Макияж для карих глаз и светлых волос

Makeup for brown eyes and blond hair: rules, ideas

What to do makeup for brown eyes and blond hair?

Girls with brown eyes and naturally blond hair are a rarity. It is quite difficult to choose a beautiful make-up that would ideally fit this color type, but make-up artists say that the right make-up allows you to reveal natural beauty and captivate others with just a glance.

Basic principles

Bright makeup for blondes with brown eyes

The contrast of brown eyes and blond hair makes the appearance bright and noticeable, undoubtedly attracting everyone’s attention. Depending on the desired effect, using a make-up, you can balance the combination or make the contrast more noticeable.

Makeup rules for brown eyes and blond hair:

  • Applying make-up directly depends on the skin tone;
  • The emphasis on the eyes will look most advantageous;
  • It is important to emphasize the eyebrows so that they do not get lost against the background of other makeup elements;
  • Proceed to applying cosmetics only in good lighting;
  • Particular attention should be paid to the choice of tonal means;
  • Ditch the bronzer in favor of blush;
  • It is not recommended to use too explicit contouring.

Before you start makeup, you need to take into account the tone of the skin, the palette of shadows, blush and lipstick suitable for the eyes, choose the application technique. Attention should be paid to the purpose of the make-up, whether it will be daytime or evening.

Conventionally, any make-up for blondes with brown eyes can be divided into stages:

  1. Determination of skin tone;
  2. Selection of blush and tonal foundation;
  3. Face preparation;
  4. Eyebrow styling;
  5. The choice of technique and colors of shadows;
  6. Applying eye makeup
  7. Using lipstick;
  8. Spray fixing.

Skin tone and blush

Applying blush for blondes with brown eyes

Applying makeup for owners of blond hair and brown eyes requires some preparation. First you need to determine the skin tone and color type.

You can determine the skin tone by contrast, just stand in front of the mirror and bring a clean white A4 sheet to your face. Against the background of the whiteness of the paper, the natural shade will stand out more.

There are four color types for the appearance of girls and it is quite simple to determine it:

  • Winter: skin tone – white porcelain or, in contrast, swarthy.
  • Spring: face pale pink or peach hue;
  • Summer: milky white complexion with an olive, bluish tint;
  • Autumn: milky, almost transparent, with a golden tint skin.

Having determined the color type of appearance and skin tone, you can easily choose the right foundation or primer, powder and blush. The foundation should completely match the skin tone. If the base is lighter than the color of the skin, the face will be lost against the background of blond hair, and the dark shade will look unnatural.

Do not forget that the primer, tonal foundation or BB cream should be applied not only to the face, but also to blend on the neck area to create a natural effect.

The cream around the eyes, which is applied under makeup, should, on the contrary, be one or two shades lighter than the skin tone. This simple technique will help hide minor defects near the eyes and allow you to conveniently and beautifully apply shadows.

When starting to apply blush, you need to take into account that for light skin it is better to choose discreet, delicate tones, and for dark skin, on the contrary, more saturated ones, even with an amber tint, are suitable. The choice of blush depends not only on skin color, but also on the shade of the eyes:

  • For light brown eyes, pink and purple nuances are better, it is better to avoid peach and apricot;
  • Dark brown eyes are suitable for colorful berry shades, beige and brown blush are prohibited.

You need to apply blush in the area of ​​​​the cheekbones and chin. If you focus on hair color, then shades of rose, coral and beige nuances are ideally combined with light curls.

Suitable eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes by shades

Girls with brown eyes are very lucky – they are suitable for many color palettes of shadows, however, there are a number of specific recommendations related to the shade of the eyes. Basic tones suitable for brown-eyed girls:

  • Nude;
  • Green;
  • Pink;
  • Purple;
  • Blue;
  • brown;
  • golden;
  • Grey.

In this case, the shadows can be matte or mother-of-pearl, depending on the occasion. The make-up can be supplemented with black, brown, silver and golden arrows. For daytime makeup, it is better to avoid using bright eyeliner.

Too light tones of shadows for brown-eyed blondes are contraindicated even with daytime makeup.

Makeup artists consider the most relevant and trendy shades of shadows for girls with brown eyes and blond hair:

  • Sand;
  • Turquoise;
  • Dark pink;
  • Gold;
  • cinnamon;
  • Ocher;
  • Lavender;
  • Chocolate.

Blue shades can also be used, they visually soften the look. However, it is better to give preference to a certain tone of shadows only after careful selection of blush and lipstick, in order to avoid overloading the make-up.

lipstick color

Makeup for brown-eyed blondes with red lipstick

With minimalist makeup for blond hair and brown eyes, it is recommended to use deep shades of lipstick: pearlescent or matte. Saturated shades will help to highlight the look and create a spectacular image:

  • Marsala;
  • Cherry;
  • Bordeaux;
  • Terracotta;
  • Plum;
  • Brown;
  • Brick;
  • Dusty rose.

The ideal lipstick option for blond brown-eyed girls is with a matte finish.

Matte lipstick palette for blonde hair and brown eyes

Blondes with brown eyes should avoid using lip gloss or tint. It is better to give preference to nude lipsticks with a colorful undertone. Glitter and tint will moisturize the lips and give them shine, but against the background of the rest of the make-up, the smile will simply be lost.

If the use of a rich lipstick is not possible, it is better to limit yourself to a lip balm with a slight color nuance or a shiny texture.

Makeup techniques for brown eyes and blonde hair

Saturated makeup for brown eyes and blond hair

Creating a harmonious make-up for blondes with brown eyes involves the use of several shades of shadows, at least two. Therefore, for applying make-up, it is recommended to resort to the help of various techniques:

  • Smokey ice;
  • Retro;
  • nude;
  • Textured.

Each of the eye makeup techniques is based on the application of shadows in shades on different areas of the eyelid to give a specific look. Makeup should be chosen based on its purpose: for work, a date, for a festive event, a party.

smokey ice

Smokey eyes for blondes with brown eyes

Smokey ice is one of the favorite makeup techniques not only for makeup artists, but also for most girls. It consists in creating a smooth smoky transition with shadows in front of the eyes, mainly using dark shades.

Smokey ice is perfect for blondes with brown eyes, especially for evening meetings or holidays. The technique helps to focus on the look, gives mystery and mystical charm.

Stage 1. We apply shadows of a warm gray shade on the moving eyelid, for example, “wet stone”. Slightly blend the contour to create a smooth transition so that the color is less saturated towards the inner corner of the eye.

Applying a dark base on the eyelid

Stage 2. Adding…

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