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Looks that are outdated: TOP 10 anti-trends spring 2021

For stylists, these spring looks are outdated, but ordinary women like

Spring is a little delayed, but promises to come into its own very soon. And this means that it is time to shift warm clothes to the upper shelves and hang up light dresses, shirts, tunics.

What spring outfits are considered anti-trends?

Stylists have long made list of what fashionistas will wear in spring 2021. But many women do not agree with him, because there are no favorite and proven sets over the years. We tell you what outfits make stylists shake their eyes, and women continue to wear it.

Total denim in one color

How to wear total denim

This season, as in any other spring-summer period, it is possible and fashionable to wear denim items, but with one amendment. It is recommended to choose products consisting of two different denim fabrics, for example, blue and black. And if there are no such complicated things in the wardrobe, stylists recommend combining jeans and jackets of different shades.

Coats and running shoes

Coat with sneakers: how to combine

It took us a long time to get used to the city casual style. And, it seems, they finally ruined it, deciding that sneakers designed for running can be combined with a coat and a trench coat. But stylists have repeatedly warned that they have no place in such a set.

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Skinny jeans and fitted puffer jacket

Fashionable and unfashionable spring down jacket

This is perhaps the favorite outfit not only of my mother, but of all her friends. In principle, there is nothing terrible in it, but it is also stylish. It is worth adding volume to the top and bottom, as the image will sparkle with new colors.

Boots, knee-length skirt and down jacket

How to wear a jacket with a skirt

Short boots, a straight skirt on the palm above the knee and a thin down jacket, fitted style – another comfortable spring look according to women 45+. But such an open part of the leg looks out of place and strange. It is worth choosing lace-up boots and dark tights, as an outfit from the anti-trend will go over to the side of style and

Vest “caterpillar”

Fashionable and unfashionable vests

Probably everyone knows that natural fur is not only unfashionable, but also in the stop list of many famous brands. True, in our country the demand for mink or arctic fox products is not falling. For most, this is a luxury that you don’t want to give up. Well, you should at least pay attention to the current styles, because the “caterpillar” option has not been among them for more than 5 years.

Platform Sneakers and Skinnies

But wear instead of sneakers

Platform sneakers are comfortable shoes, no one argues. But they went out of fashion 8 years ago! And someone still not only wears them, but also produces them.

Noodle dress and leather jacket

What dress to wear with a leather jacket in spring

Excessively tight-fitting images have lost their relevance. Stylists have been talking for years about the need to add free space between the body and clothes. So it will be not only more comfortable, but also more beautiful, because the folds in problem areas will disappear.

Cigar pants and stiletto pumps

What pants to wear in spring 2021

The classic office outfit, according to most women, looks like this: a figure-hugging suit and high-heeled shoes.

But this is not only an outdated trend, but an overly defiant image in which it is better not to come to a business meeting. A good alternative is a loose pantsuit and shoes with stable heels.

Sheath dress and pumps

What dress to wear in spring 2021

Admit it, who has a sheath dress waiting for warming in the closet? But with him the same story as with a knitted tight-fitting outfit – it, too, is hopelessly outdated. We replace it with a fashionable alternative – a U-line dress with slits.

Huge jacket and bike shorts

what shorts to wear instead of bike shorts

An image that women 40+ did not love, and young fashionistas cannot forget for the third year in a row. Cycling shorts were at the peak of popularity for a short time. Then the stylists recommended returning them to their familiar environment, namely, to the gym. But fashionistas cannot be stopped, they continue to walk them on the streets of large cities, combining them with huge jackets.

Which of the listed images were planned to be tried on in the near future, but have now changed their minds?

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