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Makeup for blondes: makeup tips, ideas, photos

Makeup for blondes: rules and suitable techniques

Makeup is an integral part of the image of a modern girl. It should be combined not only with the color scheme of clothes. To a greater extent, makeup should be suitable for skin tone, eye and hair color, in order to prevent vulgarity. For blond beauties, whose image implies tenderness and romance, separate rules and techniques for applying make-up have been created, especially for daytime and evening.

Basic makeup rules for blondes

Proper makeup for a blonde

Despite the brightness and at the same time the tenderness of their image, blondes most of all need a competent selection of cosmetics and makeup techniques. When applying it, it is important not to upset the balance, but to emphasize the features of the face, while masking imperfections.

Light hair color creates special contrasts in appearance. So any skin imperfections on blond women are more noticeable than on brunettes. An excess of cosmetics will only emphasize bumps, redness and wrinkles. For this reason, masking pimples and wrinkles on fair skin is not recommended.

Blondes need to take care of their skin daily, and before applying makeup, cleanse and moisturize it with suitable products.

Thus, the first thing to do before applying makeup to a blonde is to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Pay special attention to the T – zone (forehead, nose and chin). It is these parts of the face that are more shiny, creating an untidy look.

For oily and combination skin, special matting makeup bases have been created. This cream should only be applied to the T-zone. A moisturizing emulsion is applied under the eyes and the remaining parts of the face.

T - face zone

Basic makeup rules for blondes:

  • Cleansing the skin, evening out the tone and applying the tonal base as close as possible to the color. To consolidate the effect, powder is applied to the face at the end of the makeup;
  • The foundation for blondes is peach, pinkish or ivory. The texture of the cream is light, with a small highlighter, in order to look as natural as possible;
  • Instead of blush, you can use powder with a tan effect;
  • In daytime makeup, it is necessary to minimize the use of black (with the exception of mascara), as it weighs down the look of the blonde. Pencil, eyeliner and shades of black colors are best used in the evening make-up;
  • Eyebrows should be summed up with shades of brown. The color should be 5-7 tones darker than the hair. For even application, it is best to use a brush with a hard bristle.

The main focus in blonde makeup is the eyes.

Suitable Techniques

Applying makeup

Makeup techniques for blondes can be very different. Best for daytime strobing – Creating a natural radiance of the skin with a highlighter. At the same time, the feeling of a complete absence of cosmetics on the face is visually preserved.

The effect of natural skin shimmer is created after applying foundation to the skin. The highlighter emphasizes the following areas of the face:

  • the middle of the forehead;
  • right brow part of the eyelid;
  • cheeks;
  • middle of the nose and chin;
  • nasolabial folds.
The main areas of the face, for applying highlighter
Main areas for applying highlighter

Since strobing expresses naturalness, it is especially suitable for owners of clear and smooth skin. However, this technique hides the shortcomings perfectly. To do this, you need to choose the right type of highlighter:

  • For oily skin prone to breakouts, dry highlighter should be used. It masks the flaws of appearance as much as possible and lasts longer than usual;
  • for dry and combination skin, a product with a liquid texture is preferable. So you can achieve the most natural flickering effect;
  • for skin with freckles, you should purchase a bronze highlighter. It creates radiant highlights and emphasizes the tenderness of this type of appearance.

Another popular makeup technique for blondes is contouring.

Contouring technique: makeup features

Highlighters are also used here, not only light, but also dark shades. With the help of shading means, the main features of the face are modeled, and the flaws are hidden.

Face contouring is done as follows. A dark brown corrector is applied to the recesses. The texture of the product should be matte. Convex facial features are lightened with a highlighter, bronzer, light powder or blush. The tonal basis is not used in this case. Cosmetics are applied with a natural bristle brush or a special sponge. With this makeup technique, you can achieve the perfect skin tone.

Definition of color type

Autumn color type

When choosing a palette of shadows, pencil, lipstick and blush, you should clearly determine what suits the type of blonde, and what should be discarded.

Makeup for blondes is selected based on appearance color type: eye color, skin tone and hair tone brightness. An incorrectly chosen palette of cosmetics can present even a very beautiful girl in an unfavorable light. And vice versa, well-chosen shades will divert attention from the shortcomings of appearance and emphasize the dignity.

The color type of appearance is usually divided according to the seasons.

Spring. This color type, like the corresponding season, is characterized by warm and at the same time bright shades of blond (wheat, honey, caramel). Eye color blue, green or amber. Creamy or slightly golden skin tone.

Appearance color type - spring

Summer. This color type includes natural blondes, whose hair, eye and skin color is naturally cold. These are fair-haired girls, ashen, silver. The eyes are grayish blue, smoky green. The skin is milky, or olive, without yellowness.

Color type summer

Autumn. Autumn, like spring, is characterized by warm shades, but deeper, more saturated. The skin is golden, with freckles but no blush. The eyes are mostly brown, also warm green, bright blue. A shade of blond – with a golden or red tint.

Color Type Autumn

Winter. Winter is a clean, deep and cold color type of appearance. It is matched by blondes with white porcelain skin, which contrasts sharply with the hair. The eyes are dark brown to black, and cool blues, grays, and greens are also common. Hair of saturated ashy shades, without yellowness.

Color type Winter

The color type is determined by studying your reflection in the mirror without makeup. It is necessary to understand what natural shade the skin, eyes and hair has. So selected makeup palette for blondes. It must match the time of year.

Best for winter and summer cold shades of cosmetics (gray, dark blue, ash pink, smoky brown, etc.). For the color type autumn and spring are suitable warm colors (peach, green, purple, bright pink, red, brown, etc.). Also, the shade of shadows, lipstick and blush is determined by the color type. Deep are suitable for winter and autumn, less saturated – for summer and spring.

It will be quite difficult for dyed blondes to determine their true color type. He can…

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