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Makeup for the impending eyelid and eye enlargement: step by step photo

How to do makeup, if the impending eyelid?

A drooping eyelid can be the result of fatigue, age-related changes, or a genetic predisposition. It is not difficult to determine the overhanging eyelid: the upper fixed eyelid hangs slightly or strongly, almost completely covering the movable one or partially, mainly the center of the eye, the inner or outer corner.

Rules for applying makeup on eyes with an impending eyelid

Before you start doing makeup for the impending century, you need to familiarize yourself with the main recommendations of experts in the field of makeup. Professionals strongly recommend following a number of rules when applying makeup for lowered eyelids:

  • Be sure to use a primer;
  • Apply dark shadows and above the crease;
  • Use matte shadows to reduce the eyelid;
  • Apply waterproof mascara, eyeliners and shadows;
  • Apply shimmer to the inner corner of the eye;
  • The tails of the arrows do not extend beyond the eye and do not lower;
  • Carefully blend shadows, arrows and eyeliner.

Girls with an impending upper eyelid need to apply makeup very carefully. To do this, you can use a little trick – take an ordinary napkin and attach it to the outer corner of the eye so that one end comes into contact with the wings of the nose. Thus, when applying shadows, the line will turn out to be clearly defined.

Another interesting trick is to keep your eyes open at all times, especially when using shadows. So the crease between the eyelids will be more noticeable and it will be easier to navigate the makeup. The same method can be used with eyeliner.

It is important to remember that when choosing cosmetics for makeup with an impending eyelid, preference should be given to waterproof products, including mascara, eyeliner, shadows, pencils and glitter.


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Pay attention to eye color

For brown eye makeup with an impending upper eyelid, lilac, emerald and blue-blue shades are suitable. Brown, golden and black shadows using the smoky ice technique will ideally emphasize the depth of the look.

Bright makeup for brown eyes and impending eyelids

Green eyes you should select shades from the purple color scheme, mainly purple nuances or shades of burgundy. A great evening make-up option would be smokey ice, made in khaki shades.

Smokey ice for green eyes and impending century

Create an illusory haze around blue or gray eyes You can use shadows in gray and light brown colors. And shades of coral, rose or sky will help to create a beautiful daytime make-up in relief technique.

Makeup for gray eyes with an impending eyelid

Before applying makeup for the impending century, do not forget about the color of the eyes. By choosing the right shades of shadows, you can achieve an impressive effect with a simple focus on the look.

Look at the shape of the eyes

Makeup for the impending eyelid for the Asian type of face

The impending eyelid is especially characteristic of Asian types, but is also quite common in Europeans. However, makeup for each face differs in skin tone, eyes, hair.

For Asian women, the most profitable makeup option will be techniques that include arrows, especially feathered ones. Of the techniques, preference should be given to a contrasting option, including the two lightest and darkest shades from the palette, for example, smokey ice or bird’s wing.

From the colors suitable for makeup for Asian eyes with overhanging eyelids, it is better to choose:

  • Light gray;
  • Dusty;
  • The black;
  • Purple;
  • Dark pink;
  • Chocolate.

It is recommended to resort to tricks like “artificial fold” – for Asian women, and the play of light and shadow, which combines warm and cold tones of shadows – for the European type of face.

Evening makeup for Asian eyes

For the European type of face, more techniques and shades are suitable. You can choose a relief method of applying shadows, smokey ice, a butterfly or a loop. Naturally, each technique must be performed flawlessly to hide imperfections.

The color palette of shadows for the impending century and the European type:

  • Violet;
  • Emerald;
  • Brown;
  • Golden;
  • The black;
  • Smoky;
  • Nude.

Lipsticks for each type are selected in accordance with the shade of shadows, skin tone, hair and eye color, as well as in compliance with the basic rule of any makeup: select only the eyes, or only the lips.

Recommended colors and techniques

Golden make-up in relief technique for the impending century

The choice of eyeshadow color for eyelid makeup depends on the shade of the eyes. But no less attention should be paid to the finish. Matte shadows are the best makeup option for small eyes with an overhanging upper eyelid. In no case should you use a pearlescent coating, it will “blur” the look and visually even reduce the eyes.

When creating makeup with colorful shades, the shadows should be carefully blended outside the eyelid.

You need to be extremely careful with bright shades, especially neon shadows. Despite the fashionability of this option, makeup artists strongly recommend that girls with an impending eyelid avoid makeup with similar options. Only a professional can make a high-quality make-up with rich neon shades.

One of the most trendy and simple techniques, ideal for making up the impending upper eyelid, is the popular smokey ice. Creating a smoky make-up consists of combining several shades of shadows to create a smooth transition and a blurry effect. The best color solution is the choice of brown shades.

Smokey ice for the impending century: step by step

Smokey ice for the impending century

Step 1: base. Choose a base color from…

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