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Manicure design with ribbon (photo)

What is good about a manicure design with a ribbon is that it is inexpensive, and different colors and designs allow you to come up with a lot of interesting manicure options. This design will always be bold, bright and graphic, it will definitely draw attention to your hands. Let’s take a closer look at nail tape and learn how to use it. There are options here too.

Tape for nails, as it is

Tape for nail design is a thin strip that sticks on its own and must be done in shiny metallic. There is such a tape of different colors, different widths and lengths, but it is better to choose the thinnest one for nail design. If you buy it in an online store, then there it may be called a nail line or striping tape. It is best to buy a whole set: this ribbon costs a penny, and if there is a lot of it, then there is plenty to choose from – it makes it possible to come up with a variety of manicure variations.

Ribbon manicure

But she also has some features.

    • The tape has an adhesive layer, so it can be used even on ordinary varnish, even on gel and gel polish, even on acrylic.


    • Whatever the coating, glue it only when the nails are dry: the tape cannot peel off, and this way you will prevent the appearance of indentations from pressing it to the varnish or gel.


    • In order not to catch the tape and not accidentally peel it off, always step back from the cuticle and the edges of the nail plate when you stick it.


    • Always apply a fixative over it. The shine of the jewelry will not be affected, and the surface of the nail will be smoothed out.


Tape Applications

The first

First, it can be used as an accessory. It is done like this.

    1. To begin with, we perform a standard manicure: remove the cuticle, shape the nail plate. After we cover the nails with varnish in two layers. If several colors were used, then the tape can be attached to the docking strip. So you can even mask uneven lines at the junction. You can also attach a tape to the gel polish.


    1. When the varnish or gel polish dries, cut off a piece of the desired length from the tape and glue it to the nails according to the chosen pattern.


    1. If the length of the tape is longer than necessary, and the tape protrudes beyond the edge of the nail, you can cut it off with simple nail scissors.


    1. Having perfectly glued the tape, fix the pattern with varnish. It can be done in two layers.


You can safely use two or three types of tape of different colors and different thicknesses to create interesting and boring nail art, combine the tape with other types of jewelry and paints – nail design with tape will only benefit from this. The main thing is not to look heavy and clumsy.


You can also use the tape as an auxiliary material for creating a clear and graphic nail design. So, you can use several varnishes for design, stick the strips in the order and direction you like, and cover with another color of varnish on top. After, when the varnish dries, remove the strips, and the plain background will be effectively and beautifully decorated with colored lines.

Manicure with ribbons step by step

Only after that it is necessary to fix the beauty with a finish in order to even out the surface of the nail. You can also do just a striped manicure, for example, in the form of a vest: the lines will come out thin and perfectly straight.

In this case, the color of the tape does not really matter: you can use the most nondescript and “not running”, it will still turn out spectacularly. There are many other options for nail design. You can also use the ribbon as a stroke when doing a jacket, make a box and rhombuses.

Some interesting ideas to whip up the fantasy

triangular moon

This year it is still fashionable to emphasize the nail hole, but now it can be made triangular. With tape, it will turn out perfectly even.

    1. We cover the nails with a base coat.


    1. At the base of the nail, use two pieces of tape to create a triangle.


    1. We paint the nails with red wine-colored varnish. Of course, except for the area highlighted by the triangle.


    1. While the varnish is not completely dry, carefully remove the tape.


    1. We cover the drawing with a fixative.


Lunar manicure

Bright striped manicure

    1. First, cover all the nails with neon yellow varnish.


    1. Now, for each nail, starting from the cuticle, or even lower, we glue three thin tapes vertically.


    1. When everything dries, cover the nails with gray varnish. Without letting it dry to the end, we take the lower edge of our tape and remove it.


    1. Don’t forget to apply a binder.


Manicure with stripes step by step

This will help to visually lengthen the nails and visually make the fingers thinner.

black and gold

This combination is back in fashion. It looks noble and Hollywood luxurious. And such a manicure is easy to perform.

    1. Just cover the nails with two layers of black polish and wait for it to dry.


    1. Glue the tape in the form of a cross so that it extends beyond the cuticles and on the sides.


    1. We paint the lower right square with gold varnish and wait until everything dries.


    1. Remove the tapes carefully.


    1. We put on the top.


Black and gold manicure


The simplest design with a ribbon

Quick design with ribbon

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