Makeup for brown eyes [пошаговая фотоинструкция]: day, evening, for dark and light hair

Basic rules for beautiful brown eye makeup: professional advice

We tell important rules and debunk popular myths.

  • Beautiful makeup for brown eyes depends not only on the products chosen directly for the shade of the eyes, but also on the skin tone and hair color. Let’s explore this in more detail below.
  • Shining products are very suitable for brown-eyed girls, especially shadows with a metallic effect. So try to add to your make-up – both daily and evening – the shining shadows of Color Tattoo 24h or Color Strike from Maybelline New York.
  • By the way, colored mascara is very suitable for girls with brown eyes. For example, try Maybelline New York’s Snapscara blue or purple mascara – it perfectly sets off the dark shade of the eyes.
  • Brown-eyed people are very suitable for bright shades – and not necessarily in brown. More in this material.

Types of makeup for brown eyes

Girls with brown eyes can endlessly experiment with make-up. Let’s look at the most popular techniques and options. Use these ideas and experiment to your heart’s content!

Daytime and everyday makeup for brown eyes

The ideal option is a light natural make-up in brown tones. Instead of black ink, you can use brown.

Light makeup for brown eyes

smoky eye makeup

Classic smoky makeup is perfect for owners of brown eyes. Try to make smoky eyes not in gray-black, but in golden brown. Depending on the intensity of application of funds, make-up can turn out to be daytime or evening. The best assistants in creating the perfect smoky eyes are palettes from Maybelline New York The Nudes and The City Mini.

Girl holding Maybelline palette

Makeup with arrows

Girls with brown eyes are simply prescribed make-up with arrows! Experiment with shapes and lines: for example, try oriental or graphic eye makeup. By the way, don’t limit yourself to the classic palette (black and brown). Make-up with colored arrows is perfect for brown eyes – for example, emerald or dark blue indigo. Be sure to try one of the Maybelline New York Master Precise color liners: an ultra-thin applicator allows you to draw any arrows, and an improved formula guarantees durability up to 24 hours.

Makeup for brown eyes and dark hair

nude makeup

The most fashionable makeup! All shades of beige are a must-have in makeup bags for girls with brown eyes. Try to do nude makeup with both matte and slightly shining products. Use brown mascara instead of black to make your makeup look as natural as possible.

Maybelline girl and eye shadow

Evening makeup for brown eyes

Need a holiday makeover? Don’t limit fanaticism! Draw colored arrows, make bright accents with shadows. Choose even the most daring shades. For example, brown-eyed people are very similar to pink and red.

Girl with The NUDES eyeshadow palette

Bright make-up

We have already said more than once that brown-eyed girls are subject to experiments with bright shades .. Fearlessly use colored eyeliners (we will talk about this in more detail below) and colored shadows. All shades of green, blue and purple are win-win options.

Photo of a girl with a bright make-up

Delicate make-up

We have already said that radiant makeup is very suitable for girls with brown eyes. Use gold, light copper, or soft pink eye shadow for a casual look to freshen up your look. Choose Color Tattoo 24h cream shadows in light shades with a slight shimmer. By the way, this makeup is best done without arrows. The image will turn out gentle and sweet.

Evening makeup for brown eyes

Light makeup for brown eyes: step by step photo instructions

Let’s see how to do simple eye makeup for every day on your own at home. Maybelline New York make-up artist Yuri Stolyarov will tell you step by step and show you how to properly make up your eyes and more. This guide is perfect even for beginners.

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