Макияж со стрелками и тенями

Makeup with arrows and shadows: a photo with a description

How to do makeup with arrows?

With the help of arrows, you can make a woman’s look more seductive and alluring. Also, a well-chosen arrow shape can help make small eyes more expressive, get rid of an impending eyelid, correct the distance between the eyes, etc. But do not forget that the wrong kind of arrows can ruin the image of a girl and distort her natural beauty.

Types of arrows

In the 21st century, almost all girls and women strive to emphasize their natural beauty and the depth of their eyes with makeup. The arrows look chic at an evening event or at a photo shoot. Thin, graceful arrows can be used in everyday makeup.

Common types of arrows include the following:

  • Classics – thin, graceful arrows. The eyelid is brought along the entire length and raised several levels in the direction of the temples;
  • Double lines of arrows. Unlike other types, in this case, the upper and lower arrows do not connect, but form a thin gap. Double arrows are suitable for parties, evening outings. Will look too aggressive in daylight;
  • Egyptian arrows. In this case, the eyelids are outlined along the entire length, while the outer tips of the arrow lines lead to the eyebrows, and the inner ones to the bridge of the nose. Egyptian arrows are also only suitable for evening makeup;
  • “Smoky”. The arrows are drawn with a soft pencil, then slightly shaded with a sponge and duplicated with shadows of the appropriate shade;
  • Volume arrows are used when they want to add density to eyelashes. They are drawn starting from the inner corner of the eye, gradually thickening towards the middle;
  • Colored arrows suggest the use of eyeliners of different tones – from the lightest to bright and saturated;
  • Arrows “cat’s eye” or “fox look” – this is when the lines of both the upper and lower eyelids from the outside are brought up and connected at the eyebrow;
  • Creative arrows. It can be lines with different patterns, modeling an unusual shape of the eyes. This type of arrow will look great at a New Year’s holiday or a themed evening.

How to choose the right arrow shape?

How to choose the shape of the arrows?

To understand which type of arrow is right for you, you need to determine the shape of the eyes, as well as the depth and distance of their fit. Look carefully at your reflection in the mirror. Lighting should be good, and a mirror with a magnifying effect. Look at your upper eyelid, if there is no rectilinear fold on the skin when the eye is open, then the eyes are monolid. If this line is present, to determine the form, you need to pay attention to other signs.

Next, visually draw a center line through the pupil and the entire eye. Pay attention to where the corners of the eyes are directed – up or down. If they are directed upwards, then the shape of the eyes is “raised”, if downwards – lowered. Open your eyes wide and look at the crease. If the crease is hidden, your eye shape is called “hooded”, if it is visible, you will need to familiarize yourself with the following sign.

If none of these forms characterizes yours, the last study of the protein coating of the eye. When the protein is visible on both sides: both from the top and from the bottom – the eyes are round. If the protein is visible only from one side – almond-shaped.

To determine the position of the eyes look in the mirror so that each eye can be seen separately. Take a close look at the outer corners. If the size of the eye is larger than the distance between them, the eyes are considered close-set, otherwise they are wide-set.

Eyelid is of two types:

  • Invisible. For this type, you should always choose light shades, and dark ones to highlight the fold;
  • Heavy (swollen). Girls who want to make them more invisible should completely darken the entire eyelid and crease.

Depth is defined as follows: look at your reflection from the side, if the eyes are pressed into the eye socket, then they are deep-set. If there is a feeling that the eyes go out – bulging.

Also, when applying makeup, pay attention to the outer cornerswhich can be raised or lowered. Any of these types can be corrected with the help of cosmetics. For example, to visually lift the corners, use dark shades of shadows, if the corners are located inside, use the light colors of the palette.

For almond shaped eyes

Almond shaped eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are considered the standard of beauty. In this case, several types of arrows will fit at once. You can draw clear lines or make feathered arrows with an expanding effect.

The arrow in the style of the 60s will also look bright. The line of arrows starts from the inner corner, gradually increases in volume towards the end. However, it is worth remembering that the “tail” of the arrow at the end should continue the cilia growth line.

narrow eye shape

Asian appearance: narrow eye shape

For girls with an Asian appearance, magnifying arrows that do not go beyond the border of the eye are ideal. Most often, the lower eyelid remains unpainted, you can only emphasize the line at the end.

Also, stylists do not recommend using bright-colored pencils for the bottom line. The eastern section of the eyes can be corrected by drawing thin black arrows, slightly thickening them towards the middle. It will be beneficial to look at a slight shading along the edges of the lines of the arrows.

Wide-set eye shape

Wide-set eyes

To emphasize this shape of the eyes, it must be visually reduced. For this eyelid, you need to draw along the entire length, extending the line of arrows to the bridge of the nose. It is desirable to perform such a line for the growth of eyelashes. The lower eyelid is also brought along the entire length.

One of the main secrets when drawing the arrow, do not go beyond the outer corner of the eye.

Close-set eyes

Close-set eye shape

Girls who have this eye shape should visually expand the distance between them. Therefore, you need to draw an arrow, starting from the middle of the outer corner and slightly raising it towards the end. Makeup artists advise not to bring the arrow to the outer corner, but to smoothly bend it towards the temple. The line should be thin and neat, slightly widened at the end.

With a close-set eye shape, the lower eyelid does not fail.

How to draw arrows?

The simplest and most convenient means is pencil. Its soft texture allows inexperienced girls to apply the line in one stroke. The pencil does not spread or smear, and in case of inaccurate application it is easily removed. The arrows drawn with a pencil are easily shaded. To get a smoky effect, makeup artists recommend taking a powder-based pencil.

A perfectly straight arrow line can only be achieved with a well-sharpened pencil. Therefore, to draw arrows, the pencil will need to be sharpened …

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