On the face of a young girl should not be a lot of decorative cosmetics

Makeup for beginners: what to buy, where to start, makeup rules from makeup artists with photo examples

Every girl sooner or later begins to use decorative cosmetics and at the initial stages, she can make a lot of annoying mistakes. It’s good if there is a mother nearby, an experienced sister or a friend who will help you learn the basics of makeup, and if there are no such people nearby, you will have to learn everything on your own. The advice of makeup artists will help a girl who is starting to comprehend the basics of make-up and save her from mistakes that will look sloppy and vulgar on her face.

On the face of a young girl should not be a lot of decorative cosmetics

Makeup Basics for Beginners

Most young girls make the main mistake that needs to be eliminated even at the level of buying decorative cosmetics – this is an abundant application of everything that the seller advises. When purchasing any product, you should know your skin type in advance, test for an allergic reaction, and only then apply it to your face.

When choosing decorative cosmetics for makeup, it is worth considering the color of the eyes and skin.

You can’t use bright shadows and lipsticks at the initial stage, otherwise you can hardly determine your color, you need to start small. It is worth knowing in advance which tone of decor for the eyes or lips is closer to you and get the most dim option.

At the initial stage, learning the basics of makeup, it is better to do without bright details in the image.

But before applying decorative cosmetics to the face, the skin must be prepared – this is the basis of makeup.

A small amount of makeup can emphasize facial features, and an abundance will look vulgar

Choosing the right tone

It can be a cream, light fluid or powder, so you need to know what type of skin the girl has. Dry – we take a thicker consistency, oily, it is better to use dry products. Light fluid is used for normal skin, not prone to peeling and irritation.

The right choice of skin tone is considered the basis of beautiful makeup.

A foundation is a base that not only brightens up imperfections, but also protects the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and chemical components from the air, so you should not save on makeup.

Foundation should be as close to skin color as possible.

The foundation is applied in a thin layer with absorbent movements.

A minimum of decorative cosmetics in makeup at the initial stage

Makeup artists recommend that you first master the basic knowledge of applying foundation, lipstick, shadows and mascara, and then move on to eyeliners and bright makeup.

Delicate shades on the eyelids and lips are the best solution for makeup for a beginner.

For a young beauty, it is better to use decorative cosmetics in classic colors and neutral shades. Mastering evening looks is best left until better times.

Learning the basics of makeup, you should not experiment, it is better to limit yourself to gentle images.

If these are shadows, then beige, brown or pale blue and pink are the most suitable options, while taking into account the shade of the eyes and hair. Today, black mascara, nude lipsticks and lip glosses are in fashion, which is quite suitable for mastering the basics of make-up.

When choosing decorative cosmetics in the form of shadows and lipstick, you need to consider the color of the eyes and skin.

Makeup removal rules

In order for the skin to remain clean and healthy, decorative products must be properly removed.

When you start using decorative cosmetics, you need to carefully monitor your skin.

Simple soap and water is no longer enough, it is better to purchase special two-phase formulations, micellar water or tonic to completely remove makeup from the face. So you can keep the youthfulness of the skin for a long time and not saturate it with decorative pigments, which can be unsafe.

The main rule of makeup for beginners is the correct rinsing of funds from the face.

What you need for makeup at the initial stage

If a minimum set of decorative cosmetics is already defined, as a rule, these are mascara, shadows, blush, lipstick and foundation. You may also need all kinds of brushes and it is better to immediately buy a set of 10-12 pieces of different formats, in the process of applying makeup, you can easily determine for yourself what is more convenient to use, because everything is known in comparison.

