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Makeup Angelina Jolie: features and technique

How to replicate Angelina Jolie’s makeup?

Angelina Jolie’s career skyrocketed in 2000 when the actress won an Oscar for her supporting role in Girl, Interrupted. For almost two decades, the beauty has not left the screens and red carpets, and designers, fashion designers and photographers stand in a long line to work with her. The image of Jolie is quite recognizable: she has become the idol of millions of people around the world, her type of beauty is considered ideal. Makeup artists even distinguish a special style of makeup, which got its name from the name of a Hollywood star.

Makeup features of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie: evening makeup

It’s hard to find fault with the correctness of Angelina’s features and classic beauty, but the elegance of her image is always emphasized by correctly applied makeup, selected depending on the situation, whether it’s a blockbuster premiere, a film award, or a press conference with UN goodwill ambassadors.

The profession of a film actor is a “face work” in the literal sense. In order to plausibly portray the most sincere human emotions (joy, anger, sadness, disgust), you have to actively use facial expressions. Over the years, this cannot but affect the appearance, so the presence of facial wrinkles in an actor or actress is quite natural.

Angelina Jolie is no exception to the rule, but her mature beauty is no less spectacular thanks to the use of skillfully selected makeup. All flaws are securely hidden, and virtues, including the radiance of huge eyes and famous plump lips, highlighted by professional make-up. Makeup artists and stylists collaborating with Jolie create a truly impressive image.

Angelina Jolie makeup
Thin “cat” arrows and lipstick in a neutral shade – the visiting card of the actress

Cat-like arrows, light smokey ice and lipstick are the main accents that the actress relies on. The details of the image can be drawn more or less intensively, it all depends on the occasion. So, for example, for the evening version, Jolie resorts to a combination “arrows + red lipstick”and her daytime makeup includes nude lipstick or golden beige gloss on expressive lips and all the same unchanged arrows.

Evening make-up of Angelina Jolie
For evening makeup, Angelina uses lipstick in brighter shades.

Makeup artists adore the original cut of the film star’s eyes, which gives her image the famous resemblance to the representatives of the cat family. Naturally at Angelina Blue eyesbut she appears at almost all public events in green lenseswhich, no doubt, suit her very well.

Natural beauty of Angelina Jolie
The daytime make-up of the film star is quite simple. The arrows on the eyes remain unchanged, but the shade of the lips is chosen as natural as possible.

The stylists of one of the highest paid actresses in the world constantly use the same technique to create her makeup. These are smokey eyes, drawn with shadows and thin arrows, the line of which gradually expands to the outer edge of the eye. You will not find a single photo on the net where Jolie would wear aggressive eye makeup with a dark tone and an excess of makeup on her face.

Photo shoot of Angelina Jolie
Jolie’s makeup always accentuates her high cheekbones and beautiful oval face.

In the beauty palette – pastel shades of shadows (her favorite color is brown), decorative products with mother-of-pearl and glitter. Another visiting card of the actress is false eyelashes made of natural hair, which look as natural as possible and emphasize the magical glow of her huge eyes.

Angelina Jolie
False eyelashes are another sonorous accent that helps to highlight the look.

Angelina Jolie is natural even, fresh complexion and good skin, so her makeup artists do without excessive amounts of foundation when creating a glamorous image of a star. She usually appears in public with an even, slightly bronzed skin tone, but she never wears a tan.

Angelina Jolie up close
Jolie does not use blush and prefers natural skin tone, avoiding sunburn.

Since Jolie has a dark shade of hair, paired with a porcelain complexion, her graceful features look absolutely stunning. Also such reception adds contrast and focuses on the original shape of the eyes and their color. Typically, Angelina uses a tonal foundation of the same shade as the skin on her neck.

Portrait of Angelina Jolie
Thick dark hair looks perfect in combination with porcelain skin tone.

For lips, Angelina uses brighter solutions. In this image, she can be found at film award ceremonies and secular parties. If we are talking about a simpler event, the choice of makeup falls on neutral shades of lipstick or gloss.

Angelina Jolie nude makeup
Plump, well-defined lips are the highlight of the appearance and the main focus on the face of the actress

So that the makeup does not highlight them more than necessary, the star uses mostly natural shades, but does not forget about the crown red color when she goes out. To begin with, Jolie tints her lips and lightly powders them, and draws a contour with a neutral shade cosmetic pencil. Lipstick of light or saturated color is the second stage, and a transparent shine completes the image.

Suitable cosmetics

To create makeup in the style of Angelina Jolie, you will need a certain set of cosmetics. In interviews with fashion magazines and in communication with stylists, the actress has repeatedly admitted what kind of cosmetics she uses. In the selection of her favorite cosmetics are the following.

Veil Fluid Makeup Hourglass

Tonal fluid Veil Fluid Makeup, Hourglass

Concentrated fluid with a tinting effect, removing the signs of aging and smoothing the appearance of expression lines. Masks uneven tone, microrelief and enlarged pores, eliminates oily sheen. Has high durability. Gives a light coverage and pleasantly refreshes the skin.

Concealer Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

Concealer Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

It has a rather oily texture and a pinkish tint, thanks to which dark circles under the eyes are masked in a couple of seconds. The tool is easy to collect and economically consumed. The concealer contains a moisturizing formula for dry and sensitive skin around the eyes. Leaves a velvety finish with an even tone, does not emphasize wrinkles and peeling.

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Makeup Powder SPF15

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Makeup Powder SPF15

A good choice for combination or dry skin types. The composition of the powder contains components that give a deep moisturizing effect. A special solution is the ExtremeLift3 complex, the presence of which activates the natural production of collagen. The powder contains particles of mica, which give the skin a magical glow.

Blistex therapeutic lip balm

Blistex therapeutic lip balm

A smile will not look stunning if the condition of the skin on the lips is unsatisfactory. Before applying lipstick, Jolie applies a healing hygienic balm from the Medicated Lip Ointment series. The balm has a powerful regenerating effect, so it perfectly restores the skin and restores its healthy appearance.

Lipstick Heidi Klum

lipstick Heidi Klum

Impresses with its translucent, appetizing creamy…

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