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Makeup for every day: step by step photo

How to make beautiful everyday makeup?

Beautiful everyday makeup is the key to success during the day. Properly selected make-up will help at work, and at business meetings, and on a date. Makeup for every day is significantly different from evening or festive, therefore, before proceeding with its implementation, you need to familiarize yourself with all the features.

Basic rules of daily makeup

Applying face powder

Eye makeup for every day differs from other options in the color palette, application techniques, and the choice of appropriate shades of lipsticks. In addition, it is important to follow all the stages of applying make-up on the face.

Mostly daytime makeup is identified with nude makeup.

The basic rules and stages of everyday makeup include:

  • Foundation preparation: applying moisturizer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, using powder and blush or bronzer;
  • Styling and correction of eyebrows in accordance with hair color;
  • Making and highlighting the eyes with shadows, mascara, eyeliner or pencil;
  • Using lipstick and contour.

In addition to carefully choosing foundation and face powder that matches your skin tone, it is very important to choose an eyeshadow palette for simple makeup. Shadows should be invisible, but at the same time perform the proper functions: expressively emphasize the eye, correct their shape and draw attention to the look.

Ideal shades of shadows for daytime makeup:

  • Peach;
  • Beige;
  • Bodily;
  • Light brown;
  • cinnamon;
  • Chocolate;
  • Champagne;
  • Powdery;
  • dusty rose;
  • Golden.

The coating of shadows can be either matte or pearlescent. However, it is recommended to avoid applying too obvious gloss. The exception is the use of a shimmer in make-up intended for a date.

Everyday makeup with arrows

For everyday makeup, it is recommended to use warm shades of lipsticks, you can also resort to using lip gloss or tint in a soft tone.

Lipstick can be replaced with discreet blush with a creamy texture.

The shade of lipstick for lips is recommended to choose depending on the finish:

  • Matte: beige, light brown, cinnamon or skin tone;
  • Mother-of-pearl: pale pink, champagne, with red undertones or purple nuances.

For everyday makeup, colorful, catchy lipsticks are categorically not suitable. Saturated lip colors are allowed as undertones if the lipstick is in nude shades.

Of the techniques, the most relevant will be smokey ice in delicate colors, a relief method of applying shadows and a “loop” that helps to highlight the outer corner of the eye with a darker nuance. You can also decorate everyday makeup with the help of arrows.

We select everyday makeup depending on the color of the eyes

Pale pink makeup for blue eyes

Beautiful light make-up for every day directly depends not only on the time of day, destination, shade of hair, but also on eye color. Before applying makeup, you need to decide on a color palette that fits directly to the eyes, which will help to highlight the look.

Shadows must be chosen in several shades, but in a single range, moving from light to dark nuance. This will help make the look and face more expressive. You also need to take into account the color of the mascara and eyeliner so that the shades do not merge with the base, but do not contrast too much.

For a balanced everyday look, it is recommended to combine a light base with hands in pastel colors or a light mother-of-pearl tint.

Makeup artists advise those who like to emphasize the lower eyelid with an additional arrow to change tactics and use a soft pencil or shadows of neutral shades that are easy to blend instead of eyeliner.

For brown eyes

Daily makeup for brown eyes

It is easy for girls with brown eyes to choose beautiful makeup for every day. This type of face suits neutral shades of shadows, so any make-up made in the right color palette will look perfect.

Shades of shadows suitable for brown eyes:

  • Light pink;
  • Pink;
  • Peach;
  • Beige;
  • Chocolate;
  • Smoky.

In this case, depending on the skin tone, it is recommended to use a blush with a cold undertone or a bronzer. Too much facial contouring will look artificial, which can spoil the overall impression of the makeup.

Beautiful makeup for brown eyes can be created using shadows with a golden sheen and a bronze liner.

For lips, brown-eyed girls should give preference to rich shades of lipsticks:

  • Lilac;
  • Lilov;
  • Corporal;
  • brown.

Of the techniques for applying shadows, they are suitable: smokey ice, cut crease, loop. The most interesting option for every day is cut crease, in which the emphasis is on the crease between the mobile and fixed eyelids. However, for daytime makeup, it is better to choose a non-standard version with a transparent shimmer.

Cut Crease Makeup for Brown Eyes

You can perform this technique quite quickly, armed with the necessary palettes and brushes.

Step 1: apply a base shadow on the moving eyelid. The color of the shadows can be anything, but it is advisable to choose as close as possible to the natural skin tone, for example: beige, nude, light brown or even peach. With the help of a brush, the shadows are shaded up the motionless eyelid to the very eyebrows.

Toning the eyelid with the main color

Step 2: between the moving and fixed eyelids, apply shadows of a darker shade with a red or bronze undertone. This is the main element of the cut-crease technique. The line also needs to be feathered up and down a bit to create a smoother transition. It is important not to cover the existing base with a new color.

Application of bronze shadows on the crease between the eyelids

Step 3: on top of the drawn line, apply shadows a tone darker than the previous ones. This is necessary for greater effect. You don’t need to fluff them up. We also add some light shadows of a beige shade or with a golden nuance under the fold of the eyebrows.

Careful drawing of the line along the eyelid

Step 4: with the help of shimmering translucent shadows, we highlight the moving eyelid. Despite the fact that the make-up is intended for an everyday day, such an element will not spoil or overload it, but will only give the look the necessary radiance. Adding glitter to the eyelid

Step 5: We paint over the eyelashes with black or dark brown mascara. If a girl is going on a date, then you can supplement it with ordinary arrows that fit the shape of her eyes and face.

Lipstick for such makeup is selected in nude shades and can be:

  • Peach;
  • Champagne colors;
  • Pale pink;
  • Light brown;
  • Coral.

It is better to choose a lipstick with a liquid texture or vice versa matte. Pearly nuances on the lips in this case will be out of place, especially in bright pink or purple shades.

For green eyes

Light makeup for green eyes

It is quite difficult for owners of green eyes to choose a light and beautiful makeup for every day. This is due to the fact that the ideal range of shadows for green-eyed girls is purple, which can emphasize the brightness of the look, but not the only one.

For daily makeup for green eyes, warm shades are suitable …

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