Learning the basics of makeup for beginners, you should purchase the necessary set of brushes

In addition to the main means of decorative cosmetics, you can use:

  • primer – evens out skin tone and is applied under the tonal foundation;
  • concealer – allows you to correct skin imperfections in the form of dark circles under the eyes, freckles, small rashes and inflammation;
  • highlighter – a means to give shine to the skin and visually increase the places of application, reflective particles in the composition allow you to model the proportions of the face;
  • pencil and eyeliner – corrects the color of the eyebrows and the shape of the eyes;
  • bronzer – the composition has a darker tone than the foundation and, when applied, is able to slightly reduce the proportions of the face.
Young girls rarely use corrective makeup products, but sometimes they are necessary.

Every woman is familiar with all these means, but you should not get carried away applying them at the initial stage. Correction of facial proportions with the help of a bronzer and highlighter is a whole science that is learned with experience.

Using a highlighter in makeup makes the skin radiant

Bronzer in makeup allows you to adjust large facial features

Makeup steps for beginners

Starting to comprehend the basics of make-up, many girls cannot decide on a tonal foundation, which creates a sloppy look even on the most beautiful and healthy skin. In this case, professional makeup artists recommend purchasing and starting to use a matte primer.

If you use a matte primer in makeup, it's hard to go wrong with a tonal foundation.

The tool will hide small flaws in the form of enlarged pores, freckles and uneven skin color, while being almost invisible, which is important for creating a blooming image of a young girl.

A light primer with the right make-up hides imperfections and will be invisible on the skin

If the tonal base for makeup is chosen correctly, then half of the delicate look has already been achieved.

Eyebrow makeup for beginners

The main thing on a young face is the correct form. For the initial correction of the eyebrows, it is better to contact the master, who will create a beautiful curve and advise the right pencil color to use. Further, it will be possible to remove excess hairs on their own with tweezers.

The shape of the eyebrows in makeup for beginners should look as natural as possible.

The color of the eyebrows should match the hair, the maximum that you can afford is a pencil a couple of tones darker.

The shade of the eyebrows with makeup should be close to the color of the hair.

Do not forget about shading so that the applied product looks natural.

Eyebrows should not stand out too much on the face and should look natural

Eye shadow and eye makeup for beginners

If you are the owner of oily skin, then it is advisable to use a special base on the eyelids, so you can avoid premature shedding. The application of shadows is carried out with a maximum of two tones of the same color.

For beginners in makeup, it is better to limit yourself to a couple of tones of the same color of shadows.

The darkest tone can be outlined around the eye contour, and the light one can be applied to the eyelid and shaded with a brush.

Almost imperceptible application of shadows is the best solution for beginners in makeup.

Such makeup will be almost invisible, while giving the desired effect in the form of an expressive look.

Light shading of shadows in makeup is welcome

Applying blush on the face: rules for beginners

Most makeup artists will say that such decor on the face of a young girl is not needed, and they will be right. But if you still want to add freshness to your face, then you should use a light pink color that is as close as possible to beige or skin tone.

It is better to apply blush with a large brush and light movements.

Blush is applied with a large brush, in one motion in the direction of the cheekbones, so that the effect is not too bright, they need to be shaded and powdered a little.

Blush on the face should give only a slight shade of freshness.

Eye makeup with arrows: tips at the initial stage

At the initial stages of learning to make-up, it is better to do without them, but if you really want to, then this is acceptable. It is advisable to start drawing arrows with a brown pencil if shadows are not used on the eyelids.

It is desirable that the arrows in the makeup of beginners are practically invisible.

This shade will look more natural and will not require special skills; to soften the effect, you can slightly shade the eyeliner.

Feathered arrows in the same color with shadows can give a great effect in makeup.

If shadows have already been applied to the eyelids, then for the arrow it would be better to use a pencil of the main color, but two or three tones darker. But at the first steps in makeup, it would still be wiser to use one thing. Choose the best option for you to apply shadows or arrows.

With arrows in makeup, beginners need to be careful

Applying mascara to eyelashes

Eyelash coverage should not be much, so makeup artists recommend that beginners observe the measure. Mascara is applied from the center of the eyelid in both directions to the edges of the eye, then …

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