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Makeup sponge: types, rules of use

How to choose and how to use makeup sponge?

Sponges for makeup appeared more than 10 years ago and successfully conquered a niche in the beauty industry, becoming an indispensable weapon in the hands of makeup artists and ordinary girls.

Sponge – sponge with a porous structure of small size. Designed to evenly distribute foundation over the skin of the face. Beauty sponges can be of different shapes, colors and sizes. Each type of sponge is used depending on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin and its purpose.

Types of makeup sponges

Makeup sponges

There are several basic types of makeup sponges. Makeup artists recommend purchasing sponges immediately in a set. The presence of different shapes and sizes will help make up not only the skin of the face, but also the eyes and lips. It will also ensure uniform application of products to hard-to-reach areas of the skin.

The shape of the sponges can be different: round, square, triangular or in the form of a drop – they all fit for various cosmetic products:

  • Square and round sponges are used to apply powder. Such sponges are usually distinguished by rather large sizes, as they are used to process large areas. Sponges in the form of a brush are suitable for loose powder.
  • Triangular sponges are best for spreading foundation (BB and CC cream). With the wide side, foundation is applied to the forehead, cheeks and chin. The narrow side treats hard-to-reach places – the corners of the eyes, the wings of the nose.
  • Small oval sponges are suitable for applying cosmetics in the area under the eyes. They allow you to distribute concealers well so that there are no streaks and borders with foundation.
  • Teardrop-shaped sponges are the most versatile. These narrow-waisted sponges are especially recommended for inexperienced users as they are comfortable to hold.

An important role is played by the materials from which cosmetic sponges are made. Divided according to raw materials disposable and reusable sponges.

Triangular Makeup Sponges

Disposable sponges are the usual discs for removing or correcting makeup. They are made from cotton and highly absorbent.

Reusable cosmetic sponges are made from synthetic fibers or natural ingredients. They can be foam, cellulose, latex or silicone.

foam sponge is a versatile product. It has a large number of small pores that allow you to apply funds and dry and creamy consistency.

Makeup foam sponges

Sponge out natural ingredients when dry, it resembles pumice. In order to use it, you need to dip it in warm water for a few minutes, and then take it out and wring it out well. Makeup artists notice that natural sponges absorb much less cream, which makes it possible to use tonal products more rationally. However, natural sponges are much more expensive than synthetic ones.

Beauty sponge in the form brushes Use as eye shadow applicators or to touch up makeup. At first glance, they look like a makeup brush, but the tip is not bristles, but a thin sponge.


Latex makeup sponge

latex cosmetic sponges are used to apply makeup base, primers and foundations. Soft to the touch, the sponges have a bouncy texture that ensures even application of makeup.

Latex sponges come in different shapes, which are selected depending on personal convenience and preferences.

You need to be careful when using latex sponges, as raw materials can cause an allergic reaction.

High-quality latex sponges are suitable for both liquid and thick foundation. Makeup artists love to use this material when they need to quickly correct skin imperfections.

You can find latex sponges in a set with powder. Most often, such cosmetic sponges are made from low-quality raw materials, so they wear out quickly. Sponges in a set often absorb a lot of product and cause inconvenience during use.

silicone or gel

Silicone makeup sponge

Recently entered the beauty industry silicone sponge In composition, it is not a sponge and does not absorb moisture. But in terms of functionality, it is not inferior, but outperforms the classic beauty sponge.

Due to its homogeneous structure, it does not absorb cosmetics. This allows you to apply the foundation with a light layer without weighing it down. Also, due to its peculiarity, it minimizes the consumption of cosmetics.

Silicone and gel sponges have enhanced hygienic properties. They are easy to clean using any detergent.

Gel sponges are available in the form thickened discs. They are convenient to use when applying cosmetics to the T-zone. They have the same properties as silicone.


Cellulose sponge for skin cleansing

Cellulose sponges are included in the category of natural sponges that have a beneficial effect on the face, as they do not stretch the top layer of the skin when used.

These sponges are designed to cleanse the skin and remove makeup. A large number of pores in the structure allows you to gently and effectively exfoliate the skin, getting rid of the old keratinized skin.

Recommended to use before applying moisturizer. Produced in different sizes and shapes. The sponge is selected individually, depending on the convenience of each. Before use, the natural cellulose sponge must be soaked.

sponge egg

Original beauty sponges by Beautyblender

“Egg” is a classic type of makeup sponge. This form provides versatility when applying products to the skin of the face.

Sponges are made of soft synthetic material that does not contain latex and does not cause allergies. Original sponges from the company Beautyblender issued in different colors:

  • Pink (universal);
  • White. Sponges of this color have a softer texture, which is suitable for the finest application and sensitive skin;
  • Black. A more porous and elastic sponge, which is used to apply a denser layer of makeup.
  • Light green. This is a small sponge that is perfect for concealers and contouring products. Also widely used for blending several lipstick colors on the lips.

The pointy side of the sponge is best for applying concealer under the eyes or near the nose, as well as removing excess makeup. The main layer of foundation is applied with a rounded shape with tapping movements.

How to use a makeup sponge?

Proper use of beauty sponges

With a facial sponge, you can apply the perfect layer of foundation, blush, powder or any other product. For this you need to knowhow to use cosmetic sponge correctly:

  • Soak before use. This rule applies to any sponge, except for the helium one. The sponge should be damp, not wet. To do this, after it has been wetted, the sponge must be squeezed out and soaked in …

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