Макияж для серых глаз

Makeup rules for gray eyes

What to do makeup for gray eyes?

Gray eyes are much rarer than the others. At the same time, they often contain various shades of blue, green and even brown. Moreover, the change in the shade of gray eyes can also depend on the lighting, skin tone, hair color. This greatly complicates the choice of shadows suitable for gray-eyed girls.

Features of makeup for gray eyes

Bright makeup for gray eyes

Before applying makeup for gray eyes, you need to decide on the color type of the skin. The warm type refers to skin with a golden, pinkish or yellowish tint, to the cold type – with gray or even blue.

For owners of gray eyes and a warm color type, shadows are suitable:

  • bronzes;
  • caramel;
  • sand;
  • Pink;
  • Beige;
  • Orange.

The trend is makeup with pink and orange colors, which will help not only emphasize the natural beauty of gray eyes, but also stand out in the fashion community. However, it must be borne in mind that these tones are quite difficult to apply, so you need to handle them competently and carefully so as not to overload the makeup.

Makeup for gray eyes in pink tones

For cold skin types and gray eyes, shades are more suitable:

  • Green;
  • purple;
  • brown;
  • Blue;
  • Silver.

These color palettes are ideal for creating evening make-up. They help to make the right emphasis on the shade of the eyes, give the look depth and at the same time look extremely aesthetically pleasing. The main rule when applying saturated tones is good shading.

In the makeup of gray eyes, terracotta shades should be avoided. They make the look tired and create a dull look.

Brown shades of shadows are more suitable for daytime makeup, as well as nude nuances, especially in combination with light arrows of discreet colors.

Smokey ice for gray eyes

Universal shades of shadows suitable for gray eyesrefer to gray nuances:

  • Light gray;
  • Wet asphalt;
  • Silver metallic;
  • Taupe;
  • Graphite.

In addition to metallic gray, warm shades are also suitable: bronze, copper, gold. These colors look especially good in daytime makeup and when using the “cat’s eye” technique.

You should refrain from choosing shadows that match the natural shade of the iris, otherwise the look will become cloudy and inexpressive.

Shadows with a red or pink undertone will help soften the look of gray eyes: purple, wine, plum, eggplant. They will make the look more expressive and give playfulness.

Intense makeup with bright lipstick for gray eyes

When choosing lipstick for makeup for gray eyes, pay attention to rich colors with a creamy texture or nude. The following shades of lipsticks are in priority:

  • Peach;
  • Plum;
  • brown;
  • Wine;
  • Red.

If there are red rashes on the face, makeup artists advise avoiding bright colors and giving preference to lipsticks with a light blue undertone or natural nuances. From nude, it is better to choose lipstick a tone or two lighter or darker than the natural shade of the lips.

For gray eyes and blond hair

Spectacular makeup for blondes with gray eyes

It is extremely important for fair-haired owners of gray eyes to correctly place accents in makeup, otherwise the image will turn out to be colorless, dull and uninteresting.

Combinations of shadows will help to emphasize the beauty of the eyes and their natural shade:

  • Nude, brown and golden;
  • Beige, chocolate and champagne;
  • Nude, gray and wet asphalt;
  • Light grey, silver and magenta;
  • Peach, coffee and shimmer.

Adding bright nuances directly depends on the purpose of makeup. However, even in a daytime make-up for gray eyes, makeup artists strongly recommend using one darker shade to highlight the look.

Therefore, the most suitable techniques for blondes with gray eyes are:

  • “Martin”;
  • “With arrows”;
  • “Cat’s eye”;
  • “Smoky Ice”;
  • “Relief”.

Nude makeup for blondes with gray eyes

The best solution for daytime makeup would be nude makeup with metallic arrows, and for evening makeup – smokey ice in purple or blue colors with careful shading.

There is also a number make-up prohibitions for girls with blond hair and gray eyes:

  • orange shadows;
  • The use of black kayala;
  • Dry eyeshadow texture;
  • Brown ink.

It is recommended to choose shadows with a creamy texture and a shimmer, a wet method of applying cosmetics is also suitable, that is, apply shadows with a wet brush. This simple method is used even by the most famous makeup artists, as it contributes to more intense color and make-up durability.

For gray eyes and dark hair

Beautiful makeup for brunettes with gray eyes

Brunettes with gray eyes are lucky – almost any type of makeup suits them. Thanks to the beautiful contrast of light eyes and dark hair, they can choose a make-up with a variety of colors and techniques.

Most Popular makeup options for gray-eyed brunettes combinations include:

  • Light gray, blue, smoky;
  • Gray, purple, black;
  • Beige, caramel, golden;
  • Champagne, emerald, graphite;
  • Peach, cinnamon, plum.

Black eyeliner is the perfect complement to makeup for gray eyes and dark hair. You can replace the classic style with bright arrows in purple, gold or silver.

Evening makeup for gray-eyed brunettes

As a daytime make-up option for brunettes with gray eyes, you can use a nude make-up in light brown shades with the addition of an arrow. In this case, it is important to paint over the eyelashes well with black.

In choise evening make-up for girls with a similar type there are practically no restrictions. Popular techniques for applying shadows made in colorful saturated colors are suitable for them:

  • “Smoky Ice”;
  • “Bird Wing”;
  • “The loop”;
  • “Cat’s eye”;
  • “Embossed”.

Of the colors, all shades of purple, fuchsia, copper, gray, turquoise, brown are recommended, with the addition of black, metallic or shimmer. At the same time, it is better to choose matte shadows, and bright accents can be with a mother-of-pearl or satin finish.

Natural make-up with bright lips for gray-eyed brunettes

Makeup lipstick for grey-eyed brunettes is chosen according to the occasion. However, even nude-style daytime makeup can be complemented with a bright color accent on the lips, using rich lipstick in the following shades:

  • Cold red;
  • Terracotta;
  • Pink plum;
  • Red with peach undertones;
  • Chocolate.

From neutral tones of lipstick for makeup, faded shades of pink and beige, milky pastel colors and lavender are suitable. They will perfectly complement the look for an evening date or a business meeting.


Evening makeup in green tones for blue eyes

Beautiful evening makeup for gray eyes can be easily done at home without special makeup skills. The main thing is to correctly choose the shadows for the make-up, focusing on skin tone and hair color.

It is equally important to take into account the presence of color shades in gray eyes, depending on which one needs to be emphasized. colors are used:

  • For blue-gray eyes: gray, metallic, coral, flesh, pink;
  • For gray-green: emerald, light green, turquoise, dark blue, purple;
  • For gray eyes with brown patches: brown, dark gray, golden, purple.

A similar make-up is suitable for solemn …

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