Delicate makeup for prom 2022 with arrows

Makeup for graduation: trends 2022 with photo examples

Graduation is a fabulous evening. This is a significant event for all its participants, but especially for girls. After all, it is so important to create an image that will amaze everyone and remain sparkling on photographs. The main thing is to choose the right makeup so as not to spoil the overall impression of the dress and hairstyle.

Delicate makeup for prom 2022 with arrows

Light makeup for prom

Makeup for prom in 2022

This season, makeup artists adhere to the rule: all or nothing, there is no middle ground. Or is it a bright, extravagant make-up or a light, extremely close to natural make-up. Which one to choose for the prom depends on the image as a whole.

Natural prom makeup

Eye makeup for graduation 2022 with arrows

It is worth adhering to the principle: if the dress and hairstyle are full of bright accents, it is better to make the face makeup more calm, this is not a costume party. And, on the contrary, if the image is dominated by light, pastel colors, then bright makeup, which is indecently striking, is what you need.

Bright makeup for prom 2022

Intense makeup for prom

1. Emphasis on the skin

Flawless, well-groomed skin is always in fashion.

Smooth complexion - the basis for make-up

The ideal tone is created in several stages:

  • corrector. It allows you to hide obvious skin irregularities – scars, pimples, age spots;
Steps for applying concealer

  • primer. It is used as a base for make-up, prepares the skin and ensures the durability of the make-up;
Primer application

  • tonal base. Required for tone alignment. It is important to shade the foundation on the neck and décolleté area;
Applying foundation cream

  • concealer. The final stage of light sculpting of the face. Helps hide dark bags under the eyes and other imperfections.
Applying concealer

The ideal tone is ready, you can proceed to the next stages of transformation.

2. All eyes on the lips

Forget about matte tones, they categorically gave way to berry-colored lipsticks and translucent glosses in the top. Beauty trends in 2022 are complex multi-color ombre or the effect of innocent, kissed lips.

Intricate multicolor ombre lips

Ombre with glitter effect

Transparent lip gloss

If the offer to part with matte lipstick shocked, do not rush to refuse it. But use matte dark shades: brown, wet asphalt, eggplant, burgundy, blueberry.

Matte dark lipstick

Important: lips covered with gothic matte lipstick, it is better to leave the only accent on the face. In this case, it is enough just to bring the eyes with light shadows or barely touch the eyelashes with mascara.

Gray matte lipstick

Matte gothic lipstick

3. More Glitter for a Brilliant Evening

The evening is still magical, you can and should add shine to the image. Glitter and shimmer to the rescue.

Glitter eye makeup for prom

Ordinary shadows with reflective particles are too simple for such an event. But a dense layer of loose shimmer on the temples or eyelids is what you need.

Loose shimmer at the temples for prom

A little loose, not large glitter on the cheeks and the image will cease to be boring.

Glitter freckles for prom

Golden arrows under green or brown eyes, shiny, barely noticeable freckles. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shimmer, but with a sense of proportion.

Glitter in eye makeup for prom 2022

4. Neon will definitely conquer the dance floor

Neon arrows are bold, bright, unusual and incredibly stylish.

Neon yellow prom eye shadow

Clear, going far beyond the corners of the eye or slightly shaded, it will attract the eye in any case.

Pink neon arrows in prom makeup

5. Black arrows are a rebellious classic

Classic black arrows are appropriate in almost any image. With their help, you can visually change the shape of the eyes and face, give the look of mystery and peppercorns.

Black arrows in prom eye makeup

But the classics can be left for everyday, and for a prom look, graphic clear arrows for the entire eyelid, extending far beyond the corner of the eyes, are perfect.

Prom eye makeup with arrows

For a larger entourage, you can draw a moving eyelid line with the same pencil.

How to do this so that the eye makeup does not float and is not erased until dawn:

  • saturate excess shine from the century with a paper napkin;
  • apply a little foundation, it will create an excellent base for the next layer of shadows and permanently relieve the eyelid from oily sheen;
  • apply light shadows. You can use stamps with a glitter effect, but light, so as not to draw attention from the arrows;
  • draw clear, even, and most importantly symmetrical arrows. No need to make them wide, the thickness of a pencil or eyeliner is enough;
  • draw a pencil along the mobile line of the eyelid, bringing it to the inner corner of the eye.
Arrows in eye makeup for prom 2022

You do not need to connect the lines at the inner corner of the eyes, you can get the effect of glasses. But at the outer corner they should meet. With this eye makeup, it is appropriate to sum up the lower eyelid.

6. Be yourself

The most fashionable beauty trends will certainly fade against the backdrop of natural beauty. The main thing is to correctly emphasize all the advantages and hide the flaws.

Natural makeup for prom 2022

The golden rule of prom makeup is that only one accent looks beautiful. The more of them, the more years they add, which is not necessary at all on a holiday dedicated to farewell to the school.

Light makeup for prom 2022

How to draw symmetrical arrows: working lifehacks for graduation makeup

Arrows are a frequent companion of fashionable images. They are really capable of a lot. Such insignificant inputs as length, width, bend, color, and the look changes dramatically.

Beautiful smooth arrows on the eyes in prom makeup

The main problem of all lovers of arrows is how to draw them the same and even.

  • Stencil

To draw perfect arrows immediately with an eyeliner is a task with an asterisk. In order not to test patience and the delicate skin of the eyes, constantly erasing unsuccessful attempts, first make a stencil with a soft, sharp pencil.

Perfect black arrows on the eyes

The pencil must be chosen in the same shade as the eyeliner. The method is perfect if wide graphic arrows are planned.

Eye makeup steps with arrows

  • Cosmetic tubes to help

The tail is the main and most problematic part in the arrows. Visually, he bears all the responsibility for makeup, but in reality he does not succumb to the rules of symmetry. To make a perfectly even ponytail, simply use any cosmetic tube with a straight edge or a plastic card.

How to draw arrows using an impromptu ruler

To do this, attach one corner of the tube to the outer corner of the eye and draw a clear line like a ruler. It is convenient that the imprint of the first arrow will remain on the tube, and this is already a hint on the length of the arrow for the second eye. To make the rise of the arrow symmetrical, remember the location of the second corner of the tube in relation to the eyebrows.

  • Finished stencil

A handy invention that helps out perfectly in situations where arrows are needed here and now without the right to make mistakes. Choose the version of the arrow that you want to see before your eyes. Attach a stencil, or glue if it has a sticky layer.

Smooth arrows on the finished stencil

Fill in the empty stencil box with the desired color. The template cannot always save you from blots, especially if it does not fix itself in any way and needs to be held by hand. Therefore, even with a stencil, you need to draw arrows very carefully.

Some make-up artists in this case advise using a white or other light pencil as a base, and having already received beautiful arrows, paint over them with the desired color.

How to quickly remove bags under the eyes before applying makeup: working lifehacks for graduation

Prom is a special event, before which it is quite natural to feel a sense of excitement and stay up all night. As a reward for being too sensitive in the morning…

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