Как красить глубоко посаженные глаза

Makeup for deep-set eyes step by step photo instruction : how to color deep eyes

What are deep set eyes



Deep-set eyes – a feature of the structure of the face, in which the eyes seem to be “sunken”. This landing is also called “deep eyes”. With this structure, the superciliary arches seem to cover the eyes from above, and the movable eyelid is almost invisible. Most often, you need to be able to do makeup for deep-set eyes with an impending eyelid. This feature requires special attention when making up the eyes: you need to know a few beauty secrets, which we will reveal today.

How to color deep set eyes

Makeup rules for deep-set eyes: the secrets of makeup artists


    • If you want to visually focus attention on the look and correct facial features, then you can not do without eye shadow. Remember which ones and why.
    • Shadows with shimmer. Apply shining shadows on the moving eyelid – so the eyes will immediately become more convex and come to the fore. Choose lighter shades from Maybelline NY’s Color Tattoo eyeshadow palette. They are easy to apply and blend even with your fingers. In addition, they will steadfastly hold on for as long as you need.


Deep set eyes

    • Matte shadows. Use matte eyeshadow in a shade slightly darker than your skin tone to work out the crease of the eyelid. The shade should not be too dark, just slightly different from your skin tone. For this task, it is better to choose dry shadows – for example, from The Nudes palette.
    • But a dark shade of shadows or better eyeliner, apply close to the ciliary contour. They can also highlight the corner of the eye and draw the mucous membrane. A great helper in this matter is a gel pencil from Maybelline NY Tattoo Liner.


Girl holding Maybelline NY Tattoo Liner

    • An important rule: always use a primer for the eyelids. The fact is that one of the main problems that almost all girls with deep-set eyes due to the structure face is imprinting funds on the eyelid. A primer can help with this problem.
    • If you want to draw arrows for deep-set eyes, you should remember a few rules. It is better to start drawing them not from the corners of the eyes, like the “cat’s eye” arrow, but from the middle. Draw thin neat lines. Use an eyeliner with a thin applicator (like Hyper Precise by Maybelline NY). By the way, try brown eyeliner – a light shade can play into your hands.
    • Now it will be unexpected, but when doing makeup for deep-set eyes, you need to pay special attention to … the area under the eyes. Use a concealer to hide dark circles under your eyes (like The Eraser Eye by Maybelline NY). If you leave “bruises”, then the eyes are visually even stronger
    • Mascara is an important step in eye makeup. Apply it towards the temples – this simple beauty technique will visually enlarge the eyes. Paint over the lower lashes as well, so the look will be more open.


Paints eyes with Snapscara mascara

The main types of makeup for deep-set eyes


Let’s figure out what to do with eye makeup, depending on the occasion and the chosen makeup technique.


Day and everyday makeup


Apply a little concealer under the eye area and blend thoroughly. For daytime eye makeup, use light shades with a shimmer. Thus, the eyes will appear visually larger, and facial features more tender. Choose from dozens of Color Tattoo shades. Use lengthening mascara to further define your eyes.

deep eyes

evening make-up


There are a lot of ideas for evening eye makeup! Do you want to do a smoky makeup (we will tell you a little more about it below) or highlight your eyelids with bright colors. Yes, yes, why not? Choose shades with a shimmer – for example, “precious” colors (emerald, amethyst) and apply them all over the eyelid.

Choose shades from a wide palette of Color Tattoo. By the way, another cool idea is colored arrows. They can be drawn with Hyper Precise Eyeliner (available in five shades) or Tattoo Liner Gel. The latter has several advantages at once for girls with deep-set eyes: firstly, it is waterproof and does not print on the upper eyelid, and secondly, it is presented in nine shades, so experiment with colored arrows (we will talk about the technique below).

Makeup for deep-set eyes

Smokey Eyes Makeup


Instead of classic black and gray smoky eyes, it is better to opt for a softer range – for example, brown. You don’t have to waste time looking for different matching shades, just buy The Nudes palette. It has 12 cool shades that are in perfect harmony with each other – both matte and shimmery.

Smokey Eyes Makeup

Makeup with arrows


Start drawing an arrow from the middle of the eyelid, drawing the ciliary outline. Adjust the length of the arrow as desired, as well as the amplitude of the arrow. Be sure to use mascara and apply it as we have already taught – towards the temples. You can also apply it on the lower lashes. Darkening the lower eyelid is definitely not worth it, as the eyes will “sink” even more on the face.

Makes eyes with Maybelline pencil

Makeup ideas for deep-set eyes


We have already said that girls with deep-set eyes can confidently use shadows (especially with shimmer and metallic, like the Color Strike shades from Maybelline NY), as well as draw colored arrows. At the same time, both in everyday and evening make-up. Let’s figure out which shades to choose correctly depending on the color of the eyes.


For brown eyes


For brown eyes, purple shades of shadows, emerald, and berry shades are perfect.

Makeup for sunken eyes

For green eyes


If you are doing makeup for deep-set green eyes, choose the whole range of bronze and copper – they will additionally emphasize the beauty of the shade of the eyes.

Brunette in a lilac dress

For blue eyes


And for makeup of blue deep-set eyes, choose warm shades – beige, golden and light orange.

Girl with light makeup

For gray eyes


It may seem unusual to you, but try to emphasize gray eyes with coral shadows. You will be surprised how your natural eye color will play in a new and beautiful way.

Sport style girl for gray eyes

How to paint deep-set eyes: step by step photo instructions


We explain how to do makeup for deep-set eyes step by step.

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