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Makeup for school: easy teen make-up for every day

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    Step 1

    With clean fingers, a sponge or a brush, spread the Dream Satin BB Cream over the skin. It has a protective factor SPF-30, which is especially useful in September and May, when physical education classes are held outdoors.

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    Step 2

    Use Tattoo Brow Pomade. Brush with a beveled tip to correct the shape, and then comb the hairs with a brush.

  3. 55076

    Step 3

    Style your brows with Brow Drama mascara. Start at the ponytail and work your way to the inner corner.

  4. 55026

    Step 4

    Apply the beige shadows from the City Mini Palette into the crease of the eyelid. To emphasize the outer corner of the eye, apply shadows of a darker shade.

  5. 55044

    Step 5

    Coat your lashes with Snapscara mascara (Black Cherry shade). It does not contain wax and is washed off with plain warm water! One layer is enough, but if you want to achieve additional volume, tint the base of the eyelashes again.

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    Step 6

    Conceal dark circles under the eyes with Fit Me concealer. Try to make driving movements with your fingertips, and not stretch the skin.

  7. 55123

    Step 7

    Apply Fit Me blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend towards your temples for a youthful, natural blush.

  8. 55089

    Step 8

    Pick up Face Studio powder on a fluffy brush and powder the T-zone: forehead, nose and chin (they start to get oily first of all).

  9. 55106

    Step 9

    Line your lips with Superstay Ink Crayon lipstick.

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