Девушка с желтыми тенями

Makeup with yellow eye shadow: step by step instructions

Who suits bright yellow makeup?

Girl with yellow shadows

Yellow makeup has already made its way to the shows of Salvatore Ferragamo, Oscar de la Renta, Getty and many others. Among the most popular images:

• Minimalistic arrows.
• Light mist, shaded to the very eyebrows.
• Careless strokes, as if made by an artist’s brush.
• Combination with other shades of shadows (blue, green, purple, raspberry, turquoise, etc.).
• Yellow shadows plus black arrow.
• Monotones.

Yellow shadows on the eyes are a bright and self-sufficient accent in the make-up. They favorably emphasize the shade of the iris: brown eyes become visually darker, blue and gray – brighter, and green – more expressive (especially in combination with orange and mustard shadows).

Yellow shadows look great on tanned skin, so citrus shades are a 100% summer trend. For the office and official events, a make-up with yellow shadows, of course, is not suitable. But for a club and meetings with girlfriends – perfect! Especially if you “cross” yellow shadows with another trend – neon nail polish.

What cosmetics will be required to create makeup in yellow tones?

To choose the right make-up cosmetics with yellow shadows, use our basic guide.


If your skin is oily, try the Fit Me Mattifying Foundation. And Affinitone and Dream Satin Fluid have a moisturizing formula with a shimmery finish. For summer walks, Dream Urban Cover with antioxidants and maximum sun protection – SPF 50 is suitable.


Girl with blush

The new Cheek Heat has a gel-cream texture that creates a natural glow on the skin with a slight glossy glow. And City Bronzer will create a tan effect.

yellow shadows

eyeshadow palette Lemonade Craze!

A definite must have – the Lemonade Craze eyeshadow palette! 12 juicy shades with rich pigments (from lemon to grapefruit) and an endless number of yellow make-up variations. Bonus: there is a highlighter in the palette.


girl holding lip balm

The main plus of yellow shadows is that they allow you to use lipstick of any shade. Nude is optional, and pairing with fuchsia and berry shades is a really bold summer trend that can be embodied with Superstay Ink Crayon lipstick stick.

If you want to take a break from lipsticks, use Baby Lips Balm! It can also be applied under the make-up of the lips – for care and moisturizing.


Brown eyeliner and yellow shadows are not the best combination. But classic black will create a beautiful contrast. Hyper Precise will help to carefully emphasize the ciliary edge or make a wide arrow.


girl holding highlighter

Glowing skin goes with any make-up, so Face Studio Chrome highlighter will always have a place in your makeup bag.

Eyebrow products

Girl Applying Brow Drama

Yellow is eye-catching, so it’s important to take care of your eyebrows. To create an impeccable shape – Brow Ultra Slim pencil, and for fixation and toning – Brow Drama mascara.

How to do makeup with yellow eyeshadow step by step

Maybelline NY official makeup artist Yura Stolyarov and blogger Polina Chistyakova @_poposha_ will teach you how to do yellow eye makeup: step by step. Watch the video, follow our instructions and create your total look in sunny colors!

  • Concealer Instant Eraser.
  • Blush Fit Me Blush.
  • Shadow Color Tattoo.
  • Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette.
  • Hyper Precise eye liner.
  • Mascara The Colossal.

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