Makeup Harley Quinn in stages: light makeup, cosmetics review

Harley Quinn makeup features

Makeup Harley Quinn breaks the main beauty taboo – the rule of one accent. The Joker’s girlfriend has three of them at once! And on the skin, and on the eyes, and on the lips.


Very pale, matte. To create the desired effect, you can use professional makeup or foundation a few shades lighter than usual.


If you want to create the most recognizable look, use contrasting shadows in your Harley Quinn makeup. Must have – pink and blue (or blue and red). Other important features include careless shading and dark eyebrows.


Use bright lipstick: all shades of red will do: from fuchsia and cherry to classic scarlet.

In the image of Harley Quinn, details are also important: for example, ponytails with multi-colored tips and drawings on the face. This is a heart-shaped mole under the eye and a tattoo on the cheek ROTTEN (translation “cheesy, nasty, spoiled”)

What you need to create a Harley Quinn make-up

Makeup in the style of Harley Quinn can be recreated at home (although this is not the easiest makeup). What makeup is needed for this?

  • Tone cream. Use Superstay 24 with a matte finish (Ivory is the lightest shade). Thanks to the super-resistant formula, make-up is not afraid of even a disco at a party!
  • Concealer. Fit Me and The Eraser Eye will help hide dark circles under the eyes and other imperfections.
  • Powder. Face Studio Fix is ​​perfect for fixing makeup.
  • Eyeliner. Gel Tattoo Liner can bring eyelids and drawings on the cheeks. It is water resistant: does not smudge and lasts up to 36 hours.
  • Mascara. The Falsies Lash Lift has a figure-eight brush that curls, lengthens and adds volume!
  • girl with harley quinn makeup

  • Eye shadow. The most daring shades are in the Lemonade Craze palette!
  • Pomade. Superstay Matte Ink doesn’t bleed and is easy to apply! Use two bright shades (the darker one is for the lip contour).
  • girl with harley quinn makeup

  • Eyebrow products. Draw in the missing hairs with the Brow Satin pencil. Fill in gaps with Tattoo Brow Pomade and finally set with Brow Drama Mascara.

Makeup Harley Quinn from the movie “Birds of Prey”: step by step

Maybelline NY official makeup artist Yura Stolyarov and Stesha Malikova recorded a cool video for you, and we added a simple photo instruction. They will tell you how to do Harley Quinn’s makeup in stages: and no worse than Margot Robbie’s makeup artists!

So, you will need:

  • Makeup base Baby Skin.
  • Tattoo Liner, Black.
  • The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Mascara Lash Lift.
  • Affinitone Foundation, shade 24.
  • Tattoo Brow Pomade, shade 04.
  • Eyebrow gel Tattoo Brow, shade 06.
  • Superstay concealer, shade 18.
  • Face Studio Setting Powder, shade 12.
  • Lipstick Superstay Matte Ink, shades 150 and 115.

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