Тренды макияжа лето 2020

Makeup trends for 2020 that you should know about

Makeup trends for 2020 that you should know about

Almost everyone missed spring this year, but summer still promises to come, so we prepare in advance and study makeup trends while we have free time. These ideas are also relevant for the autumn/winter 2020-2021 season.

Trend 1: Everyone’s Favorite No-Makeup Makeup

Makeup without makeup

This is one of the most difficult techniques, according to professional makeup artists, but ordinary women cannot explain this. Many people tend to think that “no-makeup makeup” is a transparent lip gloss and neatly styled eyebrows. In fact, everything is almost the same, but with a slight correction – makeup without makeup suggests the perfect tone, and you need to apply foundation, highlighter, powder so that others believe in natural and natural beauty without makeup.

Trend 2: Active blush

Makeup active blush

We are used to highlighting eyes or lips in makeup, but it’s time to change priorities. This year, makeup with active blush is in trend. It can be both bronze shades and peach. It is necessary to select a tone based on the color type or the desired effect.

Trend 3: Sloppy smoky

Beautiful girl with makeup

If you’ve always liked smokey ice, but seemed out of place, now is the time for it. The trend is smokey ice, made not by professional brushes and pretending to be on the red carpet, but light with careless shading. You can even apply shadows with your fingertips.

Trend 4: Long eyebrows

Makeup with an emphasis on long eyebrows

beautiful eye makeup

If you’re one of those who started growing out their eyebrows last year, keep going. The longer the hairs, the better. It is not necessary to mow them, even more so to do shading. But combing your eyebrows up and fixing it with a transparent gel is very fashionable. So the look seems more open and natural. And yet, according to stylists, this option is young. Do you agree? ⠀

Trend 5: Bright lipstick

Purple lips makeup

trend makeup

bright lips

Just do not immediately reach for the classic red lipstick. It is, of course, relevant, but there are much more fashionable and stylish shades – berry, plum, and even black. ⠀

Trend 6: Wet lips

light makeup

Beautiful pink makeup

Everyone is tired of matte lipstick, and it was not quite a summer option. It’s good that the fashion for lip gloss is back. Moreover, the more moisturized the lips, the better. The most relevant shades are peach, caramel and transparent.

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