Макияж для карих глаз и темных волос

Makeup for brown eyes and dark hair: ideas and photos

Features of makeup for brown eyes and dark hair

The application of any makeup directly depends on the color of the hair and eyes. Women with dark hair themselves are quite bright and spectacular. Therefore, choosing a make-up is based on the type of appearance. Additional factors are: purpose of make-up, skin color, personal preferences and fashion color trends and techniques.

Makeup rules for brunettes with brown eyes

Makeup for brunettes with brown eyes

Burning brunettes always attract attention and interest from the outside, especially those with rich brown eyes. Leading makeup artists of the world claim that for brown-eyed brunettes there are a number of certain rules when applying makeup, which you should definitely consider.

Basic makeup recommendations for brunettes with brown eyes:

  • Be sure to use a concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes and other facial skin imperfections;
  • You should also focus on the shape and size of the eyes;
  • Lipstick and blush can be replaced with a tint of a delicate shade;
  • Metallic shadows – shimmers – will give a glow to the look;
  • It is recommended to add light shadows to the inner corner of the eyes;
  • Applying a highlighter will help refresh the skin;
  • Bronzer and blush can be used, but within reasonable limits;
  • The brown eyes of the arrow and eyelashes of unusual colors stand out.

The style of the make-up mainly depends on its purpose: for work, for a date, for a wedding, for a party or other special event.

Colors are best chosen according to purpose:

  • light nude tones – for daytime makeup;
  • bright shadows and shimmer – for a holiday;
  • Arrows are good for a date.

At the same time, makeup artists recommend combining different techniques and makeup options for various events. With the right make-up, the arrows can be used both on weekdays and at work, also with a shimmer or bright shades of shadows.

Features of makeup for brown eyes and dark hair

Purple makeup for brown-eyed brunettes

Brown-eyed brunettes starting to make-up should take into account a number of characteristic features of their appearance that will help create an unforgettable image. Considering that this type belongs to the “winter” color type, a wide range of various shades and techniques for applying make-up is revealed.

Features of makeup for dark-haired girls with brown eyes:

  • Light shadows will help visually enlarge the eyes, and dark ones will help to reduce them;
  • To draw attention to the look, the rest of the make-up should be done in nude style;
  • Due to the bright appearance, the emphasis in makeup should be placed either on the eyes or on the lips;
  • The number of colors of shadows in the make-up should not exceed two or three shades;
  • Pink, peach shadows and a shade of taupe (gray-brown) will help “open up” the look.

Classic makeup for brunettes with brown eyes is impossible to imagine without arrows. For daytime makeup, black or brown eyeliner and a pencil are suitable, and for evening, you can resort to color options.

The most suitable shades of shadows:

  • smoky purple;
  • light beige;
  • chocolate;
  • olive;
  • lilac;
  • golden;
  • emerald;
  • purple;
  • sea ​​wave;
  • gray palette.

Also versatile is the nude palette. It is especially suitable for daytime makeup and in combination with bright nuances.

Makeup artists highlight the relevance and popularity of using matte lipsticks and shadows.

Attention should be paid to the lips. The perfect solution for lipstick – with a matte finish. The main shades of lipstick for dark-haired girls with brown eyes:

  • Marsala;
  • fuchsia;
  • cinnamon;
  • red.

For a wedding

Праздничный золотистый макияж

Wedding makeup can be divided into two types: classic and bright. Basically, stylists advise choosing a classic make-up for a wedding, but in different versions. Techniques suitable for a wedding celebration:

  • With a shimmer;
  • The loop;
  • Banana;
  • birdie;
  • Bat;
  • Cat eye.

Basically, these techniques are based on applying several shades to the eyelid and zoning areas with their help. For bright makeup with rich color nuances, the banana technique is suitable, which, when used correctly, helps to enlarge the eyes.

Makeup is done in stages:

  1. The lightest shade of shadows is applied to the center of the moving eyelid, giving it the shape of a circle;
  2. On the sides on both sides of the circle, shadows are added a tone darker than the base, shading to the corners of the eyes;
  3. The corners are painted with the darkest of the selected colors;
  4. Shade the shadows with a soft brush to get a smooth transition and trying to give the shape of a banana;
  5. To add brightness, add shine to the shadows with a highlighter or shimmer;
  6. Eyelashes are carefully painted over or pasted overhead.

In some cases, the “banana” can be supplemented with a bright arrow of a golden, green or purple hue. Lipstick for this technique is selected matte nude colors or pale pink with mother of pearl.

To work

Необычный повседневный макияж

For work, it is recommended to do everyday makeup for brown eyes and dark hair. Even such a make-up can be interesting. Makeup artists recommend standard classic make-up for everyday life with the addition of interesting elements: arrows or glitter.

Before you start doing daytime makeup for brown eyes and dark hair, you need to prepare the foundation, eliminate or mask defects on the face, apply a little blush and concealer, and be sure to style your eyebrows. Instead of the classic black mascara, makeup artists advise using brown.

An interesting fashionable make-up option for work is nude arrows applied with a special flesh-colored eyeliner. Especially in combination with a shimmer.

A daytime make-up can contain from one to three shades of shadows, while they can be matte or pearly, with a slight sheen. Lipstick is also recommended to select delicate and discreet shades:

  • peach;
  • light brown;
  • Beige;
  • Dusty rose colors;
  • With powdery undertones.

You can complete a gentle everyday look with the help of a tint. It should be applied carefully, in a thin layer, trying not to go beyond the lip line, and then let it dry. The use of a tint does not involve the use of a lip pencil, so you should be careful.


Evening eye makeup "Bird Wing"

Preparation for a pleasant evening necessarily includes a beautiful and rich make-up. Brunettes with brown eyes are ideal for an unusual bright technique for applying shadows – “bird” or “wing”.

The “birdie” technique is suitable for any shape and size of the eyes and is considered universal. Properly selected colors of the shadows will help to give brown eyes a mystery and create the effect of a “wide open” look.

Make-up is performed, reminiscent of bird wingsaccording to the instructions:

  • Apply the foundation to the face: primer, concealer, foundation or BB cream;
  • Add bronzer and highlighter to the desired areas, depending on the shape of the face;
  • Stylize eyebrows with shadows or a pencil, carefully …

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