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Makeup for Instagram photos: ideas on how to make up for a beautiful selfie

Makeup that makes everyone look beautiful in photos

Photos for Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki are all carefully chosen. And someone even thoroughly prepares for shooting, in order to retouch and “tint” the picture less later.

In fact, for a selfie or a portrait to turn out well, you need to come up with an original idea for a photo, choose a good angle, adjust the light and remember about the right makeup.

It is make-up that plays one of the key roles in a successful selfie, so we tell you which one to choose so as not to miscalculate.

Recommendations for beautiful delicate makeup in the social network

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It should be clarified right away that we are not talking about professional makeup for a photo shoot or shooting. This is done by a makeup artist with experience and skills, because every little thing matters there. Today we will consider the main nuances of make-up for your own blog, website, social network. In general, useful tips for those who want a beautiful selfie on their phone.

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We make up less than usual

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To get a good photo, it is not at all necessary to apply all shades of shadows at once, glue false eyelashes and line your lips with a pencil. Makeup artists, on the contrary, recommend using less makeup than in everyday life. It is only important to mask the flaws and even out the tone.

For this, it is best to use a makeup sponge. We apply the foundation not immediately on it, but on the brush. Then, with the help of sports, we take the right amount of masking cream from the hand and apply it on the face.

Liquid highlighter is recommended to be used according to the same principle: first on the hand, and then on the face.

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It is not necessary to follow all the stages of makeup

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It is in ordinary life, when going to work or a date, it is important to apply makeup in such a way that it remains in perfect form for as long as possible. And for photography, it is enough to hide the flaws, while maintaining the freshness of the face. Therefore, it is not necessary to use makeup primer, or fixer. It is enough to even out the tone of the face and designate the cheekbones.

fuzzy lines

We all remember the facial contouring that Kim Kardashian brought into fashion. However, this make-up option is not only outdated, but also very mature, so you should not repeat it if there is no goal to look a couple of years older.

Light eye and lip makeup, without clear lines, is the perfect solution for a gentle summer selfie. And remember that contouring is a professional type of makeup that is extremely difficult to repeat on your own. Any flaws will show up in the photo.

Use highlighter and bronzing powder


Professional photographers say that half the success of a good shot is good lighting, so it’s better to take a selfie in the morning or afternoon. It is also worth complementing the makeup with a highlighter and bronzing powder. These tools will help to “highlight” and “darken” individual areas, making the skin radiant and fresh in the picture.

With a light highlighter (it is advisable to choose a liquid loose texture), we highlight the cheekbones, the forehead area along the hairline, the tip of the nose, the center of the chin. Apply bronzing powder with a brush on the cheekbones just below the highlighter.

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Matte shadows

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Even if you really want to apply glitter or shimmery shadows on your eyes, it is better to choose a matte neutral shade. Such photos look more natural and fresh.

Pencil instead of eyeliner

Christine Asmus

Of course, if you draw arrows before your eyes every day and have brought their shape to the ideal, you don’t need to give them up. But especially for the photo, experimenting and drawing arrows is not recommended, since any inaccuracy in the photo is very noticeable. It is better to use a dark pencil over neutral matte shadows. It is applied to the mobile eyelid close to the eyelashes and shaded with a brush.

Pay attention to your eyebrows

Beautiful girl with red hair

Sloppy eyebrows are especially noticeable in selfies, so try to bring them to a decent look. Now the trend is combed up hairs. This option looks fresh and modern.

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Makeup with which any woman in a selfie will look beautiful is as natural as possible.

The fewer layers of foundation on the face, the better. Also, you do not need to use a lip liner that contrasts with lipstick, apply eyeliner to the eyelid. Experts recommend only emphasizing the eyes and lips, and not making war paint. This option is good for a photo shoot when a photographer who knows how to correctly set the light and angle is working with you.

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