Easy makeup for beginners

Makeup for beginners at home step by step: tips from makeup artists and necessary cosmetics 2022 with photo ideas

A neat make-up is not at all as difficult as it might seem. If you want to learn how to quickly and beautifully paint without spending a lot of time on it in the morning, our article will be useful for you. We’ve rounded up helpful tips from makeup artists, makeup shopping tips, and some simple yet stylish daily makeup ideas.

Easy makeup for beginners

Why you need makeup

Makeup is an art. If you love it, you can devote your whole life to this business and become a makeup artist. Makeup allows you to change the image, thereby creating a certain mood.

Makeup for beginners

One has only to recall the various creative experiments of make-up artists on models: various forms of arrows, a large selection of shades of shadows and lipsticks emphasize not only the beauty of the girl’s face, but also the features of designer clothes. And in cinematography, makeup is especially important, because with the help of the right make-up, even an adult woman can be turned into a young girl.

Of course, this is all the work of the master, but even in everyday life, makeup plays a big role:

  • Makeup hides imperfections. Now there is a trend for naturalness and acceptance of one’s appearance, whatever it may be. But sometimes you can’t do without makeup, for example, if you have rashes. They can be hidden with a properly selected foundation, while not forgetting about the treatment.
Wedding make-up

  • With the help of makeup, you can change the images every day. It just lifts your spirits, because it will make you feel different and be able to express yourself creatively. In addition, you can make, for example, a special wedding look.
Easy makeup for beginners

  • Properly selected makeup makes you look younger. It hides fine wrinkles, makes the look brighter and refreshes the appearance.
  • With the help of makeup, you can hide the traces of lack of sleep. One has only to cover the circles under the eyes with concealer, and you look cheerful and fresh.
Daily makeup for beginners

  • Make-up will help get rid of bad habits. For example, if you bite your lips, start using long-lasting lipstick. The same goes for nails: a beautiful manicure will make you stop biting your nails.
Nude makeup for beginners

  • You will start taking better care of your skin. It may seem strange, but makeup will improve the condition of your skin, because in order to properly apply it, you need to moisturize it, make therapeutic masks and protect your face from frost in winter.
Day makeup

Of course, do not forget to remove makeup every evening with micellar water. You also need to pay attention to the composition of cosmetics and do not buy cheap low-quality products.

How to learn how to apply makeup

There are several ways to learn how to paint beautifully:

  • The easiest way is to watch instructional videos online. Now education can be obtained without leaving home. You can easily find many free makeup courses, or you can purchase paid courses from professionals where teachers will monitor your progress, point out mistakes and guide you on the right path.
Makeup courses for beginners

  • Go to makeup courses. This is the best way. So you can train on models, while communicating with the teacher and immediately correcting mistakes.
Applying light makeup

  • Follow the trends. Pay attention to trends, watch beauty bloggers and read articles by professionals. For example, now nude makeup is in fashion, which looks as natural as possible and is very simple to perform.
trendy makeup 2022

  • Practice. You must apply all the knowledge gained in practice, because without it you will not be able to learn anything. Paint yourself, your relatives and girlfriends. If you see that it turns out neatly and beautifully, you can even start working for a fee.

You can search social networks for special groups where novice makeup artists, manicure and pedicure masters, hairdressers are looking for models for makeup, nail extensions and hairstyles. Girls come to beginners and pay only the cost of materials. This is beneficial for both clients and professionals.

Daily eye makeup

  • Find features in your face. Makeup artists distinguish different shapes of eyes, lips, faces. This allows you to choose the right makeup individually for each girl. Study your face, compare it to celebrities’ faces, see what makeup they wear, and try to replicate it on yourself.
Light everyday makeup

What makeup cosmetics to buy first

A beginner can be confused by the abundance of cosmetics. There are primers, concealers and bronzers. Unknown names, but all means at first glance seem the same. However, their functions are easy to understand.

Basic makeup cosmetics

For daily light makeup you will need only:

  • ink;
  • nude shadows;
  • blush;
  • foundation or concealer if you have skin imperfections;
  • lip gloss or lipstick in a natural shade;
  • powder.
Makeup bag for beginners

If you want to start doing makeup professionally, additionally purchase:

  • Primer. This is a makeup base that is needed to even out skin tone. In addition, if a primer is applied, the rest of the makeup lasts longer.
  • Shadow base. She fixes the shadows. Especially the foundation is needed for those girls who have oily skin.
Primer for face makeup

  • Highlighter. Used to highlight specific areas on the face. For example, a highlighter can focus on the eyes or eyebrows. As part of this tool there are small reflective particles, due to which the glow effect is achieved.
  • Concealer. They hide small skin imperfections: small rashes, bruises under the eyes, age spots, moles.
Facial concealer palette

  • Bronzer. Helps to reshape the face. It is applied to the cheekbones, visually reducing the face.
  • Eyeliner. Needed to draw arrows. Please note that eyeliner is not only black. You can find any color you need, and if you search well, you can even find glitter eyeliners.
eyeliner palette

  • Eyeshadow Palette. Of course, the more shades of shadows you have in your arsenal, the more makeup options open up for you.
  • Eyebrow pencil. It must be matched to the color of the hair.
  • Kayal. This is a pencil that brings the mucous membrane of the eye.
Eye makeup kits

What makeup brushes do you need

To apply many cosmetics, certain brushes are needed:

  • flat brush with elastic bristles. she is applied foundation;
  • fluffy round brushes are needed for powder and blush;
  • a thin brush with a rounded tip is used to blend the shadows;
  • a thin brush and rounded tips will help to apply lipstick evenly.
Makeup brush set

This is the bare minimum for a beginner. You can purchase a whole set of different brushes so as not to buy them separately. The set will cost more.

What is included in daily makeup

Applying makeup for every day for beginners consists of several steps:

  1. tonal base. It evens out skin tone. If you are choosing a foundation for the first time, it is best to do this with a consultant in a cosmetics store so as not to make a mistake with the shade. Also, do not order the first tone on the Internet – so the risk that it is not suitable for your skin is even higher.
Applying foundation for face makeup

When choosing a tone, you need to focus not only on skin color, but also on its features. So, for oily skin, you need a powdery texture that will hide …

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