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Makeup Mistakes: The 15 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes – Test Yourself

The main rule of makeup – no rules! Nevertheless, there are 15 very gross mistakes that every fifth girl makes. But the most interesting thing is that even professional makeup artists allow them. Therefore, we invite you to consider top 15 most common makeup mistakes and test yourself.

Find out what makeup celebrities choose for social media photos. It also has its own secrets!

Mistake 1: Incorrect drawing of the cheekbones

This mistake is made by 80% of those who consider themselves a professional makeup artist. Surprisingly, ignorance of anatomy and blind copying leads to massive confusion, so to speak.

When drawing the cheekbones, everyone draws a triangle expanding towards the temples, which is absolutely contrary to biology. You need to darken the only important point on the cheek. How to find it? Put your finger on your cheekbone. At the junction of the bone and the lower jaw is the same point.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

There are a huge number of photos of makeup tutorials with a detailed description of contouring on the network, and the worst thing is that they are all completely wrong.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Mistake 2: Red bronzer instead of taupe contouring

About 10 years ago, we knew nothing about contouring and painted red cheeks with bronzer. But today it’s already worth knowing that the red pigment looks extremely unnatural on the skin of the face, so makeup artists advise buying a gray-brown contouring palette. Cosmetics stores have a huge number of products for any makeup.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Mistake 3: Too light concealer under the eyes in the form of a circle

We decided to cover 2 makeup mistakes at once that relate to concealer. It turns out that almost no one knows how to use it. The main place of application of this product is the corner of the eyes, as there are a large number of wreaths and capillaries, which creates the effect of a bruise.

We apply a small amount of concealer in the corner of the eye and blend it towards the center (we get the same triangle, but softer). Here is the only correct way. Neither a semicircle nor a huge triangle right up to the nose is considered correct and does not give freshness to the face.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Concerning colors, many women think that if they have dark circles under their eyes, then the color of the concealer must be chosen lighter. But in the end we get gray circles, which makes the look even more tired and heavy.

In the presence of dark circles, use a peach corrector, then apply tonal and only then lightly mark the place with concealer. The color of the product should be a maximum of 1 tone lighter, but no more (you can also choose a shade to match the tone).

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Mistake 4: Unnatural blush on the cheekbone

To begin with, many people completely forget about such an important element in makeup as blush. Having made beautiful eye makeup, brightly painted lips, you should create a connecting element between the lips and eyes. This connecting element is the blush, which should also be drawn correctly.

Smiling, you will find the right place for blush – the apples of your cheeks.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Next, the most important thing in facial makeup is the color of the blush. Remember that natural blush does not come in orange and brown. The shade can wash cold or warm (depending on your skin tone), but always soft pink or coral. How to determine your color? Pinch your cheek.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Well, a bonus tip, go over the remnants of the product on the tip of the nose and around the perimeter of the face to create color harmony.

Mistake 5: Too dark or, conversely, invisible eyebrows

Bright evening eye makeup requires more intense eyebrows, while light daytime makeup requires delicate natural ones. In order not to “overdo it”, first of all we paint the eyes, we leave the eyebrows in the end.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

And remember what a beautiful natural eyebrow looks like: the inner corner is less intense, approaching the peak of the break – more saturated.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Mistake 6: Lack of Color Harmony

Sometimes technically beautiful makeup looks very awkward. The thing is that the master did not adhere to the “harmony of color”, which says that it is worth working in one shade (cold or warm). Cold shades contain blue, warm shades contain yellow. Thus, using completely different colors, you can create a beautiful harmonious image.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Mistake 7: Highlighter in separate areas

We all know that highlighter should be applied under the eyebrow, on the cheekbones, the corners of the eyes, the back of the nose and the checkmark above the upper lip. As a result, we get shiny pieces that look awkward. It is very important to shade the siator correctly: smoothly shade the shine on the cheekbone and create a slight shine above the eyebrow, apply the highlighter to the base of the nose and blend to the tip, gently mark the check mark above the upper lip, stretching to the corners of the mouth.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Well, and most importantly, do not overdo it with the highlighter, because the point of the highlighter is to create a natural glow on the face, and not the effect of oily skin.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Also try to choose the most natural shade.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Mistake 8: Lack of contouring after tone alignment

Makeup for every day involves the use of BB cream or a light foundation that doesn’t cover anything much, but creates the effect of beautiful skin. If we are talking about evening make-up, when a dense toner is used, we should not forget about light contouring. A dense foundation hides all skin imperfections, but at the same time all natural shadows. As a result, we get a puppet face, like a huge blank sheet of paper.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

It is worth walking lightly after powdering with a soft brush with a dry corrector over the blackout zones.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Mistake 9: Coloring only the tips of the eyelashes

We are all used to coloring eyelashes, focusing on the tips (especially when we quickly do light makeup in the morning). What do we get? Under the weight of the mascara, the hairs fall and we get not big eyes, but the opposite effect. Remember, when painting eyelashes, we focus on the roots.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Mistake 10: White line on the mucous membrane of the eye

Wanting to enlarge the eye, many girls paint over the lower mucous membrane of the eye and they are almost right. By highlighting the mucous membrane, the eye really becomes visually larger, only it is worth using not a white, but a pale pink or beige pencil. White color is unnatural for the face (it is not on our face).

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

Mistake 11: A clear tonal border is a “mask” on the face

Almost everyone applies tonal strictly on the face, as a result of which we get a clear border and a “mask” on the face. Professional make-up artists apply a little product on the ears and neck, after which they blend very well with a soft synthetic brush (duofiber). Pay special attention to the neck, as it often differs not in color, but in texture. Just a little tonal will fix this problem.

Top 15 Makeup Mistakes - Check Yourself

From this error, we smoothly move on to another problem.

Mistake 12: Incorrectly selected tonal shade

If you made a mistake with the color…

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