Eyelash coloring in the salon

Long-term coloring of eyelashes with paint in the salon 2022: what is it and for whom is it suitable, 50+ photos

You had this: you look at someone’s eyelashes and think, “I would like these!”. We’re sure it happened. Even if unconsciously, but the fact remains – everyone wants long, bright eyelashes.

Eyelash coloring in the salon

But what if tinting every day is not an option. As well as extensions, and daily gluing of beams … There is a way out – long-term coloring of eyelashes!

Rich black lashes.

Long-term eyelash coloring

The principle of the procedure is similar to the usual hair coloring – a dye is applied to the length, which remains for a long time. However, in the case of cilia, there are some nuances:

  • Eyelash dye formula is much softerthan for hair. Therefore, in no case do not dye your eyelashes yourself with hair dye! After all, the very structure of the ciliary hair is much more delicate and thinner, so you need to work with it more carefully.
Long-term eyelash coloring

  • The most commonly used natural or near-natural shades. After all, if the ultimate goal is to create an improved version of native eyelashes, it is beneficial to emphasize natural data, this is the best option.
Eyelash tinting in the salon.

But if you decide to dye your eyelashes in some extraordinary color or, for example, lighten it, we are all for it! The master has everything in his arsenal to create a bright image!

Bright eyelashes

  • The paint is kneaded with a 3% oxidizing agent. The proportions of shades are selected by the lashmaker based on the individual characteristics of the client.
  • As part of all professional dyes there are caring components. Thus, eyelash coloring turns into a kind of “long-term spa”.
Bright eyelash coloring

Important! Please note that, despite the harmlessness of the components, the dye can still cause allergies. Therefore, it is first recommended to do a test, apply a small amount to the skin. Yes, the paint itself does not get on the skin, but only on the eyelashes.

But, for example, if you have sensitive eyes or a special reaction to some components in the composition, the procedure may cause discomfort.

Allergic reaction to eyelash dye

What color to choose for dyeing eyelashes with paint in 2022

A few recommendations from experts on choosing paint colors:

  1. Rich, deep browns shades are suitable for red-haired and brown-haired women. Eyelashes will look as natural and natural as possible.
  2. Girls with jet black hair staining is usually not required. But if there is such a need, then it is better to make a choice in favor of black. So, perhaps, it will be possible to achieve even greater depth and expressiveness of the look.
  3. But for the fair-haired girls (shade “warm blond”) you should pay attention to the warm light brown palette. If the blond is “cold”, you should pay attention to paint with graphite or the same cold pigment.
Red-haired girl with bright eyelashes

Dark-haired girl with bright eyelashes

Blonde girl with bright eyelashes

  1. For light brown girls paint for eyelashes of a graphite or taupe shade is well suited.

We have considered options for maximizing naturalness. If you want a contrast, for example, a burning blonde or a red-haired girl can safely dye her eyelashes extra black.

Long-term coloring: cilia up close

You can also pay attention to the “atypical” shades, which, in turn, can perfectly emphasize the color of the eyes! For example:

  • green eyelashes emphasize the depth of light gray or dark gray eyes;
  • and blue will look great in contrast with brown eyes;
  • purple, hot pink, aquamarine eyelashes will look spectacular with any eye color!


Such bright coloring, as a rule, is chosen for creative photo shoots, model shows.

Creative eyelash coloring

Multicolor eyelash tinting

This is not a typical long-term coloring that will last several months. This is a persistent dye that will block the native pigment, but it is easy to wash it off.

Long-term coloring of eyelashes after a while

Is it worth it to dye eyelashes with paint

You can list the advantages of eyelash coloring endlessly, it is better to try it for yourself.

Long-term eyelash coloring

We can say one thing for sure, in this case the brand and quality of the dye used is no less important than the skill of a specialist. Firm brands care about their reputation and make good products that not only give a long-term result, but also ensure the safety of the procedure.

Eyelash coloring

Long-term eyelash coloring

A few arguments in favor of coloring eyelashes:

  1. Durability and performance!

You can completely forget about mascara for a few weeks. At the same time, you can perform eye makeup in the usual way (shadows, eyeliner) and also remove it in the usual way (micellar water, gel, foam). None of this will affect the result of professional eyelash tinting.

Professional eyelash coloring

  1. No panda effect!

A sudden rain, a shed tear, or just “itching” is no longer scary, because nothing will be smeared and will not spoil the appearance.

Fact about eyelashes

The prototype of modern mascara was the product of the American company Maybelline, released in 1917. The paint consisted of only two components – soot and petroleum jelly.

Salon eyelash coloring

  1. Extra sleep time in the morning.

I woke up and already beautiful! Well, why not a fairy tale.

Long-term eyelash coloring

  1. Naturalness is a trend!

If you choose natural shades, then colored eyelashes will not be evident. The image as a whole will look natural, natural and harmonious. It is bright and fresh at the same time.

  1. Burn protection!

In summer or on vacation in hot countries, colored eyelashes will not only delight you, but will also be protected from fading. Also, do not forget about the caring components in the composition of the dye.

Natural eyelash coloring

Contraindications for dyeing eyelashes with paint

Contraindications for coloring cilia:

  • individual intolerance to individual components of the dye;
  • diseases or any inflammatory processes in the eyes;
  • after eye surgery or undergoing any procedure by an ophthalmologist;
  • conjunctivitis, stye, or increased tearing;
  • if there are any (even very small) wounds, cuts in the eyelids.
Barley on the eye - a contraindication to the procedure for dyeing eyelashes

As mentioned earlier, in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, it is imperative to conduct a preliminary test for an allergic reaction. Pregnancy and lactation are not a contraindication to the procedure.

The only thing that the masters pay attention to is that during this period the body is very sensitive, hormonal surges are not excluded. Because of this, the final result may differ from the expected one, or the paint may not be taken at all.

Eyelashes immediately after long-term coloring

Stages of the procedure for dyeing eyelashes with paint

Let’s talk about the procedure itself:

  1. Preparing the workspace.

Cleansing of the skin and eyelashes – a complete make-up remover! As well as degreasing the cilia so that the paint lies evenly.

  1. Mixing composition.
  2. Eyelash coloring.

Lashmaster applies paint to each hair. Works with a thin brush or microbrush.

Eyelash coloring procedure

  1. Consolidation of the result.

It usually takes about 10-15 minutes for the paint to “set”. But there is an exception – very thick hairs. Then, in order to achieve the desired shade, it may take more time.

  1. Removing excess color from eyelashes.

After the time is held and the color has taken, the master removes excess paint from the hairs. This is usually done in several steps. First, with a dry cotton swab, and then with a cotton sponge dipped in…

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