionable trends is the Greek style. A dress with an open back in the Greek style has a loose fit and wide straps that merge at the bottom into a single fabric. Usually these straps are interconnected by a strip of fabric on the shoulders. Also, the shoulders can be decorated with bows or other beautiful decorative elements.

Dress with an open back in the Greek style

Owners of a perfect figure will suit a tight-fitting floor-length dress with long sleeves and an open back. The cutout on the back can be solid or shaped. The trend is a square and oval neckline.

Green dress with open back

When choosing a dress with an open back, it is recommended to give preference to options without a corset and covered shoulders. It is also considered bad form to combine an open back with overly open long slits on the hem.

Cut to thigh

Dress with slit and open back

The main idea of ​​a dress with a slit to the thigh is the possibility of creating a mysterious image. At first glance, such dresses are no different from other models, but at the first step it becomes clear that this is not so.

The slit on the thigh is designed to focus on beautiful long legs and an elegant gait. This option should be abandoned for undersized girls or those who have defects in the hips (cellulite, overweight). However, it is relevant for women of all ages.

Elegant dress with a slit

Do not exclude the option of a double cut. These dresses look stylish, bold and at the same time very elegant. However, they are suitable exclusively for slender and tall women.

Dress with two side slits

The trend is also a rather unusual option – a short fake dress. Outwardly, it looks like a long evening dress, but it has an additional top layer of light fabric that frames the base and opens the legs when walking. It’s perfect for prom or a party.

Green dress with an extra layer of fabric

Green dress with corset

Dresses with slits, especially to the upper thigh line, oblige to have a slender and toned figure. Any flaws in appearance in such a dress will immediately be evident. Therefore, they are suitable exclusively for self-confident women.

Transparent inserts

Sheer hem dress

Transparent inserts in the dress are a fashionable, stylish and beautiful element. In 2019, the trend is dresses with inserts from various materials:

  • Guipure;
  • Lace;
  • Grids;
  • Chiffon.

All these options are actively used by the world’s leading designers. One of the latest trends is golden mesh with chiffon over the main fabric. Patterns of gold can be quite diverse. This option looks rich and extravagant and is suitable for any celebration.

Sheer mesh dress

Gold Mesh Dresses

Also, transparent inserts can be located in zones: on the sleeves, hips, waist, hem. It all depends on the imagination of the designer. More classic options involve combining long sleeves and several inserts of lace or guipure.

Black dress with lace inserts

Among other things, the top of the dress or its hem can be completely transparent. Dresses with a chiffon skirt that is completely translucent are very relevant and look unusual. However, they are suitable only for slender girls. An equally interesting option is a transparent or translucent top, which will help to focus on the waist.

Sheer top dress

When choosing a dress with transparent inserts, you need to pay a lot of attention to the style and style of the product. Depending on the figure, it is necessary to choose the model that will help hide the flaws and emphasize the merits.

Guipure, lace, embroidery

Dress with lace cape

Guipure, lace and embroidery are the main trends in fashionable beautiful dresses 2019-2020. Dresses made entirely of lace fascinate with their beauty and femininity. Such options are suitable for tall and slender girls.

Mint lace dress

Girls with an imperfect figure can choose a different style of dress. For example, a rather interesting and unusual option is a lace or guipure top covering a corset. This little trick will help emphasize the waistline.

Delicate dress with guipure

Black dress with sheer top

For those who want to be the most fashionable and beautiful, designers are advised to give preference to dresses with embroidery. Patterns can be located both around the entire perimeter of the dress, and in separate areas, for example, in the neckline, on the sleeves, along the hem and at the pockets.

A dress with a deep neckline looks especially elegant, which additionally stands out with…

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