Какой можно сделать макияж в школу?

Makeup for school: rules, ideas, photos, examples

What kind of makeup can I do for school?

Time does not stand still, and schoolgirls, paying tribute to fashion, also want to look good and stylish at school. Girls learn to be women from the cradle, so they think not only about clothes, but also about makeup.

Adults often disapprove of teenage girls’ aspirations to master the art of makeup. But, misunderstanding occurs only because of the mistakes that girls make when applying cosmetics.

Makeup rules for school

Makeup rules for school

Each art, including makeup, has its own specific rules. The first main rule for any make-up (make-up), especially school: cosmetics should be minimal. Youth requires closeness to nature. School make-up should be unobtrusive and gentle, with correctly placed accents.

And the second, main rule is the correct application and distribution of cosmetics or, in other words, shading. It is important to distribute all cosmetics evenly over the entire surface, in a thin layer so that there are no dark or light spots left.

Girls should know that there are two types of make-up. The technique of execution and the selection of colors and accents will depend on what is required.

Everyday makeup emphasizes natural beauty. It is not intrusive and is performed in light, natural colors. Usually used mascara, lip gloss or lipstick a tone darker than natural color, light light eye shadow. This makeup can be done to school every day.

Everyday makeup

evening make-up suggests that the light source will be artificial, and in order to look good in the evening, the make-up is made more saturated. The eyes are highlighted with dark eyeliner, the eyebrows are outlined brighter. Preference is given to bright juicy lipsticks and shadows that match the color of the eyes.

evening make-up

The purpose of the school make-up is to emphasize youth and beauty, as well as hide age-related imperfections, for example, teenage acne.

So, in order to look great, natural, and not vulgar, in accordance with age, young ladies need to use a certain set of cosmetics.

For 10-11 years old make-up is completely unnecessary, but you can emphasize the lips with a balm or gloss. Colorless or pink gloss is perfect.

Make-up for 10-11 years old
For girls 10-11 years old, it is enough to emphasize the lips with a balm.

For 12-13 years old mascara and colored eyebrow gel can be added to lip gloss. This will be quite enough to emphasize the natural beauty.

Makeup for 12-13 years old
Adolescents 12-13 years old can, in addition to lip gloss, paint over eyelashes with mascara, and eyebrows with modeling gel.

At 14-16 years old already there is a need for a tinting agent, as teenage acne appears. It is better to abandon the standard foundation and use a BB cream. This is an excellent tool that does not clog pores, cares for the skin, providing a healing effect and evens out the complexion.

Also, a solution for problem skin in adolescents 14-16 years old can be a concealer that hides acne dotted. A dense layer of foundation creates an unpleasant age-related effect, so you should not use it. Also, high-lighters and cheekbones, bright blush and colored eyeliners and mascara are unacceptable.

Makeup for 14-16 years old
Girls 14-16 years old should give preference to BB cream and concealer for teenage skin care.

Suitable cosmetics

Suitable cosmetics for schoolgirls

The main issue is the choice of suitable cosmetics for school, since teenagers spend most of their time there.

To visit educational institutions, make-up should be neutral, which means that neutral natural cosmetics are suitable. Bright juicy shades of lipsticks and shadows not only spoil the image, but you can get a reprimand for such a make-up.

To perform a school make-up, you will need a minimum of cosmetics in order to look natural, but well-groomed. It is important not to make a mistake in choosing a color type, i.e. choose the right cosmetics that correct certain areas of the face. Shades should be as similar as possible to the natural color of the lips, eyelids and skin tone.

There is a special series of decorative cosmetics for teenagers. It passes many tests in laboratories and is of high quality. Such cosmetics do not spoil the skin and allow it to breathe. They do not contain harmful chemicals. For example, mascaras are water-based, mineral blush does not cause acne, tinting agents are produced on the basis of healing creams, etc.

Some brands that have already established themselves in the field of teenage cosmetics are popular. These include: Sephora, Neutrogena, Biotrem, Clarins, Maybelline, MAC, Cover Girl, Clinique, Almay, etc.

Sephora makeup set
Sephora makeup set
Cosmetics set by Clarins
Cosmetics set by Clarins
A set for everyday and evening make-up by Cover Girl
A set for everyday and evening make-up by Cover Girl
A set of cosmetics from Almay
Set from Almay

As for the set of decorative cosmetics for schoolgirls, it is very different from the set for an adult woman, not only in quality and production basis, but also in coloristic orientation.

For young girls, the following set of decorative cosmetics will be relevant:

  • Fluid base;
  • A set of not bright shadows, the shades of which are close to natural for everyday makeup. Shimmery shadows can be used for evening make-up;
  • Black eyeliner or pencil only in case of evening make-up or for high school students;
  • Mineral blush in pastel pink, light beige or pale peach shades;
  • Black mascara or transparent gel;
  • Lip balm or gloss pink or clear;
  • The basis for make-up;
  • Mineral powder.

In addition to decorative cosmetics, young schoolgirls of all ages are in dire need of skin care products: tonic, cleanser, creams for moisturizing or drying the skin (depending on dermatological indicators), acne creams, therapeutic masks and makeup removers.

Recommended techniques and colors

Recommended techniques and colors

The technique of applying school makeup is called “makeup without makeup”. Now such a make-up is recommended not only for teenagers, but in general, it has become very popular. Incredible, bright and even freaky images are being replaced by naturalness.

Any makeup begins with preparing the face and moisturizing the skin. It is necessary to wash and then apply a moisturizer, selected individually. Then apply the base for make-up, if there is a need to use foundation. It is better to use concealer at such a young age, this will be quite enough.


The basis is selected only for the individual type of skin. For young skin, a fluid foundation is recommended. It is transparent and light and perfectly evens and mattifies the tone of the face. The only caveat is if there are any major imperfections, then it won’t be able to hide them as it contains very little pigment. After applying the foundation, you can apply powder or blush.

In order to create a more expressive image, it is enough …

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