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Makeup Trends 2019: A Review of Ideas

top makeup trends for 2019

The main makeup trends are dictated by the latest innovations not only in the field of makeup, but also in fashion shows. Most fashionable novelties are born on the catwalk and then gain popularity and become more widespread. Each year brings new trends that appeal to professional makeup artists and amateurs alike.

Makeup trends 2019

Makeup from fashion shows 2019
Makeup from fashion shows for the season 2018-2019

Every new trend has a basis. Most often, trends appear in connection with fashion weeks and professional catwalk shows. Some fashionable novelties widely used in makeup are produced by cosmetic companies. Accordingly, the world of high fashion does not stand still and new trends appear every year.

Top makeup trends for 2019:

  • Radiance, namely the use of shimmer, glitter, sequins, mother-of-pearl and satin finishes in cosmetics;
  • Various combinations of colored ink;
  • Popular smokey ice technique or smoky make-up;
  • Make-up technique “cut crease”;
  • “Cat’s eye” or cat eye;
  • Red lipstick;
  • Nude make-up;
  • Unusual arrows of different colors and shapes;
  • Makeup in the style of “grunge”;
  • Asymmetrical elements in make-up.

These trends are the key to the perfect image in 2019. Each of them has its own history, methods and techniques of application, and is also intended for specific events or events.


Makeup with golden glitter on the face
Golden glitter on the face

Active use of sequins and shimmer when creating a make-up began only in mid-2018. At the same time, the make-up with the use of sparkles was not limited only to shadows. Now the glitter is applied to different parts of the face:

  • eyelids;
  • Lips;
  • cheekbones;
  • Brows;
  • Cheeks;
  • Under the lower eyelid.

In some cases, glitter is replaced with rhinestones, placing them along the outer corners of the eye. Especially important is the creation of asymmetry on the eyelids and face with the help of sequins.

Makeup with silver glitter chameleon
Asymmetry with silver chameleon glitter

Glitter on the face has become widespread thanks to fashion shows. Many designers have chosen sequins as the only bright accent in the image and did not fail. Glitter in make-up has become the main trend of 2019.

Bright makeup with small kamifibuki
Bright makeup with small kamifibuki on the eyelids

In addition to glitter and sequins, shimmer is actively used. It should be applied over eyeshadow, preferably with a creamy texture for wear. Shimmer gives the shadows a special shine, helps to “open up” the look and visually enlarge the eyes.

Fashionable make-up with golden shimmer
Fashionable make-up with golden shimmer

In this case, the shimmer can be combined using different shades of the coating. Particularly relevant in 2019 are unusual color combinations and a shimmer instead of a standard eyeliner.

Unusual makeup with multi-colored glitter
Unusual makeup with multi-colored glitter

The new popular trend of 2019 is glitter on the lips. Lipsticks with a satin and pearly finish have been replaced by the most ordinary kamifibuki and glitter. This option looks especially interesting in a nude make-up and will ideally complement not only a festive, but also an everyday look.

For a beautiful lip make-up, professional makeup artists recommend using small glitter or medium-sized kamifibuki. Too large elements will only interfere with giving the lips the necessary shape.

Nude lipstick with pink kamifibuki coating
Nude lipstick with pink kamibuki coating

Glitter can cover the entire eyelids – such an image will be the most fashionable. The main thing is to choose the right color combinations, while they do not have to completely match. Contrasts in the make-up are also relevant.

Beautiful smokey ice with metallic glitter
Beautiful smokey ice with metallic glitter

The advantage of using glitter in makeup is its versatility. Sequins can not only complement the make-up, but also completely replace the shadows. However, they are suitable for any type of face: both European and Asian. Applying glitter on the eyelids is not necessarily dense, you can just create a slight hint of radiance.

Golden sequins on the eyelids for the Asian type of face
Golden sequins on the eyelids for the Asian type of face

Another extremely popular trend in 2019 is glitter arrows under the lower eyelid. The arrows are recommended to be wide or asymmetrical. This look is perfect for evening events. The combination of upper and lower arrows of different colors will be especially interesting.

Lower eyeliner with silver glitter
Lower eyeliner with silver glitter

The most unusual trend of the new 2019 is shiny eyebrows. This beauty trend first appeared on the AW16 show at Paris Fashion Week. All models literally sparkled from the abundance of sequins and glitter, which influenced the new trend in make-up.

It is customary to emphasize eyebrows strictly along the contour with liquid glitter or bright shimmer. The main rule of such a make-up is the absence of shadows. Make-up should be as natural and natural as possible, some makeup artists refuse to use mascara.

Gold shimmer on eyebrows
Gold shimmer on eyebrows

Of course, it cannot do without the traditional use of a shimmer – covering the shadows with a slight sheen. This solution is perfect for a rich evening make-up and parties.

Intense blue glitter makeup
Intense make-up with small blue glitter

The use of glitter will allow you to create the most fashionable and bright image. It is important not to overdo it and maintain a certain balance in order to emphasize beauty, and not overshadow with an excess of sequins.

colored ink

Unusual asymmetrical makeup with two-tone mascara
Unusual asymmetrical makeup with two-tone mascara

The fashion for multi-colored mascara came along with the trend for asymmetry and the use of bright colors in make-up. If in the past decade the use of different colors of mascara was considered vulgar and a sign of bad taste, then in 2019 such a make-up will help you become the most fashionable.

Makeup artists highlight some of the most popular ways to use colored mascara:

  • Monochromatic bright arrows and eyelashes;
  • Ink with glitter;
  • Asymmetrical use of colors.
Makeup with arrows and golden mascara on the lower lashes
Makeup with arrows and golden mascara on the lower lashes

You can create a unique daytime look with the help of colored mascara and light shadows of the same shade. In this combination, the emphasis is on a minimalist make-up and a monochromatic palette.

Lilac makeup with purple mascara
Lilac makeup with purple mascara

An equally interesting trend is emphasizing only the lower lashes with multi-colored mascara, while the upper ones remain a classic black or brown shade.

Golden makeup with glitter and purple mascara
Golden makeup with glitter and purple mascara

The most interesting and trendy combination of 2019 is arrows and mascara in one color. In the trend of 2019, bright and saturated colors with glitter: turquoise, light green, emerald green, indigo, cold red. At the same time, the rest of the make-up should be as natural as possible, made in flesh tones.

Bright fresh make-up with turquoise eyeliner and mascara
Bright fresh make-up with turquoise eyeliner and mascara

An interesting trend has appeared on the social network Instagram. Active users resorted to another combination: ink and arrows of opposite colors of different color spectrum. So combinations of red with green and blue with pink came into fashion.

An unusual combination of red arrows and green eyelashes in makeup

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