Interesting pink and blue summer design

manicure and pedicure in one style

Modern, stylish representatives of the fair sex equally carefully care for nails and skin of hands and feet. How else? After all, a lady must be impeccable in every way. With soft, clean skin and an interesting, individually selected design of pedicure and manicure, you don’t have to blush when you change your shoes for open sandals or turn out to be barefoot.

Interesting pink and blue summer design

In addition, beautiful nails invariably cheer up, make you feel like a queen in any situation. Let’s talk today about what plots and solutions will be in vogue in the coming season.

Delightful design of nails on the hands and feet in trendy pink and mint shades, using negative space

The combination of pearl gray and light peach varnishes with foil and rhinestones

Adorable Manicure and Pedicure Design Ideas 2022

Do not think that manicure and pedicure in the same style is boring monotony. Nail masters recommend approaching the process creatively, connecting the imagination. Adhering to a single concept, the nails on the hands and feet are decorated in a variety of ways, combining techniques and paints, different types of decor.

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So, for example, leaving a monochromatic coating on the legs, the fingers can be diversified with additional tones. Or, using the same shades of gel polishes, apply different patterns, creatively embodying the “different handles” technique. We’ll give you some ideas for inspiration.

Light New Year's manicure and French pedicure, with ombre technique and shiny snowflakes

Summer nail art 2022 in one style for a trip to the sea

When leaving on vacation, it is appropriate to create an interesting and bright design on the nails with easily recognizable patterns – palm trees, dolphins, seagulls, starfish. In addition to blue and white, sand, emerald, peach and mint tones are used.

Delicately airy holiday design in light blue and sand colors with laconic patterns


Delicate nude shades for manicure and pedicure – a great classic of 2022

A great and versatile option for the workplace, a date or going to the theater. Mother-of-pearl tint, sand and coffee shades are in fashion. Monochrome is diluted with brilliance, geometry and marble technique.

Easy french manicure and nude tones for pedicure with inlays

Sophisticated nude manicure + pedicure with accent nails

Abstract minimalism and geometric shapes on the nails, fashionable in 2022

Dots, simple triangles and stripes give pedicures and manicures in the same style a unique look. At the same time, with such a design, it is quite possible to wear the most strict dress code.

Laconic triangles, dots and stripes on a noble burgundy and black background

Interesting design with a cage of multi-colored lines

Abstract lilac streaks on accent fingers

Different types of pigments for manicure and pedicure

Pigment powders are able to make a genuine pearl out of a boring monochromatic coating. Different types of rubs are used: mirror, Maybug, pearl, holographic, flakes.

Mirror lilac rubbing in combination with pale pink gel polish

Pearl rub in combination with a jacket for manicure and pedicure in the same style

Magic multi-colored nails in the same style 2022

If you want variety, the whole palette of modern gel polishes comes to the rescue. There are no restrictions: you can even combine those tones that were previously considered incompatible.

A delightfully bright mix of colors for a summer pedicure with a manicure

Abstract stains and stripes, floral ornament in combination with a jacket on the arms and legs

Nail design 2022 with “broken glass” for manicure and pedicure in the old style

Broken glass foil is another sure-fire way to give pedicures and manicures a festive shine. It is especially effective under the “cat’s eye” coating.

Pedicure + manicure in the technique of

Fact about pedicure

In 1868, Eduard Gerlach from Germany created a special foot ointment. She effectively relieved fatigue after hiking, working on her feet. This is how the eponymous line of pedicure products was born.

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Ombre technique for manicure and pedicure

A delightful design can be obtained using the unique ombre technique. In this case, different shades of the same color or several matching colors are mixed.

Ombre in rich pink colors and color patterns on accent nails

Ombre in rich pink colors and color patterns on accent nails

Delicate pedicure + manicure in pink and peach tones

French pedicure and manicure in the same style

French is a unique technique that is compatible with both holiday attire and a work suit. Next season, it is fashionable to complement it with glitter, lace and patterns, double and multi-colored smiles.

Classic, neutral jacket on the legs and natural milky finish on the arms for a daily look.

French with holes and accent fingers decorated with trendy multi-colored dots

Stylish jacket with floral painting

Floral Manicure and Pedicure Ideas for 2022

Floral motifs are wonderfully combined with summer and spring designs. Flowers can be large and small, bright or weightless, carefully drawn or sketchy. They look equally touching, giving the female image elegance.

Summer design with cherry blossoms and a matte top

Charmingly delicate floral nail art, combined with a jacket and sparkles

Stickers and stamping on the nails in the same style

If there is no time or talent to draw patterns and pictures by hand, fashionistas have a huge assortment of all kinds of stickers and stamping on various topics.

Manicure + pedicure in noble dark shades with intricate patterned stamping

Easy design for pedicure and manicure with stickers in humorous style

A collection of interesting and beautiful nail designs for manicure and pedicure 2022 for all occasions

Romantic, weightless design with colorful jacket and hearts

Light pink pedicure and foil manicure

Plain coverings on arms and legs, with matching color shades

Stunning bridal manicure and pedicure design using clear and blue crystals

Brilliant autumn design of pedicure + manicure in a single design

Juicy fruity mood on fingers and toes

Multicolored geometry with negative space for everyday wear

Festive bright, contrasting manicure + pedicure in blue and bright yellow tones with sparkles

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