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Makeup remover milk: an overview of products

How to choose a make-up remover milk?

Every day, we expose our skin to a little chemical attack when we put on make-up. In order for the skin to remain healthy and beautiful, you need to properly care for it, and the first and most important step in skin care is cleansing.

Make-up remover milk It is one of the indelible skin care products. It is designed for those who are trying to limit the contact of tap water with the skin. The main task of milk is to cleanse the face of decorative cosmetics, accumulated sebaceous fat and dust.

Facial milk consists of water, oils and cleansers, the combination of which dissolves and allows you to wash off cosmetics. The main feature of the product is that, unlike gel or foam, in the process of cleansing, no need to use water.

Benefits of using milk

Skin cleansing

This makeup remover is called “milk” because of the liquid consistency and color, visually resembling a food product.

The makeup remover has the following benefits:

  • The product effectively cleans makeup from the face, eyes, lips, copes with waterproof cosmetics.
  • It is convenient to use the product if a person is temporarily unable to use water, since milk does not require contact with water.
  • Does not contain soap, surfactants and alkalis, which adversely affect the pH of the skin and injure its protective hydrolipidic mantle.
  • Ideal for dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin, as the skin is affected by the fats that make up milk. As a result, after removing the remnants of decorative cosmetics, the face receives hydration and nutrition with the components of the product.

Makeup remover milk is not recommended for owners of oily skin, as the fats in the composition will only aggravate the situation, remaining on the skin. Therefore, you should choose a product that is suitable for your skin type.

Some girls note that the regular use of milk to remove makeup clogs micropores, which does not allow the skin to “breathe”. Also, the tool can create an unpleasant feeling of “mask” on the skin. It is easy to get rid of the film if you rinse your face with water.

How to choose the right remedy?

Makeup removers

To choose the right makeup remover milk, you first need to pay attention to your skin type. There are several types of milk for removing makeup on the market:

  • For dry and sensitive skin;
  • For normal and combination skin;
  • For oily skin.

If your skin is very sensitive to cosmetics, then you should purchase a hypoallergenic make-up remover milk.

Makeup remover for sensitive skin should have a soft texture. The product should not cause, but prevent irritation and redness on the face. Products that contain olive oil, sweet almond extract, calendula, D-panthenol, etc., work well with this.

When choosing any cosmetic product, it is important to pay attention to the date of manufacture. And when using, adhere to the expiration date.

In the composition of the products you need to look for antioxidants. They will eliminate the first signs of skin aging, fight the oxidative process and bring the skin ecosystem into balance.

Dry skin needs extra vitamins and nutrition. Therefore, you need to pay attention to milk, which contains an extract of apricot, Rhodiola rosea, lungwort, etc.

Not many brands produce milk for oily skin. Often the product leaves residue on oily skin, which forces you to rinse your face with water. Therefore, the tool is not so popular with owners of this type of skin.

But some brands still managed to create the right balance of components that attracted buyers. For example, the brands Dr. Sante, Claire de Nature and Canaan Minerals & Herbs. These products contain cucumber extracts and Dead Sea minerals.

How to use makeup remover milk?

Facial cleansing

The instructions on the package with a new product are usually short and do not contain all the necessary recommendations for cleansing makeup with a cosmetic product. Therefore, it is necessary to consider in more detail how to properly use make-up remover milk.

For the skin cleansing process, you will need several cotton pads, depending on the complexity of the make-up.

You need to remove makeup in the following sequence:

  1. Lip cleansing;
  2. Eye cleansing;
  3. Skin cleansing.

To remove make-up lips, you need to apply a little funds on a cotton pad and distribute it on the lips. Then you need to wait a few seconds for the product to be absorbed and begin to act. After the milk has been absorbed, you can wipe the skin with a disk, moving from the edges to the center of the lips.

Removing cosmetics from eye occurs depending on what kind of makeup was applied. First of all, you need to take on the removal of eyeliner and mascara. To do this, soak a cotton pad in the product and gently wipe the eye, starting from the bridge of the nose, moving towards the temple. To remove waterproof makeup, it is recommended to apply a disc with the product to the eyelids for 20-30 seconds to enhance the effect on the skin. Mascara should be washed off starting from the base, moving to the tips.

Using makeup remover

cleansing skin from foundation, powder, blush and other products, you need to follow the natural massage lines of the face. To do this, you need to distribute the milk over the skin, wait a few seconds and gently wipe the skin.

When cleansing the skin, follow the recommendations and sequence, then you will get clean, moisturized skin, ready for the next step of care.

Overview of the best funds

Make-up removal

When choosing a makeup remover, in addition to the composition and price, you need to pay attention to the brand. It is advisable to give preference to firms that have managed to establish themselves and have good reviews about the product.

Below are the tools that have the best value for money.

Make-up remover milk Stripped Off NYX Professional Makeup. This product is intended for dry to normal skin. Effectively cleanses the face from any impurities and waterproof make-up. The delicate texture of the product with vitamin E perfectly cleanses the pores and provides skin care. The product is applied to a cotton pad and wipe the skin until completely cleansed. You can also apply the product with your fingers on the skin, wait until it dissolves the cosmetics and wipe the face with a disc.

Makeup Remover Milk Stripped Off, NYX Professional Makeup
Makeup Remover Milk Stripped Off, NYX Professional Makeup

Cleansing milk for eyes and face Galateis Douceur, Lancome. This makeup remover gently and gently cleanses the face and eyes of makeup, leaving it hydrated and fresh. Good moisturizing properties allow you not to use the cream after cleansing the skin. The product is applied by hand with spiral movements on the face, and then wiped with a cotton pad or napkin until completely cleansed.

Cleansing milk Galateis Douceur, Lancôme
Cleansing milk Galateis Douceur, Lancôme

Makeup remover milk TOLERIANE DERMO-CLEANSER, LA ROCHE-POSAY. This product…

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