Макияж с красной помадой

Makeup with red lipstick: features, ideas, rules

What makeup to do under red lipstick?

Red lipstick is an indispensable thing in a woman’s cosmetic bag. She has become an excellent companion for girls in both daytime and evening make-up. However, red lipstick does not tolerate mistakes. The wrong shade of red or a bad combination with eye makeup will make your look vulgar or out of place.

If you take into account the simple rules of makeup with red lipstick and natural external data, then red lipstick will become your favorite in your arsenal.

The basic rules of makeup with red lipstick

Makeup with red lipstick

The rules of makeup with red lipstick are quite simple, but many girls neglect them without getting the desired result.

Do not focus on makeup on the eyes and lips at the same time. Making a very bright, contrasting make-up of the lips and eyes, you will get a vulgar, overly aggressive look.

If it was decided to focus on the lips, this does not mean at all that the eyes do not need to be painted at all. For an experiment, you can first make up your lips, and then, looking in the mirror, pick up a palette of shadows.

Also, before applying red lipstick, you need to consider:

  • Color of skin, eyes and hair;
  • The thickness and shape of the lips.

Skin tone may be warm or cold. To determine your own facial tone, you need to look at the color of the veins on your wrist. If the veins are bluish, then you have a cold skin type, if the veins are greenish, then you are the owner of a warm skin tone.

Girls with warm skin color will suit blood red, bright cherry, raspberry, amaranth or fuchsia. Owners of a cold skin color should stop at the choice of lipstick with a terracotta or yellowish tint.

For owners thin lips Be careful when using red lipstick. Bright, red shades can visually reduce the lips and turn them into a red stripe. With proper use of pencil and lip gloss, this unwanted effect can be avoided.

For makeup with red lipstick, you should take care of condition of your skin. Red color tends to emphasize all the flaws on the face. Therefore, it is necessary to uncover all your weapons: primer, foundation, concealer, corrector, highlighter. These remedies should help get rid of traces of fatigue, stress and mask problem skin.

It is recommended to use a foundation that is as similar as possible to the skin color of the face, to contour the face is at a minimum – this is no longer in fashion.

Plays an important role in makeup tooth color. If your teeth do not have a beautiful white tint, then red lipstick will emphasize this disadvantage unfavorably. In such cases, you should not choose red lipstick with an orange tint, it is better to give preference to deeper colors.

Eyebrow color should be in tone with hair color or a tone darker.

Depending on hair color

Blondes have a more sophisticated beauty, so they should stick to restrained tones of red. Blondes are ideal for red with pink, coral or peach hues.

Blonde woman with red lip makeup

When choosing red lipstick for blondes, it is important to consider the tone of the hair. For ashy, fair-haired, wheat and platinum blondes, a different palette of colors.

Wine and berry shades are more suitable for owners of ashy or light brown hair. In daytime makeup, you can use red lip glosses, and in the evening, experiment with a matte texture.

Natural, wheaten blondes should choose lipstick based on their own skin tone. The darker the skin of the blonde, the darker the lipstick can be used. A dark-skinned girl will not spoil even the darkest lipstick, but will make the image a real holiday.

Blondes with cool hair tones should go for burgundy and plum lipsticks with any texture. For girls with golden curls, watermelon, coral and poppy shades are ideal.

If you are the owner of blond hair with a red, bronze tint, then you can safely use tomato, brick and copper-red colors. They perfectly emphasize your individuality.

For everyday make-up, it is worth using tints (or markers) for the lips, creating a lasting and calmer make-up.

brunettes have a bright, expressive, often contrasting appearance. It is easier for them to experiment with shades of red without fear of failure. However, do not forget that different shades of red are suitable for each shade of hair.

Swarthy girls with jet black hair are recommended bright shades of red. Ruby, crimson, scarlet, wine are perfect for evening makeup. In daytime makeup, fuchsia lipstick will be in perfect harmony with skin tone. Tomato red is a win-win.

Makeup with red lipstick for brunettes

Women with very dark skin should be wary of gold and copper shades. They can make the skin look unhealthy.

For dark-haired women with fair skin, berry red and its shades are recommended. Such shades will be appropriate both in the daytime and in the evening. Also feel free to choose lipstick with golden and wine shades, they will perfectly complement any look.

For girls with brown hair, burgundy and wine shades are suitable. You can play with a brick shade of red. This lipstick will set you apart from the crowd and bring individuality.

Brown-haired women look perfect with bright red or scarlet lipstick. If you are not ready to surprise others in such a bright way, then choose a lipstick with an orange or apricot tint.

redheads beauties can also afford red lipstick. The right shades of red will give the face more warmth and sensuality in the image. Girls with pale skin are advised to avoid very bright shades, as in combination with hair color there is a risk of creating a too flashy look.

Makeup in red tones for redheads

It is better to avoid cold shades and choose warm or coral colors. Berry shades are suitable for everyday makeup, dark red and wine shades are suitable for evening makeup.

Red-haired girls are not recommended to pick up a red outfit in combination with red lipstick; in society, this combination can be considered bad manners.

Depending on eye color

Makeup with red lipstick for brown eyes

When choosing red lipstick, not only the color of the hair and skin is important, but also the color of the eyes. When choosing lipstick, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Blue-eyed girls should give their preference to plum and berry shades of lipsticks;
  • Coral shades are more suitable for brown-eyed and green-eyed;
  • Gray eyes are well emphasized by ruby ​​and bright red colors.

Depending on the eyes, you need to choose not only a shade of red lipstick, but makeup style.

Lip makeup with a coral shade of red

When choosing red lipstick, you decide to accentuate your lips. Therefore, you should not do bright eye makeup. However, only one mascara and concealer can be dispensed with only in daytime makeup. When choosing decorative eye makeup, you need to take into account the following tips from stylists for each color…

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