Photogenicity is the result of proper makeup

Makeup for a photo shoot with your own hands: 5 main steps to photogenic

Going to a photo session, you should pay special attention to makeup, because the correctness of its creation depends on how successful the photos will be. The photographer will select the lighting, clothing and environment. He will also choose the angle in which the model will look as impressive as possible. However, makeup can negate all the efforts of the master if it is not done appropriately for this event.

Photogenicity is the result of proper makeup

So what do you need to consider in order to look irresistible in the photo and feel beautiful? In fact, this is not difficult if you take into account certain rules and follow a step-by-step algorithm of actions. This will help the recommendations of experienced makeup artists who prepare models for a photo shoot.

Image for a photo shoot with the right makeup

Basic makeup rules for a photo shoot

Make-up should correspond to the image of the representative of the beautiful half of humanity, in which she would like to immerse herself in the photo shoot. The prevailing colors in makeup, their brightness and the drawing of certain areas of the face depend on it.

Help makeup artist in creating an image for a photo shoot

For portrait shooting, you will have to pay attention to the condition of the skin, since it will be clearly visible on the frames. For photos in which the woman will be at some distance, brighter makeup should be done so that all her facial features are visible.

Makeup for portraiture

The colors on the face should harmonize with the colors of the girl’s clothes and with her style. They can be dominated by bright colors or natural tones.

Makeup in bright colors for a photo shoot

To work well in the frame, you should avoid applying cosmetics to the skin that could reflect light and create glare. Therefore, you need to focus on paints with a matte texture. Glitter should be avoided, as it will create glare in the frame, which can give the face an untidy look.

Makeup for a photo shoot in nature

Sculpting is not done for a photo session, since the play of colors, which in natural conditions visually corrects the shape of the face, hides its flaws and emphasizes dignity, in the photo may look like color spots that cause confusion.

Clear lines in makeup for a photo shoot

You need to pay attention to drawing clear lines in the area of ​​​​the eyes, eyebrows and lips, as well as shading the tone, shadows and blush on the skin. Any contrast on the face and its borders will be clearly visible in the photo and look strange.

Applying blush when creating makeup for a photo shoot

Necessary cosmetics and makeup accessories for a photo shoot

When applying makeup, you will need cosmetics:

  • matte foundation;
  • powder;
  • concealer – plain or colored, depending on the type of flaws to be hidden;
  • primer;
  • shadows;
Everything you need for makeup for a photo shoot

  • pencils for drawing the contours of the eyes and lips;
  • highlighter;
  • eyebrow brush;
  • brassmatic;
  • pomade;
  • blush.
makeup cosmetics

From the tools you need to prepare brushes, sponges and applicators. To see small imperfections on the skin and mask them, you will need a magnifying mirror. You can’t do without it when preparing for portrait shooting.

Blush for face makeup for a photo shoot

The sequence of actions when applying makeup for a photo shoot

By following the sequence of actions when creating a make-up, you can get spectacular photos and at the same time not spend a lot of time shaping your image. When choosing cosmetics, you should focus on bright colors that focus attention.

How to apply makeup for a photo shoot

And if in the mirror the completed image looks defiant, then in the photo frame it will be perfect. This is due to the fact that even the best camera makes natural colors dimmer.

Image for a photo shoot with makeup in natural tones

Preparing to apply makeup for a photo session

When creating makeup for photo shoots, special attention is paid to the condition of the skin. Even if it is in good condition and there is no pigmentation, wrinkles, acne or traces of them, enlarged pores and other imperfections, it is still better to use a tonal foundation.

Bright makeup - not appropriate in real life, but ideal for a photo shoot

It will give the skin a matte tint and make it smooth and even, which will be captured by the camera. However, you should not apply a thick layer of cosmetics, as you can achieve the effect of a mask.

Skin imperfections are hidden for a photo shoot with a primer and tone

  • We clean the skin

Before applying the tone, clean the skin. To do this, you need to wash with a cleansing gel or wipe it with micellar water. After removing fatty inclusions and scales from the surface of the epidermis during such procedures, you should slightly moisturize the skin by applying a lotion or milk with a non-greasy texture.

Washing with micellar water before applying makeup

For even distribution of the composition and its absorption, a light facial massage should be done, following the basic rules of movement characteristic of this operation. This will help make the skin smooth and prevent peeling after applying cosmetics.

Massage lines

Do not engage in skin care procedures immediately before applying makeup. The use of masks with a greasy texture and serum can cause the formation of streaks of paint on the face, dissolved under the influence of previously applied formulations, which are preserved in the pores after the procedure.

Washing before makeup

  • We remove the shine

You can remove shine from the skin with a mattifying primer. For those who use it, there is no need to constantly powder the nose and weigh down the face with layers of cosmetics.

Applying primer before makeup

This can cause a mask effect or a flat face in the photo. When applying the composition to areas in which a greasy sheen appears over time, the makeup will be preserved throughout the photo shoot, and it will not need to be touched up.

  • Tidy up your lips

The final step in preparing the face for applying cosmetics is applying a moisturizing balm to the lips. It should not be skipped if they are cracked or have a rough surface.

Applying lip balm

  • Applying the tone

When choosing a tinting agent, you should focus on a shade that is half a tone lighter than the skin. This will avoid the need to use powder or corrector during the photo shoot.

The choice of tone for face makeup

The cream darkens over time on the face and thus it has to be lightened, applying an additional layer of cosmetics to the face if the tone is not chosen correctly. Before applying it with a concealer, you need to hide the black circles under the eyes and skin imperfections, and even out the skin with a primer.

Visual hiding of black circles under the eyes with makeup before a photo shoot

The foundation is applied by hand. It is important to pay attention to the hair growth area, neck and décolleté. If you neglect this recommendation, then the face in the photo will stand out and not fit harmoniously into the overall image.

Applying tone to the face

Eye makeup for a photo shoot: step by step at home

Eye makeup is carried out in several stages:

  • massage of the upper eyelid to eliminate swelling;
  • applying the base;
  • the formation of contours around the eyes;
  • applying mascara to eyelashes.
Completed eye makeup for a photo shoot

  • Doing a massage

Swelling of the upper eyelid causes it to drop, which looks untidy and immediately catches the eye in the photograph as a negative factor. You can lift your eyelids with a simple massage.

Upper eyelid massage

To carry it out, you need to hold the points on both sides of the eye and strain the muscle located between them. Keeping your fingers in this position, you should try to open and close the eyelids. The effect of the exercise will be enhanced by massaging the area above the eyebrows.

  • Apply shadows

Having put the eyelids in order, you should apply a primer to their area and with quick movements …

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