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Makeup for green eyes [пошагово с фото]: evening, daytime make-up ideas for light and dark hair

Basic rules for beautiful green eye makeup

Green-eyed girls, you are very lucky: with your eye color, you can endlessly experiment with makeup and shade your natural color in different ways, playing with different shades. Today we will tell you a couple of secrets on how to emphasize green eyes and how to diversify everyday makeup for green eyes.

  • Many girls like to match shadows and other beauty makeup products exactly to the shade of their eyes. But in vain! You will be surprised how your look will sparkle in a new way if you choose the right palette of products for make-up. However, for girls with green eyes, the green range of funds is also suitable. But this does not exclude beauty experiments.
  • The main rule for a beautiful green eye makeup: you need to choose a warm range of products, not a cold one. Therefore, pay special attention to golden, beige, coral, orange shades and all their variations.
  • Well, the most important, albeit unexpected, shade for green eyes is purple and all its derivatives – from lavender to eggplant. Such a choice will make the look very deep and will attract the attention of interlocutors to you.
  • Eye makeup is not just eye shadow! Confidently choose colored mascara (like Maybelline NY’s Snapscara), draw colored lines with eyeliners (like Hyper Precise) or gel pencils (like the iconic Tattoo Liner). Choose from a wide range of Maybelline NY.
  • When choosing a shade of green eye makeup, pay attention to hair color as well. Brunettes, fair-haired, blondes with green eyes are suitable for different shades of beauty products.
  • We talk a lot about color products, but do not forget about the classics: black and brown shadows and liners are a must-have in girls with green eyes.

Girl with green eyes

Types of makeup for green eyes

Let’s look at the main types of makeup for green eyes.

Daytime and everyday makeup for green eyes

Catch a few ideas at once on how to do makeup for every day for green eyes. First of all, have eyeshadows with light golden sparkles in your beauty arsenal (you can find these in the Color Tattoo assortment). Apply cream eyeshadow all over your lid with your finger, add brown or black lengthening mascara (like Maybelline NY’s The Falsies Lash Lift) and you’re done. The same combination is suitable for light makeup for green eyes. You can make this for work or for breakfast with friends.

Another idea: carefully blend one of the shades from the Lemonade Craze palette with an eyeshadow brush so that the pigment is very delicate, not too saturated, but rather in the form of a haze. A great option for spring make-up for every day.

Step by step makeup for green eyes

Evening makeup for green eyes

Smokey ice makeup is very suitable for girls with green eyes: it seems to frame the beautiful natural color of the eyes and make it brighter. You can do classic smoky eye makeup in brown-beige (The Nudes palette from Maybelline NY will help you with this). Or try to add some classic purple to this ensemble – you can with a shimmer, or without.

Evening makeup for green eyes

Bright makeup for green eyes

Shades from the trendy Lemonade Craze palette, as a selection, are suitable for girls with green eyes. Combine them or paint over the entire moving eyelid with juicy shades of lemon, orange, berries. One palette – dozens of beauty ideas and opportunities for bright eye makeup. Makeup can be fun or daring, it all depends on your mood.

Green eye makeup: step by step photo tutorial

We tell you how to make fashionable makeup for green eyes step by step at home.

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