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Makeup after 50 years for green eyes: features, secrets, tips

In brown tones: what makeup suits women 50+ with green eyes

Makeup after 50 years for green eyes, brown, blue looks similar, since in the first place it is important to choose the right technique to hide age-related skin changes, and not highlight them.

Age makeup is focused on thorough preparation of the skin, the correct application of tone, the choice of suitable cosmetics and colors of shadows, lipstick, eyeliner and blush. We propose to study in detail the features of makeup for adult women who have green eyes.

Features of age-related makeup for green eyes

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Makeup at 50 for green eyes and at 20 is significantly different. Young girls can afford to stop at the “nude” technique, not only as an everyday make-up, but also for a holiday, or even a wedding. For adult women, the use of loose textures with visible flaws on the face is not recommended, as this will only emphasize them.

Everyday or evening makeup for an adult woman 40+ or ​​50+ with green eyes must necessarily include steps such as:

  • skin cleansing, moisturizing;
  • tone alignment with a primer;
  • applying foundation, concealer under the eyes, dark corrector, highlighter;
  • eyebrow drawing;
  • eye makeup and mascara;
  • lip makeup.
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Eye makeup in oriental style
Beautiful brown makeup
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Beautiful makeup for green eyes
Makeup for every day

In order for age-related makeup to look beautiful, it is necessary to follow a number of recommendations, in addition to the indicated stages of applying cosmetics.

  • The tonal remedy must be selected not darker and not lighter than your own skin tone;
  • Pencil or eye shadow should be for blondes 1 tone darker than hair, for brown-haired women and brunettes – 1 tone lighter than hair;
  • It is recommended to abandon the powder, as it focuses on wrinkles and clogs pores. To remove oily sheen, makeup artists advise using matting wipes;
  • It is better to draw arrows on the eyes with a pencil, since the liquid eyeliner cracks after drying due to small wrinkles on the eyelid and looks sloppy;
  • It is better to apply foundation with a makeup sponge than with a brush. This results in a more even distribution of the cosmetic product.

Check out our complete list of age-defying makeup tips and tricks to keep your skin looking its best.


Features of contouring for age makeup

The main thing in age-related makeup is tone, because if you apply foundation incorrectly, further steps will be a failure, since all the flaws on the face will become too noticeable.

Before applying foundation, it is recommended to use a primer. It will even out the tone and prepare the skin for further application of cosmetics.

Appropriate eye makeup technique

Age makeup for green eyes: before and after photos

With age, many women face such a problem as an impending eyelid. You can cope with it with the help of the right eye makeup. The most suitable technique for the impending eyelid is a classic horizontal make-up with darkening of the fixed upper eyelid and crease. Follow the step-by-step instructions to apply makeup:

Makeup for the impending century

  • STEP 1: We apply a make-up base on the entire upper eyelid;
  • STEP 2: Chooses shadows 1 tone darker than skin tone and apply to the entire area of ​​​​the upper eyelid;
  • STEP 3: Apply creamy golden shadows with a brush on the central part of the moving upper eyelid;
  • STEP 4: We draw an arrow and paint over the fold with a dark shade of shadows;
  • STEP 5: We use false eyelashes, as they help to hide the overhanging eyelid.

What color to choose shadows

Suitable shadow shades for age makeup

Age makeup is recommended to be done with neutral shades of shadows, like brown, beige, salmon, coral. Women with green eyes can use a combination such as brown-green, olive-gold, beige-brown.

Too dark shadows are not recommended to be applied to the eyes in adulthood. This will add a couple of extra years. It is desirable to highlight the outer corner of the eye, and not the entire eyelid.

Lipstick for age makeup and green eyes

Shades of lipstick for age makeup

Women with green eyes over the age of 50 should definitely use lipstick, and not matte, as it dries out lips and highlights wrinkles. Lipstick shades recommended by makeup artists: brown-pink, salmon, geraldine, tomato, paprika, pink frost, summer cherry, etc.

To make lips look fresher and more voluminous, use a pencil to match lipstick. They draw a contour, and then shade it with a brush so that there are no clear lines. Lipstick is also applied on top with a brush.


Age makeup for the eyes

Women who have a green tint of the eyes when tinting their eyebrows must take into account the color of their own hair. Blondes need a pencil 1 tone darker, and brunettes 1 tone lighter.


Makeup for green eyes after 50: photo examples

Age makeup for women with green eyes does not involve difficulties, if you take into account the recommendations of makeup artists and choose neutral shades of eye shadow and lipstick. We offer you options for inspiration to find your style.

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