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Makeup table: types, shape, lighting

Which makeup table to choose?

Every girl dreams of a cozy corner in the house where she can devote time to herself. Such an island in the apartment can be arranged thanks to the makeup table.

A dressing table is a great place to store cosmetics, care products, accessories and more. Such a piece of furniture can be an excellent interior decoration.

Before choosing a table, you need to take into account the free space in the room. Information about the variety of forms, the height of the table and chair, as well as the types of lighting, will greatly simplify the choice of the long-awaited piece of furniture.

Features of makeup tables

Dressing tables can be of different shapes and heights, as well as with or without a built-in mirror. Tables differ in shape, method of fastening, materials of manufacture, etc.

Attachment method

Wooden makeup table

According to the method of fastening headsets can be:

  • Outdoor;
  • console;
  • Suspended.

Table models with outdoor mount have four points of support and are convenient to move around the room, they are distinguished by high capacity and functionality.

At console tables can have 2-4 support legs, and their back part is attached to the wall. Such a headset is compact and stable, but it causes some difficulties when moving.

Headsets hanging mount are very popular in modern interiors. They occupy a minimal amount of space, and in order to move them, they will have to be dismantled.

The form

All dressing tables in form are divided into angular and linear. If everything is clear with linear ones, then corner tables require additional classification. They can be of different shapes:

  • triangular;
  • L-shaped;
  • Pentagonal, trapezoid;
  • Oval.

If a piece of furniture is designed for the corner of the room, it does not mean at all that it should be straight and exactly repeat the shape of the wall. Makeup tables triangular shape compact and roomy, they can be installed both in the corner of the room and in any other place, since the angle of inclination is less than 90°.

Corner dressing table

Dressing tables l-shaped designed to be placed in the corner of a room. They are comfortable, roomy and compact. On such tables you can find a place not only for cosmetic accessories, but also for a laptop, for example.

L-shaped dressing table

dressing tables trapezoidal and pentagonal shape popular in creating a classic interior. Women especially like such options, since the design of many models includes a large number of drawers and bedside tables. Often, mirrors with three wings come with pentagonal tables.

A feature of trapezoidal tables is that it allows you to place the mirror closest to your face, which simplifies the makeup process.

Pentagonal corner dressing table

Distinguished by special elegance round and oval makeup tables. However, with their small capacity, they take up a lot of space.

Toiletries gain popularity tables-transformers. They disguise themselves as ordinary desks or bedside tables. In their normal state, they look like ordinary work surfaces, but as soon as the countertop rises, a mirror and additional shelves for cosmetics appear before the hostess.

Table transformer

Production material

When choosing a makeup table, it is important to pay attention to materialfrom which the piece of furniture was made. This affects both the aesthetic appearance of the table and its durability.

The most popular makeup table making materials:

  • Wood. This is a classic material for the production of furniture. This is a durable raw material that will allow you to make a piece of furniture in absolutely any style. Carving on wooden tables perfectly decorates furniture made in the Baroque or Provence style.
  • Metal. This durable material is most often used for the production of a table frame. If the furniture frame is not made of steel or bronze, then the products are deformed and quickly lose their presentation. Metal makeup tables (or forged parts) are often used in modern, neo-baroque or high-tech interiors.
  • Glass. This material is great for people who love minimalism in the interior. Modern technologies make it possible to make furniture made of such material durable and reliable.
  • Plastic. Dressing tables made of this material retain their original appearance for many years. More often used in high-tech interiors.


Wooden makeup table

The dimensions of the dressing tables may be different, but the height in most cases remains the same. The standard height of a makeup table is 75 cm. A chair is supposed to be behind the table, so the table top must be high enough.

The minimum width of the table is 26 cm, and the length is 46 cm. Smaller values ​​\u200b\u200bcan be only if a hanging shelf is used as a table, but this option has the least functionality. Such models of tables are usually minimalistic, with 1-2 lower shelves.

Most often you can find makeup tables with the following dimensions:

  • 80×60 cm;
  • 100×50 cm;
  • 120×60 cm.

The length of the table can reach, in rare cases, 140 cm. But such a set is appropriate only in large rooms, as it takes up a lot of space and looks bulky.

makeup table lighting

Dressing table with mirror and lighting

Dressing table lighting affects not only the comfort when applying makeup, but also how your face looks in the reflection of the mirror, and therefore after makeup.

It is best to place the dressing table closer to a natural light source (along the wall with a window). So, in the reflection of the mirror, you will get the lighting that will most reliably convey the colors of the makeup on the face. You should not place the table in such a way that the light is reflected in the mirror, it will blind your eyes and interfere with your work.

Modern models of makeup tables are increasingly equipped with built-in lighting. As a rule, a mirror is equipped with a backlight. As a decor, shelves, drawers or cabinets can be highlighted. Functional lighting involves the installation of cartridges with light bulbs in the mirror frame. They can be attached to the sides and top of the canvas.

Dressing table with mirror and lighting

Models of makeup tables with a mirror and lighting perfectly transform a bored interior. The downside of the backlit design is the expensive price and the need to place the table in close proximity to the outlet.

It is also possible to purchase mirrors separately from the table, allowing you to choose between a regular mirror and backlit models.

You can create good lighting by buying a few suitable fixtures. In order to provide yourself with good lighting, when arranging lamps, you must be guided by the following rules:

  • Light should fall on the face, and not be reflected in the mirror. To do this, you need to purchase lamps in pairs and install on both sides of the mirror. It is better to place the lamps at eye level, as this will reduce the shadow when applying makeup.
  • If the mirror is pretty…

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