Manicure at home hands like a queen

Manicure at home: hands like a queen

Where to begin?

With the choice of tools, because they really depend most on how your hands and nails will look. You can, of course, save money by buying cuticle nippers and scissors on the market, but there is no guarantee that they will not become dull after the first manicure procedure. For these devices we go to a professional store and do not skimp. But the cuticle spatula can also be replaced with wooden sticks, they are even better, since they do not scratch the nail plate.


You should not take an iron nail file either – a glass one is more gentle.

A manicure at home begins with the processing of tools. You need either regular alcohol or a disinfectant solution.

Having processed the hands and the tool, we adjust the length of the nails with scissors, if necessary. Next, we launch a nail file. We work with it, holding a finger by the beam. We begin to shape the nails from the little finger of the left hand, moving the nail file from the edge to the center, otherwise you can break the nail, and its surface will be crooked.

Having processed the little finger, we take it for the ring finger, we also process the middle one and up to the big one.

Preparing hands for manicure

It is important to steam your hands properly so that the cuticle is cut off easily. On the other hand, over-soaking can cause you to cut more than you need, which are wounds. In manicure, there is an unspoken rule: it is better not to cut everything than to cut it.

Manicure at home

First, push back the cuticles a little and lubricate them with a special softener. Only after that we put our hands in the water.

We soak our hands in water with soda and aromatic oils. It takes about 15 minutes, after which you can take your fingers in the same order in which they were processed with a file.

Working with tongs

Manicure at home

Having taken out the little finger, we again push the cuticle with a stick, but now more diligently, you can even tear it in several places with the sharp part of the stick. Now we cut off the cuticle with special scissors for it and begin to refine the nail with forceps. This is done from the edge of the cuticle to the middle, we pull the bundles well, when removing the burrs, we work with the sharp tips of the tongs. So we process all the fingers.

We complete the procedure

Manicure ends at home with the final processing of nails with a nail file, during which they are shaped. After that, you can treat your nails with a soft polisher and seal the cuticle by lubricating it with oil, massage and polish. In order to remember a manicure at home as a pleasure, you can massage your hands, treating each finger and the entire brush.

Manicure at home

Don’t forget to put cream on your hands!

Make your nails trendy

At home, you can do not only hygienic manicure, but also embody fashion ideas from catwalks and magazines. If you get used to it, it will even look no worse than movie stars and top models.

Ombre manicure

Ombre manicure

So, ombre, also known as a gradient manicure, which became a hit last year and is no less relevant in this, it is quite possible to create it with your own hands. But now it has become more contrasting and brighter. Colors can be combined with circles and stripes, but whatever you like. That’s just stripes today – one of the main manicure trends. And they do not have to be even and correct.

And such a manicure is done with a sponge

    1. To begin with, the skin on the fingers should be well lubricated with cream or petroleum jelly so that the remnants of the varnish that has fallen on the skin are washed off faster. Alternatively, you can use tape.


    1. Nails should be covered with a base color and dried.


    1. Now we need a foam sponge, varnishes of your favorite colors, paper and a toothpick.


    1. We mix several varnishes on paper and make a fantasy drawing with a toothpick.


    1. Now take the pattern on the sponge and draw on the nails. That’s it. Let it dry, and apply a fixative on top. It remains only to remove the remaining varnish from the skin around the nails.


    1. To keep the ombre better, immediately after it is done, you can also apply nail oil. By the way, the varnish dries longer than we think, so you do not need to scratch your head and leg immediately after a manicure, as well as wash the dishes. You have to wait at least a couple of hours.


Manicure gradient at home

And in order for the varnish to hold well, it is imperative to do nail polishing during manicure. This will make the polish easier to apply.

Classic manicure (master class)

Manicure at home

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