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Makeup for a photo shoot: do it yourself step by step with a photo

What to do lip makeup for a photo shoot?

We have already said that the camera highlights all the imperfections, and this fully applies to the skin of the lips. Moisturize it with a balm, especially if you are going to use a matte lipstick.

Do you want to increase the size of your lips? Feel free to use a pencil to go beyond the contours and adjust the shape, and then apply lipstick in several layers. It is most convenient to use a special brush: it will help to make the sides of the lips symmetrical.

Lip makeup for a photo shoot

Eye makeup for a photo shoot

To create a harmonious and original image, it is important to consider not only the shape, but also the color of the eyes. Properly selected shades of shadows and eyeliner will make them even brighter and more expressive!

Makeup for brown eyes

Almost any color suits brown eyes, so you can safely try everything from pale lilac shadows to green and blue eyeliner. Among other shades that most advantageously emphasize the color of the eyes, gold, lavender, green and pink.

Eye makeup for a photo shoot

Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

Let’s start with the palette: golden, gray, purple, peach and pink shades will suit you. The shadows should be 1-2 tones darker than the natural color of the eyes, otherwise they will appear dull, and it is better to choose brown eyeliner and mascara.

Makeup for green eyes

The stop list includes cold shades of blue and silver. In the must have category – any shade with a reddish undertone, especially purple, bronze and plum. Green shadows for green eyes? Yes, this is also possible, but the shades should be different.

Makeup for green eyes for a photo shoot

If you have gray eyes

Contrasting shades emphasize the color of the eyes, so blue, pink and plum shadows go gray. Dark gray smokey ice will also look original, especially if you use pink, purple or champagne for shading.

Makeup for a photo shoot in the studio

In order for the make-up to lie flat and the face to shine, be sure to moisturize the skin before makeup. Remember that it will be hellishly hot under the spotlights, which means that matting and waterproof cosmetics are indispensable. Ready to shoot? Then get inspired by our makeup ideas for a photo shoot in the studio!

creative makeup

Try a pop art make-up or a floral make-up with fresh flowers. This photo session will definitely be remembered!

Creative makeup for a photo shoot in the studio

Bright makeup

How about an unconventional combination of shades? For example, yellow shadows and blue mascara or eyeliner. To prevent makeup from accidentally sending you to the 90s, make the contours as clear as possible.

Bright make-up for a photo shoot in the studio

light makeup

“Behind the scenes” of no-makeup makeup is actually a small beauty army of decorative cosmetics. Choose from subtle nude shades and try combing your hair back to reveal your face.

Unusual makeup

Unusual arrows are a trend that has crossed the border of the podium and boldly walks on beauty blogs. The easiest option is to emphasize only the lower eyelid or remember geometry lessons.

Delicate makeup

Even in the most delicate make-up for a photo shoot, you can not do without light contouring (non-touring). Use several shades of concealer and carefully blend the borders.

Beautiful make-up

Smokey ice, cat’s eye or banana? Choose any of the techniques and intensify the emphasis on the eyes with a highlighter: add a little shine to the corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows.

Makeup for a photo shoot on the street

Winter and summer… no, not the same color. Open air dictates its palette for every season. And, of course, its own characteristics: in summer you can’t do without formulas with SPF, and in winter you can’t do without nutritional components in cosmetics and, of course, highlighter.

Winter makeup for a photo shoot

For a hygge shoot (a plaid blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, a cozy sweater), we recommend choosing a warm palette, and for a photo shoot outdoors, cool shades of gray, blue and pink. Emphasis is best placed on the eyes. If you want to “try on” one of the trends, try shadows in shades of precious metals and shimmer.

Makeup for a photo shoot on the street

Makeup Ideas for Spring

Nude smoky eyes and the effect of kissed lips are the perfect beauty combo for spring makeup. Focus on blush and blend them to the temples with a smooth transition to the eyelids. A drop of highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes is a small detail that will transform the look.

Makeup for a photo shoot on the street in summer

What makeup to do in the summer?

For a summer photo shoot, lighter translucent textures are suitable: an overloaded make-up against a background of bright greenery will look out of place. Try romantic makeup in berry shades or bright makeup with an emphasis on the eyes, such as colored eyeliner.

Beautiful autumn make-up on the street

Fall is the perfect time to try trendy orange and red makeup or dark lipstick. Wine, blackberry, and plum will add drama to the image!

Makeup for a photo shoot in the street in autumn

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